Best Wedding Ring Sets

Best Wedding Ring Sets
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From the proposal to “I do,” there are a lot of choices to make as you plan your happily ever after. Buying a wedding ring set, which is comprised of a matching engagement and wedding band, that are designed to fit together, can ease some of your stress. There are already dozens of other decisions you’ll need to make, and worrying about whether the perfect wedding band exists to go with your engagement ring, shouldn’t be another one. We rounded up the best bridal ring sets from top retailers at a range of price points, featuring styles to suit all tastes. From vintage to contemporary and from blinged out to understated but still amazing, check out these ring sets that go together like Netflix and chilling… or like in-laws and (a ton of) wine… or perhaps best said, like you and your soon-to-be betrothed.



Selecting a Wedding Ring Set



When shopping for rings you’ll wear for the rest of your life, the main question to ask yourself is, “Will I love this jewelry as much years down the road as I do today?” The best way to make sure your love affair with your wedding ring set is forever and not a fling is to go with a classic, timeless design. But hey, if you want to spice things up and go with a non-traditional set, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover wedding ring sets to make your ring finger’s dreams come true, no matter what they are.



How to Choose a Wedding Ring Set



Of course, how much a set will set you back is often the main consideration. With all budgets in mind, we curated a list that includes baubles from around $80 up to $1,200.




Diamonds or bust? Not exactly. While white sparklers will never go out of style, we also included rings featuring different kinds of stones like black diamonds, sapphires and opals. Look for several sets that feature cubic zirconia and simulated diamonds, which helps bring the cost down to a more palatable price point. As far as metal, rose gold is very on trend, but yellow gold is also hot right now. Do you prefer sterling silver or white gold? Don’t worry — We got you, too!




When it comes to the style of your wedding ring set, it’s highly personal. One bride-to-be may melt over an antique-inspired, cushion-cut diamond engagement ring and a delicate diamond wedding band, while another feels weak in the knees upon seeing a contemporary, princess-cut diamond engagement ring complemented by a chunky wedding band. Just go with the style that speaks to you, and you can’t go wrong!



Other Features:

There’s a lot of lingo to digest in wedding ring world. You’ll see phrases like bezel set, simulated diamond, halo set or marquise cut. Don’t sweat it! We’ll help you navigate all the features ring sets have to offer your eyes and heart. But in the end, all that matters is if you fall in love.



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Best Round Cut Diamond and Band in White Gold

Moissanite by Miadora Signature Collection Bridal Set


Forty seven buttercup-cut round moissanite stones, which are naturally occurring minerals, adorn this white gold wedding ring set. You read that right — 47 sparklers! And a two-carat, round-cut center stone set prominently atop four prongs adds the finishing, brilliant touch. You won’t be disappointed by this luxurious set according to reviewers. Ahem, and we can’t stop staring at this beautiful, timeless ring! Nope, these are not real diamonds, but the feeling we get is 100 percent authentically blown away.

14K gold
1/4 carat side stones

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The ring is dainty but makes a statement. The band just adds to the overall beauty of it. It’s definitely a beautiful ring — absolutely stunning. The ring greatly exceeded my expectations. I can't think of a single con. I highly recommend — 100 stars!

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Best Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia with Channel-Set Band

Platinum Over Sterling Silver Set


You don’t have to be a millionaire to afford a lovely wedding ring set. Reviewers of this cubic zirconia princess-cut engagement band and matching channel-set wedding ring praise the believable look of the pieces as well as the durability. We love the sparkle and how you can enjoy wedding jewelry you’ve always dreamed of without having to take a second mortgage out on your home to afford it!

3.95 carats
Platinum over sterling silver

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This wedding set exceeded my expectations! The main stone is very believable and not overly large. You cannot tell this is cubic zirconia. I’ve had it for over a year, and it still looks new. It’s absolutely beautiful! I’m so happy I purchased this set. It is not heavy and fits very well.

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Best Black Diamond Option

Miadora Signature Collection Black and White Diamond Set


Black diamonds just seem to exude sophistication and elegance. This three-stone engagement ring lets you express your “dark” side but is also adorned with white diamond side stones. The matching wedding band features white diamonds set in a geometric milgrain design. This wedding ring set is far from ordinary — kind of like your unique, special love story. Sniff. No, you’re crying!

10K white gold. Diamonds
3 carat total weight. Bands 4.8 mm each.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The moment I saw this ring I knew it was one. He asked, and I love my ring! This was a great purchase.

