Unique Headpieces Broken Down by Style

When you're choosing accessories to complement your gown don't forget to add one of these unique headpieces to your ensemble. Our editors have broken them down by style to help you find the perfect one for your wedding day.

Woman wearing a lace quarter-length sleeve dress and a beaded headpiece in her hair.
Navy blue birdcage headpiece with small hat on top. photo

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Unique Headpieces Style #8: Something Blue

If you're still in need of your something blue look no further. With this navy blue birdcage headpiece you'll be walking down the aisle in style. Unlike a typical long white veil, this small hat will make a big statement without stealing the spotlight from your dazzling dress. Pro tip: After you've placed it in your hair secure it with a couple bobby pins to make sure it stays in place throughout the day. ($43; milanoo.com)

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Woman wearing a beaded headband with white feathers on the side. photo

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Unique Headpieces Style #7: Great Gatsby

Don't just go for a vintage look, instead transform your special day into a Great Gatsby-inspired wedding. Not only will you and your guests experience an unforgettable blast from the past, but you'll look stunning as you take on the dance floor wearing this feather headband. The beaded elastic band ensures a tight fit so you can party like you're back in the roaring '20s without it shifting or messing up your hair. ($32; unique-vintage.com)

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Woman wearing a wedding dress and a white wide-brim hat. photo

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Unique Headpieces Style #6: Southern Belle

For all brides planning an outdoor summer wedding, this one's for you. No one wants to be blinded by the sun while saying their "I do's," and you don't have to be when you incorporate a hat into your ensemble. Yes, you can opt to wear a white sun hat instead of a veil! This Southern Belle-style sun hat will shade your face as well as prevent sun burns that could be painful later on—and we all know there's no time for that on your special day. ($50; jjshouse.com)

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Woman wearing a beaded snowflake headpiece. photo

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Unique Headpieces Style #5: Winter Wonderland

There's nothing better than having the winter wedding of your dreams, and we want to make sure you look like the snow queen you are. After you hair is styled to perfection, clip this snowflake headpiece on the side to help keep loose strands out of your face or place it in the back to add a little sparkle to your updo. If you're looking for jewelry to match this stylish hair comb we suggest wearing a pair of pearl earrings. ($12; lightinthebox.com)

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Twine head piece with greenery and small white flowers all around it. photo

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Unique Headpieces Style #4: Minimalist

When living the minimalist lifestyle you probably want to keep things simple on your wedding day, but that doesn't mean you have to skip out on a beautiful headpiece. For an effortless look, give your hair some beach waves, hold back your bangs in a small braid, and top it off by placing this leafy crown on your head. The small white roses will blend with the color of your dress while the greenery will add a pop of color. Bonus: Instead of letting this headband collect dust after your big day wear it again to an outdoor music festival. ($13; etsy.com)

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Woman wearing a sparkly beaded headpiece around her head. photo

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Unique Headpieces Style #3: Glam

It's your wedding day so we think it's OK to splurge a little to achieve the ultimate glam look. With this shimmering hairpiece from BHLDN you'll leave your guests in awe over your accessory choices—especially when paired with a diamond necklace from your grandmother! Pro tip: As a gift for your flower girl, get her a sparkling floral headband to match yours and you'll have an adorable photo opportunity. ($487; bhldn.com)

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Boho-inspired flower crown with white ribbon tail. photo

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Unique Headpieces Style #2: Boho

Show off your inner flower child by creating a boho-inspired look for your special day. As if your dress wasn't breathtaking enough already, when you have this flower crown in your hair your partner won't be able to take their eyes off you. We know, $85 might seem like a bit much, but unlike most floral head pieces, this one is made with preserved flowers so you'll know your style is authentic. It's held together with white ribbon that will hang down on top of your hair or you can tie it up in a bow, either way you're sure to stun guests when you add this headpiece to the mix. ($85; urbanoutfitters.com)

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Woman holding the gold floral tiara while wearing a wedding dress. photo

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Unique Headpieces Style #1: Royal

Every bride deserves to be treated like royalty on her big day, so why not look the part too? This dainty tiara features small crystals and rhinestones that'll capture the light as you make your way down the aisle while golden leaves give it a sophisticated style that echoes nature. Perfect for a spring wedding, we suggest pairing it with chandelier earrings to make your bridal ensemble really shine. ($89; etsy.com)

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