Allura 3.5 CT. T.G.W. Garnet and 0.48 CT. T.W. Diamond Bypass Cocktail Ring in 14k Rose Gold 6

Make a splash as you sport this unique garnet halo twist ring. Crafted in rose gold the garnet center stone is surrounded by a line of luxurious diamonds. A gorgeous piece of jewelry this ring can be worn to an evening out or to a suit any special occasion. This ring is a superb addition to any jewelry collection. What makes garnet special? Garnet is special cause of its strong virtues, superb color, hardness and durability. Considered to be a gift of love and etern cause of its strong virtues, superb color, hardness and durability. Considered to be a gift of love and eternity in Greek mythology, Garnet remains a special gift of love and is usually gifted in the 2nd, 6th, 19th year of marriage anniversary. Its antiquity and beauty have made it a favorite amongst jewelry designers today. What does garnet symbolize? Garnet is the birthstone of January and symbolizes prosperity and abundance, encouraging gratitude and service to others. Spiritually it is a stone of higher thinking, self-empowerment, strength and safety. What is the history of diamonds? Diamonds have always been a sign of wealth, worn by elite classes and wealthy rulers-but in addition to being displayed as adornment and good luck charms, diamonds were also used as carving tools and even digested as medicine. The first diamonds were found in India and traded along the Silk Road, but as the supply dwindled in South Asia, other countries, including Brazil and South America, became the new suppliers. Today, production has increased to about 100 million carats per year across the globe. What do diamonds symbolize? Diamonds have been admired by objects of desire since ancient times and have been adorned by women and men for centuries for many reasons. Believed by Ancient Romans & Greeks to be the tears of gods or pieces of falling stars, diamonds are also said to have influence beyond love. Diamonds are said to bring the wearer great strength, protection, and clarity. Worn as protection in battle, diamonds have been embellished throughout histories and cultures. How should I style this ring? This ring brings a special radiance to any outfit and is best suited to be worn with formal and semi formal evening wear. The striking good looks of this ring make it ideal go to ring for special occasions. What inspired this design? This design is inspired by the sun, its radiance, color, beauty, brilliance and shine. Wear this ring to be the center of attraction at any party and let your brilliance shine. read more