Gibbs Meal Prep 50 Oz. Food Storage Container

These glass food storage containers are essential kitchen organization tools for any home. They’re not just well designed and durable, but they will meet all of your food storage needs for you and your family. These glass storage containers with lids are great for holding your leftovers, meals for the week, tasty snacks, and more. This large food storage container is also good for taking your lunch to work or school or whenever you need to bring a meal with you. Thetainer is also good for taking your lunch to work or school or whenever you need to bring a meal with you. These large food storage containers with lids lock and seal, so you can keep food fresh. These wet or dry food storage containers are a dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. Use these large glass storage containers with lids however you like, whether you need to freeze, warm up, or preserve food. Use this airtight glass container to keep food organized and fresh for whenever you need it. This container has a snap lock lid that will last with durable seals to make sure your food stays fresh much longer than regular plastic food storage containers. The lids are easy to snap on and off and will prevent leaks and spills. This food storage container comes with sturdy plastic lids for years of use in your refrigerator, freezer, microwave, lunchbox, and more. Take these food containers with you anywhere for fresh food wherever you go. These food containers glass pieces are perfect for on-the-go families and individuals. So now you can throw out your flimsy plastic food containers for something more long term. These reusable food storage containers are made with the best quality materials, they are environmentally friendly and made to last. You’ll feel confident about your kitchen organization and meal preparation knowing you have safe, long-lasting food storage glass containers made for the long-term. read more