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Best Yellow Gold Cluster Ring

De Couer Halo Set


The contemporary design of this yellow gold and diamond wedding ring set took our breath away. And guess what? You actually get three rings with this eye-catching buy. The solid engagement band features a swirl of white diamonds set in layers of halos. Two pavé-set, delicate bands fit snugly on either side of the engagement ring to create the stunning effect of, well, just tons of sparkle! We love how the diamonds stand out against yellow gold. Please say “yes!”

Diamonds, 2/5 carat
2.4 mm band

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I love this ring. The only disappointment is that the bands are thin, however, the ring itself is amazing and big. You can wear the ring without the bands, and it is still attractive and noticeable. I want to purchase more bands if I can find some that match. I would totally recommend this to anyone — not just my friends!

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Best Emerald Cut Solitaire

Annello by Kobelli White Gold Set


Simple, elegant, timeless — these three words capture the understated beauty of this well-priced wedding ring set that features a cathedral-set, emerald-cut moissanite (essentially, a man-made diamond) engagement stone with a tasteful white gold wedding band. Reviewers gush over the quality, shine, clarity and sparkle. So yeah, this set is a win if you want your finger to glimmer and glow in a totally ungawdy way.

14K white gold
Wedding band 2 mm wide

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This ring is so beautiful! The quality is amazing. You can literally feel the difference. The band is made of 14-karat gold, and the moissanite is of high quality. From the picture I thought the width may be too thick, but it’s just right. I’ve already taken the set into the jewelers, and he couldn’t tell it wasn’t a diamond off-hand. He literally placed it under the microscope then asked where I bought it from. He said it was a beauty, and everything was genuine.

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Best Amazon Set

Pompeii3 14-Karat White Gold Engagement and Wedding Ring


High quality round-cut diamonds flank a beautiful center stone on this customer-loved sparkly engagement ring that is guaranteed to distract you from your life for months post-proposal. A matching wedding band is the perfect sparkle-boosting complement to your ring for a total of 22 high-shine stones. So, yeah, if you love diamonds, this wedding set is going to make your heart flip! Congratulations.

14K white gold
Diamonds, 2 carats
2 mm wide band

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My ring came almost 2 weeks early — way earlier than the seller said it would!! Very happy about that. It is beautiful and exactly as pictured! It’s prettier in person. I ordered a size 8, and the ring fit exactly how it should. I will order from this seller again and recommend to friends and family.

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Best Cushion Cut Halo Solitaire

Pompeii3 Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring Set


Bling alert! Feast your eyes upon this round-cut solitaire engagement stone surrounded by a halo of sparklers. Two diamond-adorned bands conjoin to wrap your ring finger in so much light-catching love. A simple diamond wedding band completes the look. Reviewers love how much bling they get without the ring feeling overly bulky. But since when is bulk a bad thing when you’re talking about diamonds? Just sayin’.

10K white gold
Diamonds, 1-1/10 carats

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The ring is beautifully designed. It's beautiful. The size is perfect and not big and bulky. It feels good on my hand. I just received my ring and to say I’m in love is an understatement. It is gorgeous! I have small hands so it looks bulky, but I am in love!

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Best Antique Infinity Band

Pompeii3 White Gold Set


It’s a ring your great-grandmother could wear, but in a good way! The timeless engagement ring has it all — bling for days with a round-cut center stone surrounded by a drool-worthy amount of sparkle, an eye-catching halo setting, and a pretty looped band. The matching wedding band nestles right up against the engagement ring for a set that was made for one another... like you and your love are. Yup, we went there.

14K gold
3/4 carats

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I love this ring! It has the bling that I like, and the white gold is elegant. To be honest this ring is prettier in person. The pics do not do it justice. I got this ring 2 1/2 weeks after it was ordered.

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Best Art Deco Hand-Cut Stone Ring

3-Carat Rose Gold Halo Set


OK, first of all, you are going to have to pick your jaw up off the floor when your special somebody slips this 3-carat, halo-set diamond-simulant sparkler on your finger. We love how the rose gold makes the engagement band look vintage while the matching wedding ring adds modern flair with its unique scalloped pattern. If you want a ring set that captures both the old and the new, you’ve found it. You’re on your own with your something borrowed and blue!

Available in 14K white, yellow, rose or two-tone gold. Human-made diamond.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I love the ring I’ve purchased. The seller was very professional and had fast responses. The ring is excellent quality and fast shipping. I give it 5 stars! The picture does not do this ring justice whatsoever. I’m absolutely in love with it and cannot stop staring at it. Worth every penny spent on it, and the band is just as beautiful. My wife loves it. Some people can tell it's not real, but most people compliment it.

