I Tried On 6 Different Pieces of Shapewear (and My Favorite One Is Only $35)

As a bride-to-be, I knew investing in shapewear would be a must for my upcoming wedding. So I tried out six different pieces, ranging from $18 to $91, and my favorite one might surprise you.

Bride in tight-fitting dress with groom in navy blue.

Shapewear Review #6: Yummie Seamless Cotton Shaping Short

Overall Thoughts: While the Yummie Seamless Cotton Shaping Short helped me get that sought-after hourglass shape, I had a couple of concerns. The material didn't feel breathable at all, and I wish it would've fit a bit tighter. I know I'll be sweating at my wedding (we're tying the knot in the middle of summer!), so having a breathable material is very important. However, I really liked the length of the shorts. It made me feel like they wouldn't ride up as much as other shapewear, and it also helped shape my thighs, which is a huge bonus. While the length of the shorts was a definite plus, I was a bit concerned about where they hit me at the waist; I'm afraid I'd constantly be trying to pull them up. One last thing I kept in mind while trying on each piece of shapewear was, How easy would it be to go to the bathroom in this? These shaping shorts would make it pretty difficult, especially if you have a tight-fitting dress.

Best Dress for This Shapewear: Ball gown

Favorite Feature: The length of the shorts

Stars (Out of 5): 2.5

Price: $18

Shapewear Review #5: Yummie Tummie Tamers Mid Waist Shaping Thong

Overall Thoughts: This shapewear essentially fit like a high-waist swimsuit, which part of me was all about and the other part was disappointed in. The areas of my body that the shapewear covered were smoothed wonderfully, but it hit my body in a really unfortunate place (my love handles and prime tummy trouble spots). The shapewear fit comfortably and snugly, though, which was reassuring. Additionally, the thong part truly felt like underwear, and the upper elastic didn't allow for this piece to roll over at all — a huge selling point, in my opinion.

Best Dress for This Shapewear: A-line

Favorite Feature: The stay-put silicone waist

Stars (Out of 5): 3

Price: $42

Shapewear Review #4: Shapeez The Ultimate Pretty

Overall Thoughts: I was actually surprised by how much I liked this shapewear! At first I was really concerned about it being a top-only piece, but that ended up being my favorite thing about it. The part around my stomach and hips fit so nicely and did wonders for my shape. I felt comfortable and not too restricted, as some other shapewear makes me feel. However, I wasn't a huge fan of how the bra part fit me and wish I would've had the option to wear my own. While I really liked that this piece was top only, I know in the back of my mind I'd worry about it riding up. Note: Check the sizing chart very carefully. One slight variation in your sizing number could end up in the entire piece not fitting correctly.

Best Dress for This Shapewear: Any dress with sleeves

Favorite Feature: It's a top only

Stars (Out of 5): 3.5

Price: $91

Shapewear Review #3: Maidenform Firm Foundations Bodybriefer

Overall Thoughts: I really, really liked the way this fit! At first it felt like it might be too tight, and I thought I ordered the wrong size, but then it felt perfect once I fully got it on. While it did a fantastic job sucking in my stomach, it could've done a bit more for my sides. A few of my favorite things were the extra tummy panel, the fact that I could still wear my own bra and that I wouldn't have to take this piece off at all to use the bathroom (a huge plus for any bride!).

Best Dress for This Shapewear: Any dress with sleeves

Favorite Feature: Closures at the bottom of the shapewear

Stars (Out of 5): 4

Price: $57

Shapewear Review #2: Yummie Hidden Curves Firm Shaping High Waist Thong

Overall Thoughts: I felt like this was going to rip as I was trying to get it on (that's how tight it was!), but it was well worth the struggle because this bad boy did the trick. This was the first piece of shapewear that actually made me feel like it hid my love handles the way I wanted it to. It gave me the perfect shape and fit like a second skin (in a good way!). I also liked that it was thong style, because it could work with a variety of outfits, and I know I'd wear it for more than just my wedding day. I do wish this piece opened at the bottom like the Maidenform shapewear above, but other than that, it's a total win.

Best Dress for This Shapewear: Sheath

Favorite Feature: The stay-put silicone waist

Stars (Out of 5): 4.5

Price: $52

My Top Pick: Maidenform Firm Control Seamless Waist Nipper

Overall Thoughts: This shapewear appealed to me because it's ideal for my favorite wedding dress style, which has thin spaghetti straps and a low back. While putting it on was a bit of a challenge, the simple, affordable piece pulled me in exactly where I needed it and fit very comfortably. It turned my apple shape into a stunning hourglass, and the confidence I felt was incredible. I'd even attempt to rock a bodycon dress (something I always stay far, far away from) when wearing this piece. I do wish the bottom of this shapewear had the same silicone waistband that's featured at the top because I'm slightly concerned about it riding up. Regardless, this piece is perfect for strapless gowns or dresses with spaghetti straps. Be bold and go for the mermaid fit when you have this shapewear in your arsenal — it's seriously a game changer.

Best Dress for This Shapewear: Mermaid

Favorite Feature: The silicone waistband

Stars (Out of 5): 5

Price: $35

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