One-of-a-Kind Hand-Knotted 2010s Rustic Beige/Brown 7'11" x 9'10" Wool Area Rug Isabelline

This hand-knotted Classic rug joins the latest additions to the Homage collection by Isabelline, an ambitious custom-capable encyclopedia of periods recapturing and reinventing an unprecedented range of international styles including Oriental patterns with fresh, European influences. This dually enjoys the Classic crab palmette border in play with the revered Herati pattern, often called the “fish” pattern for the graceful, swimming curvature attributed to the leaved Herati pattern, often called the “fish” pattern for the graceful, swimming curvature attributed to the leaves around the geometry. The intersection of the Shabby Elegance look of distress with the soothing repetition of the field brings out both the varied, rustic beige-brown colorway as well as the comfortable wash that achieved the rustic look of this modern Classic; originating from one of our most reputed long-standing looms in India. About the collection: The Homage collection has become one of Isabelline’s most encompassing, diverse archives of periods and styles never seen for such an approachable price and soothing, refined look. Nearing more than 100 designs and numerous full-sized stock pieces and samples available with this exceptional colorway selection, Josh sees the representations of traditional, transitional, modern impressionism, abstract, and even as far as American hook rugs in the collection as some of the best of each category in his experience. Likewise seeing the line as an encyclopedia of designs and a handbook for everyday use at very reasonable prices, our team is particularly proud of the customer service, fast delivery, and consistent production this new archive offers. Even seen as a natural complement to the aesthetic of our respected Scandinavian collection, pieces in the Homage collection have been washed to achieve a comfortable look of distressed, chic aesthetic and texture, though clients are certainly welcome to ask for pile in custom projects. The Homage collection is an especially ideal choice for second homes, studios, beach houses, country homes, farmhouses, and young families; Easy to maintain, adaptable, and lending a reserved, dignified tone to many projects. Isabelline read more