Tech Gadgets All Newlyweds Will Love

When it comes time to get the tech-savvy couple in your life a gift for their wedding think big! These eight tech gadgets would make great wedding gifts and perfect additions to their smart home.

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Serious Time Saver

We all know that cleaning your house can be a chore and take some time, but what if you could cut down the time spent cleaning to do more fun things? The iRobot Roomba was built just for that. The three-stage cleaning system works over all floor types ensuring that no mess will go missed. Any newlywed couple will appreciate this gift to keep their space clean 24/7—we know we would! ($374;

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White and grey google home photo

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Google It

If the newlywed couple you know is all about technology then they'll love this Google Home! Fully compatible with other smart devices like their TV and Nest Thermostat, they'll love how helpful and interactive this tech gadget really is. The tech-savvy couple in your life will enjoy listening to music in the mornings while they're getting ready or finding out what the weather will be like so they can determine what they're going to wear for the day. With so many helpful features this just might be their new favorite piece of technology. ($129;

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Black and blue Smart home thermometer photo

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For TheirSmart Home

The future is here for the newlywed couple's home with the Nest Thermostat. Easy to install, the Nest will adapt to their lifestyle and season change. All they have to do is use it for a week and it programs itself! So smart, the Nest will also know when they're at work by using their phone locations and then it will set itself to eco temperature to save energy. Get this smart gift for your favorite couple, they won't be disappointed! ($219;

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Black and blue Amazon Alexa echo tower photo

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Made for Music & More

You might think the tech-loving couple in your life is hard to buy for but with fun smart home devices it's now easier than ever! The newlyweds will love having the ability to play music, ask Alexa to take calls or messages, find out anything from last night's football score to the traffic conditions, and much more. Alexa can be their own personal assistant answering any of their questions. The newlyweds will get so much use out of this great tech gadget. ($179.99;

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Brookstone white towel warmer with stack of towels near by photo

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Wrap Up In Comfort

Any couple will appreciate receiving this slick gift! The Brookstone towel warmer will make getting out of the shower just that much more satisfying. Your newlywed friends will love having the ability to throw a towel, robe, or blanket in this warmer and enjoy being wrapped in instant comfort. Be prepared for many thanks, this is the one gift the couple never knew they needed! ($99.99;

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Movie Night

A creative approach to a tech-focused gift, a projector can be used inside or outside on a summer night. No matter where your newlywed friends choose to utilize this projector they'll love being able to watch their favorite movies or tv shows in a more fun, enlarged projection. The techy couple in your life will surely love this gift that they can use all the time! ($149.99;

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Smart cooling pillow that is both purple and white photo

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A New Sleeping Experience

Revamp the way your friends sleep when you buy them this smart pillow—trust us when we say they will be thanking you. With a full two weeks of battery life this pillow can stream music wirelessly and features a sleep timer, so their music will stop automatically. If one partner is a loud snorer, this pillow can help by gently vibrating so he or she will move positions to stop. Packed with other great features, the newly engaged couple in your life will want this pillow asap. ($299;

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Keep Their Home Safe

For the best home security get the newlyweds in your life the best security system so they'll feel protected 24/7. Livewatch gives them the ability to control their system from anywhere allowing them to stay updated on the security of their home. Equipped with the world's fastest emergency response alarm, this system will allow them to get in contact with their family members right away. ($179.95;

help them stay safe with a home security system