Day of Essentials for Any Bridal Emergencies

Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding, so preparing yourself for any potential hiccups that may come your way is always a great idea. Make yourself a bridal emergency kit full of "just in case" necessities that can get you one step closer to the wedding you've always fantasized about.

Cosmetic pack full of a varity of supplies such as kleenexes, deoderant, a mini first aid kit, floss, etc.
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To Have & to Hold

Know matter how organized you may be for the big day there's always a chance a problem may occur but don't sweat it. We've compiled a list of just what you need to get you through the day—stress free. Prepare a bridal emergency kit by storing all of your "may need" essentials in this adorable Stella & Dot Pouf. It's a perfect size that's easy to grab and big enough to store the nine essentials you should have next to you throughout your day. ($24;

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Smells Like Love

Having perfume handy for your big day is a must! Not only are you interacting with many guests, but it's also important to have a signature scent to remember your day by. Just the right size to keep on hand all day and fit in that so-cute Stella & Dot Pouf, this rollerball is the romantic scent you've been searching for. With alluring notes of Italian bergamot, crushed violet petals, and ivory gardenia, Tocca Florence has a beautiful and sophisticated smell to it—perfect for a wedding! ($25;

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Just In Case

Take a deep breath. We know this may freak you out and have you in a panic thinking something bad is going to happen on your wedding day, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. Having a travel-sized first aid kit is so important on your wedding day, not just for you but for your wedding party as well. This first aid kit features safety pins which can fix zipper closures that may break, bandages just in case someone happens to fall, and other first aid necessities. You'll enjoy a stress-free day knowing that you're prepared for everything that might come your way. ($6.99;

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Sew In Love

On your big day you deserve to dance the night away and have the time of your life! Don't spend your night fretting over a dress mishap on the dance floor. That's what your travel-sized sewing kit in your bridal emergency bag is for! Having the Real Simple Sewing Kit around on your wedding day is a must just in case something happens to your gown or one of the bridesmaid's dresses before you walk down the aisle, take pictures, or are having a great time on the dance floor. The kit comes with multiple colors of thread, needles, scissors, and pins to fix anything that may come your way. ($9.99;

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Secret To Staying Fresh

When you're packing your bridal emergency kit don't forget to grab some deodorant to keep you feeling fresh and confident all day long. This deodorant from Secret will help keep body odor away and fight off any wetness that may occur. Trust this deodorant to get you through a hot, sunny day even when you're running around hugging guests and dancing the night away with your new hubs. ($3.97;

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Holding Hands

Your wedding day is full of greeting guests, hugging relatives, and shaking your third cousin Jimmy's hand multiple times. With all those people you're greeting and interacting with there are bound to be some germs passed around. Throwing some hand sanitizer in your bridal emergency kit is perfect for those moments when you don't have time to wash your hands and are in need of some cleansing. The Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Favorites Pack comes with three different cleansing hand sanitizers that also smell amazing. Bonus: With a scent that promotes relaxing and two others that promote energy you'll be more than ready to take on your wedding day. ($6;

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For Unwanted Spots

We all know accidents happen, but when it happens to be on your wedding day it can be kind of nerve wracking. Pack a Tide To Go Pen in your bridal emergency kit just in case lunch or dinner gets a little out of hand. Press the pen over the spot multiple times and watch your problems disappear. Chances are guests won't even notice you had a spill! Keep the pen close by throughout dinner because more than likely someone in your wedding party will need it as well. ($4.19;

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Mint To Be

It's safe to say your wedding day will be jam-packed with greeting guests and talking to your many family and friends. Throughout all of that conversing it's important to make sure your breath stays minty fresh. Thanks to these mints bad odors will be eliminated and you'll be left with conversation-friendly breath all day long. Impress your guests with that winning smile and don't let them be distracted by bad breath. Pop one Altoid in your mouth and it'll take care of any smell in a matter of seconds. Pro tip: Toss a mint in your mouth right before you walk down the aisle for a fresh first kiss! ($2.50;

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Clean For The Kiss

Just in case your lunch decides to overstay its welcome pack some floss in your bridal emergency kit to get your pearly whites picture-ready. This Glide Deep Clean Floss will reach all of the plaque your toothbrush can't get to and will get that piece of lettuce left behind from lunch. After dinner grab your kit and find the bathroom to clear out anything that may be unwanted, and come back conversation-ready to chat the night away. ($3.69;

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For Happy Tears

Even if you think you're not a cryer, think again. Your wedding day can be one of the most emotional days of your life, and having Kleenex Tissues in your bridal emergency kit is absolutely essential. Not only will you find yourself wiping away happy tears but more than likely your girls in the wedding party will need them too. Clean up the water works with a tissue that locks in moisture leaving your flawless makeup exactly where it was . ($.99;

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