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Maria Theresa Crystal Chandeliers, Select Crystal

clear and gold Maria Theresa style crystal chandelier with frosted crystal parts; 33" x 27"H (13 lights); assembly required; 13 light select clear crystal chandelier with hand-molded arms frosted crystal components and cut crystal trimmings; all metal parts have gold finish; genuine Czech crystal; ready to ship in 2 to 3 weeks; assembly required; This chandelier is a part of Maria Theresa Collection. At their start the chandeliers bearing the name of Maria Theresa wlier is a part of Maria Theresa Collection. At their start the chandeliers bearing the name of Maria Theresa were made on the occasion of the Empress's coronation as queen of Bohemia in 1743. This fact is hidden in the shape of these lighting fixtures reminiscent of the royal crown. Their characteristic feature is the arms' typical flat surface clad with glass bars. The bars are fixed to the arms by glass rosettes and beads with dangling cut crystal chandelier trimmings. These ravishing fixtures were inspired by a chandelier made for Maria Theresa in Bohemia in the mid 18th century. However not only the empress became fond of it; so did many others who fancied the style and the majestic manners after her. Typical elements are metal arms overlaid with glass bars and decorated with crystal rosettes. Originally the trimming was made of typical flat drops called "pendles". Today trimmings of various shapes are used. Select crystal (or standard). Hand cut or partly machine cut chandelier trimmings. Inspired by rich glassmaking tradition as well as modern trends these crystals are characterized by distinct fire rainbow sparkle and purity of shape. Each piece is checked for accuracy of cut and its high quality is guaranteed. They will satisfy even the most discriminating customers. Chandelier trimmings of the Select type offer an opportunity to those searching for quality at a great value. The tradition of production luxurious appearance and classical morphology are the common denominator of all these chandeliers. To manufacture these almost 90 percent is hand-completed: mouth-blowing cutting and other techniques applied when working glass and metals. Machine-cut crystal chandelier trimmings and artistically chased metal parts provide a stamp of luxury. Devotees of these lighting fixtures come mostly from the circles of the lovers of magnificent designs created in the style of the timeless classic. Every component passes thorough strict internal Quality Control processes. Highest quality European production with certified standards. UL approved - dry location; hardwire; 13x E12/14 - 40W bulbs; bulbs not included. 3 to 4 feet chain drop provided. Hand crafted in Czech Republic. read more