SEPHORA COLLECTION False Eye Lashes, One Size , Multiple Colors

What it is: A collection of eight false lashes featuring a variety of lash styles and volumes for every occasion or look.What Else You Need to Know: A lash look perfect for everyday and anytime wear, accentuate your natural lashes with this versatile set. Flexible and lightweight, these offer a seamless application and ideal appearance with each use.Fringe: Full volume, wispy lash lengths with added thickness at the outer corners for a touch of flare and fullness.SwFull volume, wispy lash lengths with added thickness at the outer corners for a touch of flare and fullness.Swanky: Dramatic volume, with a unique crisscross pattern that provides extended length towards the center for an added eye opening, rounded effect.Craze: Dramatic Volume, with criss cross patterns for the perfect combination of length, dimension and curled ends for the perfect show-stopping look.Flirty: Full volume, its full-bodied look creates fluffy lashes with added natural lengths in the center for a flirty, eye opening effect.Hipster: Natural volume, wispy and curled lash tips with staggering hair lengths that accentuate your eye shape and natural lash volume.Irresistible: Natural volume lashes, lengthens towards the outer corners for a flared and alluring yet natural, eye-opening look.Feisty: Dramatic Volume, with long and short layered lash lengths for a dimensional eye that provide fullness toward the center of the eye.Demure: Dramatic Volume, slight overlapping creating fullness, added length and volume towards the outer corners, for a flared cat-eye effect.Suggested Usage:-Trim lashes to fit the eye shape and apply a layer of lash glue to the band.-Position lashes above the natural lash line and hold in place until glue sets.-To remove, use a damp cotton swab and trace along the lash band. Be gentle when lifting lashes to remove.-Use tweezers to remove glue from the lash band.-Store lashes in original case for extended use and to help retain their original shape. read more