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Best Sapphire Option

Gispandiamonds Engagement Ring Set


Take a page from Kate Middleton’s style guide, and go blue for your engagement ring pick. The round-cut sapphire engagement stone sits in a prong setting, accented by diamonds and set in white gold. The matching diamond wedding band would look lovely on its own, but fits like a glove with the sapphire bauble you will be staring at, well, for a really long time. Reviewers praise the craftsmanship of this seller’s jewelry and swear you won’t be disappointed.

14K white gold
Sapphire, 0.5 carats

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I’ve purchased a couple things from this store, and I’m never disappointed. It’s great quality. It is an amazing ring, and my fiancée loves it. The craftsmanship is awesome. It blew me away. The ring is absolutely beautiful, and the box it was presented in was beyond professional.

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Best Cubic Zirconia Set from Macy’s

Giani Bernini Sterling Silver Wedding and Engagement Band


No one has to know that the dazzling sparkle of your new wedding ring set is cubic zirconia. This Giani Bernini jewelry pairing features two delicate round-set cubic zirconia adorned bands and a pretty center stone with shoulder accents on the engagement ring. We love the simplicity and elegance of this set, and reviewers swear it looks as real as any diamonds out there. You be the judge!

Sterling silver, and 18K yellow gold plated
1-3/4 carats

What Reviewers Are Saying:
While I was browsing, I saw this ring and was surprised that it wasn't a real diamond. It had just the look I was after at a low price with great reviews. Even though I was shopping for a real diamond ring I purchased this one thinking I would wear it until I found another one I liked better. Well, it is just as sparkly as my genuine diamonds, and my neighbor was green with envy when she saw it, thinking it had cost a small fortune. I think I'll be wearing this ring for a long time!

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Best Cushion Cut Halo Simulated Diamond Option

Lafonn Ring Set


If you keep gravitating toward a cushion-cut stone and want it to be big and blingy but don’t have a budget the size of a large wedding venue, consider this glittery simulated diamond wedding ring set from Lafonn. The ample center stone is encircled with a halo of smaller stones that cascade down the band and match the stones on the wedding band, which is also beset with milgrain detailing. Wearers say friends and family can’t tell the diamonds didn’t cost an arm and a... ring finger. We won’t tell if you won’t!

Wedding band 1/16 inch

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I bought this after I lost my wedding ring to wear as a replacement until I got another ‘real ring.’ Also, I figured that I could use this ring for traveling. Honestly, no one can tell it's not real, and the size is not so big that it looks fake. Lafonn's quality is really good. It is platinum plated so the ring won't turn color or tarnish.

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Best Contemporary Nordstrom Set

Lafonn Joined at the Heart Cushion Cut Ring


If vintage rings just aren’t your thing, you’ll fall head over heels in love with this modern take on a wedding ring set. The center simulated (factory created) diamond is cushion cut, but its halo of smaller stones forms a square shape instead of round like more traditional rings. The accompanying bands are also beset with attention-getting sparklers that are bound to bring you continued joy well beyond your wedding day.

Sterling silver bonded with platinum, 1.81 carats
1/16 inch band widths

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The ring set has a beautiful setting, quality workmanship and value. This ring set is so well done I was asked if it was a Harry Winston ring.

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Best Rose Gold Marquise Cut

De Couer Framed Halo Engagement Ring Set


If you wish your darling would put a ring on it with an antique-inspired bauble, send them a link of this rose gold wedding ring set... like, now. We’ll wait. In the meantime, consider how the unique, marquise-cut diamond arrangement on the engagement ring exudes vintage charm. We love the milgrain detailing and the simple, pretty, super-sparkly wedding band that elegantly complements the engagement ring. You won’t see every bride-to-be sporting this ring. It’s a catch just like you!

10K rose gold
Diamonds, 0.5 carats total weight
Band 2.2 mm wide

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It’s a beautiful ring. I give it five stars!

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Best Oval Shape

De Couer 1-Carat Halo Set


Help! We’re blind from the sparkle reflected from this dazzling, oval-shaped engagement ring and matching, diamond-encrusted wedding band. With one-carat total weight, wearers confess they can’t get enough of the bling factor and love the price for what you get, which is an entire carat of diamonds set in white gold. Now all you need is a perfect proposal filled with a flash mob, champagne, your entire family and hot air balloon optional, but preferred.

14K white gold
Diamonds, 1 carat
2.1 band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It’s literally such a beautiful ring. This ring has exceeded my expectations. It’s everything I wanted and more. The price is amazing. You will be very pleased with the product. It’s got lots of sparkle and catches the light both bright and dim. Excellent quality, and the price is easy on the wallet.

