Roll with It: The Best Luggage for Your Honeymoon

You've just had the wedding of your dreams, and now it's time for a romantic getaway. With our favorite luggage finds you and your spouse will arrive to your honeymoon destination in style—safe travels!

Blue suitcase and brown tote with luggage tags.
Spinning marble carry-on suitcase with top pull handle. photo

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Marvelous Marble

There's no doubt that marble print is a fashion favorite, so it should be a part of your luggage collection too! This carry-on has an outer shell that protects your stuff from being damaged and features spinning wheels that allow you to glide through the airport with ease. To make you and your new spouse an adorable duo (as if you weren't cute enough already!), get the white suitcase for yourself and the black one for him or her. ($125;

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Black backpack and tote with gold accents. photo

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We Wish You Stylish Travels

If you like things simple and prefer to travel light, then we're sure you'll fall in love with this Tumi Voyageur collection. Each bag is made to be stylish, sophisticated, and functional with their sleek design and multiple pockets that keep your items secure. Use the compact suitcase for clothes, the backpack for electronics, and switch out your usual purse for the convertible crossbody bag. No matter which pieces you choose, this set has everything you'll need to pack your honeymoon essentials. ($95–$545;

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Kate Spade duffel bag with shoulder strap and two handles. photo

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Durable Duffel

What your spouse needs for your honeymoon is something sturdy to keep all of his or her belongings in one place, and there's no question that this Kate Spade duffel will be the solution. The bag is made of nylon and twill that come together to create a material that's durable, yet lightweight. Bonus: Not only will this bag be a go-to for travel, your new spouse can continue to use it on the daily for work, the gym, or both! ($348;

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Spinning pastel pink carry-on bag with pull handle at the top. photo

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Pretty & Pink

When we say this pastel pink carry-on has it all, we really do mean it has it all. You'll no longer have the struggle of deciding what to bring and what to leave behind thanks to the compression interior and added laundry bag that gives you room for all of your favorite date- night outfits. It comes complete with a combination lock and battery pack at the top so you have your own personal charging station along with peace of mind knowing your items are safe. Need we say more? ($245;

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Duffel bag with palm tree print and brown vegan leather trim. photo

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Tropical Traveler

By taking a palm print duffel on your romantic excursion you'll be able to spot it right away at baggage claim. Even though it appears to be a weekend bag, the expandable center and large opening say otherwise. Pro tip: For more organization—and less time rummaging through your stuff—roll your clothes and tuck socks inside your shoes. This trick also makes room for special souvenirs you and your spouse will want to commemorate your memorable vacation. ($159;

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Spinning mint green carry-on bag with black accents and a pull handle. photo

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A Hint of Mint

Sometimes connecting flights call for rushing from one end of the airport to another—we've all been there. But with a suitcase that has multi-directional wheels and a three-stage pull handle you'll be able to quickly navigate through the crowds. If you and your partner get seperated, don't sweat it, the mint green will help you stand out against the sea of neutral colors. Travel tip: Pack this carry-on with everything you need for the first day (clothes, swimsuit, toothbrush, etc.) so that if the airport misplaces it you won't have to panic...too much. ($150;

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Canvas travel collection featuring a tote, toiletry case, and a weekend bag each featuring leather detailing. photo

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Canvas Collection

For all of the eco-friendly couples searching for the perfect luggage this canvas travel set from Pottery Barn should be at the top of your list. The bags are made with recycled fabric and natural fibers, which means each one has their own unique color. You can order only what you need or get all three for a matching, on-trend look. It's the whole package if you want your items to stay with you and like to avoid checking bags. ($49.50–$199;

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Two black luggage tags that say

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BONUS: His & Hers Luggage Tags

Say goodbye to your old ID tags and get a pair of "his" and "hers" luggage tags that we think all newlyweds need before heading out on their honeymoon. Use the loops to tie them to the handle of your bag or suitcase and let everyone know whose is whose. Don't forget to write your contact info on the back so if your things happen to get lost they can be easily returned. ($35;

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