Beat the Bridal Stress Breakout Blues with This 3-in-1 Wedding Skin Prep Kit (Plus 2 Bonus Products!)

Of the many pre-wedding complications a bride might experience, an acne breakout is among the worst. If you find yourself in such a muddle, reach for the zit-kicking elixirs found in this kit from the No. 1 acne-fighting brand in America, Proactiv. Proactiv Solution's 5-Step Acne Treatment System - the "Stress-Free Skin Wedding Kit," consists of three dermatologist-developed products that work together through the strength of science. This group of formulations includes prescription-strength benzoyl peroxide that kills acne-causing bacteria at its source. And that's just for starters. When used in unison, these products harmonize to leave your skin clear and glowing. Bonus: There are two additional products to prevent blackheads, blemish flare-ups, and keep the glow going long after the honeymoon ends. Get the skinny on each step of this lifesaver kit — trust us, your wedding survival bag is not complete without it!

Proactiv Stress-Free Skin Kit

Step One: Cleanse

The active ingredient in this Renewing Cleanser, benzoyl peroxide, is fierce by design. Not only is it strengthened here to a prescription-grade level, its particles are micronized so they can penetrate deep into pores to kill acne-causing bacteria at the source. It also includes tiny, smooth exfoliating beads to sweep away dirt, oil and makeup. Despite its ingredients' strength, the Renewing Cleanser remains gentle on a bride-to-be's complexion. To stave off breakouts or treat those that have already begun, just massage a dime-sized amount on dampened skin in the morning and at night.

Step Two: Tone

The magic ingredient in this toner is glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that encourages faster-than-normal exfoliation of the skin. Such exfoliation is a key to maintaining healthy, glowing skin - clearing skin cells of excess oil and impurities, so theother acne-fighting ingredients in the 3-Step System can get in and work! Proactiv's Revitalizing Toner also includes aloe and witch hazel extract, which helps improve the appearance of puffy stressed skin. After cleansing your skin, simply apply the Revitalizing Toner with a cotton ball or pad in an upward motion.

Step Three: Repair

Finally, the kit's Repairing Treatment is light and oil-free and contains finely milled prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide that easily penetrates the skin to treat blemishes and help prevent future breakouts. It contains allantoin, an extract known for its skin-soothing benefits, which moisturizes the skin and gives it that healthy-looking, bridal glow. The Repairing Treatment is best used as the third step in Proactiv's recommended cleansing and acne-busting routine.


Bonus 1: Blackhead Dissolving Gel

After benzoyl peroxide, the second most prized ingredient for fighting acne is salicylic acid. Due to its natural "lipophilic" properties (meaning it easily dissolves in fat), salicylic acid is used in this amazing blackhead-dissolving gel. When smoothed onto skin, this wonder ingredient deeply penetrate pores, where it breaks down the dead skin that causes clogged pores, and flushes out blemish-causing impurities. It also helps exfoliate dead skin cells. Use as needed.

Bonus 2: Emergency Blemish Relief

Containing the highest over-the-counter dose of prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide, this product gives emergency relief to acne flares. Benzoyl peroxide is a gold standard medical ingredient for banishing acne, and Proactiv offers it in a micro-crystal formulation in its Emergency Blemish Relief. In this form, it can more easily reach the deepest pore recesses to quickly kill acne-causing bacteria. Emergency Blemish Relief also contains allantoin, for soothing and moisturizing dry, sensitive skin.

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