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Best Unique Setting and Band

Miadora Infinity Bridal Ring Set


Devotees of these unique rings love that they are not like other bridal sets out there. Just look how the round center stone in the engagement ring is set into a sterling silver star pattern. The matching bands feature looping patterns set with smaller diamonds and milgrain detailing. Although each stone is small, wearers say the net sparkle power is huge. We are loving how the band is ample. It’s perfect if a delicate band isn’t your cup of tea. Well, heck. Let’s make it champagne! Cheers to your upcoming nuptials!

Sterling silver
Diamonds, 1/5 carat
Band 4.22 mm

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I received my ring today, and I am in love with it. I made a good decision. The diamonds are not big but the ring sparkles and is so elegant on my finger. I lost my $3,000 wedding ring and didn't have money to replace it. I bought this one as a temporary replacement, but I like it so much I'm going to keep wearing it. Good quality and very pretty. People think it's platinum.

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Best Yellow Gold Option

Jewel More 1/2-Carat Halo Set


In case you haven’t heard, yellow gold is a big trend in wedding rings. This delicate set capitalizes on yellow being the new rose gold and features a timeless diamond design with a round center stone, encircled with a halo of smaller stones. A looping detail makes the engagement ring stand out, and the nesting wedding ring that fits perfectly is a dainty final touch. Reviewers warn the set truly is quite dainty, so it may look best on smaller digits.

14K gold
Diamonds, 0.5 carat

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The picture doesn't show how petite it really is. I wear a size 7, but it was too petite for my hands. It’s a beautiful, pretty ring. It’s a very dainty ring. It’s not as big as shown, but I love it. I’ve now had it for two months, and one of the little side diamonds fell out.

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Best Opal Vintage Option

K Best Design Teardrop Stacking Ring Set


If it’s gotta be opal and your taste tends to lean vintage, we have a ring set for that! Feast your eyes upon this unique antique engagement bauble, which features a teardrop-shaped opal stone accented by small, shimmering cubic zirconia. And then, on your wedding day, say “I do” with not one, but two bands that join on each side to form a nesting cubic zirconia frame designed to fit snugly around the opal engagement ring. The resulting look is simply stunning. We’re buying this if you don’t!

Sterling silver

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Just at a glance, it is very beautiful, elegant and fits well. However, sometimes when wearing the ring, it feels more like costume jewelry. My ring is beautiful and exactly what I wanted. It fits great and is absolutely stunning!

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Best Swarovski Solitaire

Arabella Sterling Silver Halo Set


Meet the bridal ring set that lets you shine like a huge diamond for less. Boasting four carats of Swarovski zirconias, watch your friends and family gawk when you walk in the room post-proposal. No one will know the sparkle comes courtesy of crystal. We love the timeless design of the rings, which feature a round center stone, set in a halo of sparklers that match the bands set with smaller stones. Meanwhile, your betrothed will love the price. Congrats!

Sterling silver
Stones, 4 carats.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This ring is absolutely beautiful. I’m so happy with our choice. I love this ring! I get a lot of compliments. One person asked if it was an $8,000 ring, and I had to laugh. You can't tell if it's Swarovski or diamonds. It's nice. The diamonds do fall out easily, but with the no-worry plan, it gets fixed and is cleaned nicely upon return.

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Best Bling for Less

Arabella Cushion Cut Zirconia


Wow. The stones on this ring may be cubic zirconia, but with almost eight carats of sparkle, who the heck cares? You’ll be too busy gazing upon a dazzling cushion cut center stone, beset with round stones and milgrain detailing. We can’t get over how this show-stopping jewelry manages to look both vintage and contemporary. OK, in general, we just can’t get over this ring. Here’s hoping it makes all of your dreams come true!

Sterling silver
Stones, 7-5/8 carats

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My husband and I decided to buy this ring as a stand in while we saved money for my real ring. But I love this one so much, I'm not sure I want anything else! The pictures don't do it justice! It's big with a lot of detail, but it's also very dainty. I think that's why it doesn't look fake. Just take really good care of it! This is, by far, the most beautiful cubic zirconia ring. It’s elegant, yet bold. You will not regret this purchase.

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Best JCPenney Ring Set

“I Said Yes” Solitaire and Diamond Band


Can’t decide on a diamond or unadorned metal band for your engagement ring? With this curved design, you don’t have to. The unique, ribbon-like band features both Platinaire (silver and platinum) and round-set diamonds, culminating in a round center stone. The matching wedding band adds more sparkle, which is never bad thing! And the price is nice for what you walk, no, dance, away with.

Diamonds, 3/8 carat

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I fell in love with the ring and my now fiancée, absolutely fell in love with it as well. She can't wait to wear the rings together. This is exactly what I wanted! It's beautiful and delicate. The center diamond sparkles and looks better than some of the more expensive options that I viewed. I couldn't ask for a better ring.