Travel Essentials for a Stress-Free, Post-Wedding Trip

Master your honeymoon packing list by purchasing these travel essentials to keep in your carry-on.

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Fashionable & Functional Bag

You can't travel to your romantic getaway without reliable luggage like this stylish weekender bag. Perfect to use as a carry-on for your honeymoon, the bag is large enough to store all your travel essentials to keep them within easy reach on the flight without feeling too bulky. The weekender's vegan-leather construction and four neutral color options make it an easy bag to pair with any outfit. Carry all your must-haves and even your nice-to-haves in this fashionable and functional weekender bag. ($84.95;

tote your travel essentials in this weekender bag

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The Ultimate Travel Bag

It's difficult to find your favorite brands in travel-size beauty products. Now you can have all the skin and hair products you need on your honeymoon thanks to Sephora's Ultimate Travel Bag. The curated assortment includes 11 products from trusted brands for your face, body, and hair. Each bottle is appropriately sized so you can store them in your carry-on for your flight. From moisturizer and sunscreen to shampoo and conditioner, the Ultimate Travel Bag has you covered for a stress-free, enjoyable vacation. ($40;

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Bridal Beats

An international honeymoon demands a good pair of headphones so you can listen to your favorite tunes on the long flight. These Beats urBeats in-ear headphones come in a variety of metallic colors so you can listen to the movie playing overhead or jam out to music on your phone in style. Our favorite part about these earbuds is the tangle-resistant cable. If you're running late to catch your next flight, stash the headphones in your carry-on and don't worry about them breaking; these Beats were designed to resist fraying for extra durability. ($99.99;

rock out on your flight with these headphones
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Too-Cute Tropical Clutch

What would a tropical honeymoon be without a palm tree accessory? The Tropica Clutch is a travel necessity for your beach vacation. Pack it in your carry-on for easy access to your cards and ID when you're in the airport, and carry all your essentials when you land to explore local shops or enjoy a romantic dinner with your new spouse. The optional chain shoulder strap will come in handy when you want to be hands-free. Get in touch with your island side with this adorable clutch purse. ($98;

get this clutch for your tropical honeymoon

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Plush Pillow

Catch up on some Z's during your long flight by packing a travel pillow in your carry-on. This neck pillow is uniquely designed with a flat center so it doesn't push your head forward, and the snug fit shapes to your neck to help reduce strain. Now you don't have to worry about waking up with neck pain or accidentally slumping over the stranger in the seat next to you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight with this comfortable and supportive travel pillow. ($19.99;

sleep comfortably on your flight with this neck pillow
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Honeymooner's Headband

Long, crowded flights can get uncomfortable, and sometimes it's the little things that will make your trip more enjoyable. Pack this headband in your carry-on so you can keep your hair out of your face if the flight gets too warm. The headwrap will also come in handy once you get to the beach to keep the wind from whipping your hair over your eyes. Simple and comfortable, the wide cotton headband can be used when you get back home for gym days or weekend lounging. ($12;

pull your hair back with this headband

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In-Flight Entertainment

Keep yourself entertained while flying to your honeymoon destination by packing an iPad in your carry-on. Download a book or binge watch a new Netflix series to pass the time on your long flight. You can also FaceTime your family while you're on vacation and make them jealous of your beach tan. We're big fans of the gold color to add a little more charm to your travel essentials. An iPad is not only a useful device while traveling, but you'll find yourself using it all the time when you get back home. ($329.99;

get this gold ipad now
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Plum Perfection

Enjoy the perks of using your passport holder as a wallet during your vacation. This Kate Spade leather passport holder offers slots for your cards and a spot for your passport to keep your ID, cards, and travel documents organized. The deep plum color and size of the passport holder will make it easy for you to locate in your bag when you are rushing through customs to catch your flight. ($88;

carry your passport in this kate spade holder

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Stylish Sunnies

If you have space for only one pair of sunglasses, this is the perfect pair to take on your trip. These MVMT Retro Round sunglasses are comfortable, stylish, and feature transparent mirror lenses with enough tint to protect your eyes from the sun. The matte black color will complement all the outfits you packed for your honeymoon and your sexy swimwear choices. You can't forget a good pair of sunglasses, especially when you're heading somewhere tropical. These round sunnies will become your new favorite pair even after your vacation. ($85;

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No Time for Nausea

If you're prone to motion sickness, pack this travel essential in your carry-on and take a dose before takeoff. Dramamine helps prevent nausea or dizziness if your flight encounters unexpected turbulence. It even helps prevent seasickness if you'll be spending any of your time on a boat during your honeymoon. Choose the best formula that's right for you. The original formula could make you drowsy, but the less-drowsy formula can help keep you awake if you want to be alert and productive as you travel. As always, consult your physician before taking any medication. ($7.49;

ditch dizziness with dramamine

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