Barefoot on the Beach? Picks to Get Your Feet Oh-So Soft

Your feet take you everywhere, so treat them well with our top picks to make them super soft.

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Soak for the Soles

If you plan on walking barefoot down the aisle at your beach wedding or kicking off your shoes during the reception, your feet need to look their best. Help keep them nourished and soft with the Lush Foot Soak. Simply fill a container in which you can comfortably place your feet with warm water. Drop in the foot soak and let the fresh ingredients invigorate and renew your tired feet. Continue this regimen post-wedding to treat your soles to some relaxation after a long day at work. ($7.95;

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Fabulous Foot File

Say goodbye to rough feet and hello to silky-smooth soles with this foot file. Dual-sided with gentle or firm exfoliation, this wooden foot file buffs away hard, dead skin on your feet to leave behind softer, healthier-looking skin. Start to use this foot file regularly several weeks before the wedding. By the time your big day arrives, your heels will be soft, smooth, and ready to get down on the dance floor. ($8;

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Borrowed & Blue

Once your feet are nice and soft, polish your toenails with this pretty blue hue. The Borrowed & Blue nail color by Essie is the perfect polish for your wedding or your honeymoon getaway. Chip-resistant and rich in pigment, this nail polish is free from harsh ingredients that would weaken your nails, so feel free to apply this color over and over again. Get a professional-quality polish that will last you through your big day and all your honeymoon adventures. ($9;

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Hello, Pretty Heels

If you feel like you've tried everything to remedy your rough, cracked heels with less-than-stellar results, give this foot cream a try. Heel Genius by Soap & Glory contains natural ingredients to help soothe and soften dry, cracked heels. For best results, massage onto clean, dry feet every night and slip on some socks to allow the cream to soak into your skin as you sleep. Some people have noticed a difference after just one use, but the sooner you incorporate this foot cream into your nightly routine, the more amazing your feet will look and feel the day of the wedding. ($10;

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Cure the Callus

Calluses can be a major pain, and you don't have time to deal with them on your wedding day. When lotion won't soften calluses, it's time for some heavy-duty help. The rechargeable Ped Egg has a large roller head to painlessly buff away and soften callused skin. It also comes equipped with an LED light so you can see where you're going to get every last rough patch. No cuts, no burns—just soft, smooth feet you can't wait to show off, especially if you're walking barefoot down the aisle. ($19.99;

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The Foot Mask

Enjoy a good face mask? Treat your feet to a similar experience with the Sephora foot mask. The foot mask is a pack of single-use socks that comes in two different varieties: lavender to refresh and soothe tired, aching feet or almond to repair and nourish dry, rough feet. Approved for all skin types, use the almond mask before the wedding to soften the skin and the lavender mask after the wedding to give your feet some TLC after a long night of dancing. ($5;

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Time for a Pedicure

Peeling treatments may make you a little squeamish, but some brides swear by them. If you really want to get rid of dead skin and rough calluses, treat yourself to an at-home pedicure with this 60-minute treatment. The PoshPeel Pedi Cure exfoliates the skin for smoother, more lively feet. When you properly apply the treatment, the dead skin on your feet will start to peel after three to seven days. Once they're done peeling, your feet will feel happy, healthy, and oh-so soft. ($35;

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