Custom Vertical Blinds - PVC, Fabric & Faux Wood - 50 Colors

News flash! Vertical blinds are more fashionable and diverse than ever. Gone are the days of plain white verticals being the only choice for alternative window and door treatments. Modern vertical blinds are made from PVC, fabric, or faux wood and can be seen dancing in doors and windows in several refined colors and textures. Verticals travel side to side on a durable track system providing excellent light control; this makes them an ideal solution for wide windowsn a durable track system providing excellent light control; this makes them an ideal solution for wide windows or sliding glass doors. PVC verticals blinds are affordable, durable blinds that hold up well under sunlight and most importantly, kids or pets! Fabric vertical blinds are great alternatives to drapes. They offer more options than PVC vertical blinds in terms of colors and styles and look splendid in large windows. Choose between free hanging fabric or PVC inserted vanes. Faux Wood vertical blinds give you the look of real wood and the easy care of PVC. Faux wood verticals are extremely durable and warp resistant. Colors: Several colors, fabrics, and materials are available to match any style. Size: 3 ½" Louvers. Material: PVC, fabric, or faux wood. Operation Options: White wand control only. Fabric vertical blinds can be free hanging fabric or PVC inserted. Standard square corner valance. Stack placement: one way or split stack. Upgrades: Split draw with wand control. Channel panel insert for fabric. Considerations: Vertical blinds have a deeper mounting depth than other window treatments. Decide on your vertical blinds' stack placement prior to ordering. Safer for kids and pets. Every color selection will have a white wand control. Inside mount blinds will have a 1/2" deduction on width and height to allow blind to fit inside the window opening Child Safety: Due to a lack of hanging or accessible cords, this product is considered safer for areas where children and pets may be present. Learn more about child safety and window treatments. Choice Materials You can't go wrong with PVC, fabric, or faux wood. They'll all look delightful! Personalized Stacking Ready for VIP treatment? Choose between one way or split stacking for your vertical blinds. Easy to Clean Lucky for you, vertical blinds are super easy to wipe, wash, or vacuum. Perfect Solution for Sliders The love story between sliding doors and vertical blinds goes way back for a reason. They're a perfect pair! Custom Vertical Window Blinds | 3½" Louvers | PVC, Fabric, or Faux Wood | Square Corner Valance Standard | JustBlinds.com | 36" x 60" read more