Wedding Registry Gifts to Last a Lifetime

You may not use these wedding registry gifts right away, but you'll be glad you have them later, especially when you move into your first house.

A variety of kitchen supplies such as a toaster, blender, etc.
Silver Crockpot slow-cooker photo

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For Easy, Slow-Cooked Meals

Making dinner is the last thing you want to think about after coming home from a long day. Eating out all the time is hard on your wallet and your health, so remember to register for a slow cooker. This classic Crock-Pot comes with modern-day upgrades, including an automatic keep-warm setting and programmed cook times from 30 minutes to 20 hours. That means you can prep dinner the night before and it will be warm and ready to eat by the time you and your spouse get home. You'll use the Crock-Pot even more when your family starts to grow; you just can't beat the convenience of a slow cooker. ($79.99;

get a crock-pot for easy cooking

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Silver dual toaster with a bagel toasting photo

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For Breakfast On the Go

Mornings can be hard enough without spending precious time figuring out what to eat for breakfast. When you're in a rush, you'll be thankful you registered for this KitchenAid toaster to whip up a quick and easy breakfast. The extra-wide slots on the toaster allow you to prepare bagels or artisan bread without squishing your food. With toast or a bagel in your hand, you can eat while you head out the door, and your tummy will be happy that you didn't skip the most important meal of the day. ($99.99;

register for this kitchenaid toaster

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Hamilton Beach Black and silver waffle maker photo

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For Breakfast in Bed

If you prefer waffles over pancakes, then registering for a waffle maker is a no-brainer. This Hamilton Beach waffle maker gives you fluffy waffles for a tasty breakfast you can enjoy with your spouse on those weekends when you get to sleep in. Featuring a nonstick grid for easy release and a deep design to prevent drips and spills, this waffle maker takes the stress out of cooking waffles—you won't even have to waste your first batch. With a waffle maker on your registry list, what do you think the odds are that your new hubby will surprise you with breakfast in bed? ($29.99;

have waffles every morning

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Silver KitchenMate kitchen mixer photo

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For Hosting Holidays

If you and your significant other don't usually cook or bake, you may be wondering why you need to register for a KitchenAid mixer. It's true that you may not use the mixer right after the wedding, but by the time you host Thanksgiving or your first large family gathering, you'll be glad you have it. KitchenAid mixers are known for their powerful motor and longevity; with proper care and maintenance, your KitchenAid mixer could last decades. Get ready to bake grandma's famous chocolate-chip cookies or whip up some garlic mashed potatoes. You'll feel like a pro when you prepare food with this mixer. ($429.99;

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Silver food processor for faster meal prep photo

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For Faster Meal Prep

Have you ever noticed that recipes grossly underestimate the time it takes to prep? That's because we're not all professional chefs and chopping vegetables by hand can be time consuming. Register for a Breville food processor and you won't even have to pre-cut most fruits and veggies. This food processor comes with multiple blades and discs so you can slice various shapes of vegetables to the size you want. With a 16-cup capacity, an auto timer, and a wide chute, the Breville food processor helps you get all your food prepping done quickly and efficiently. ($399.95;

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Silver microwave toaster oven photo

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For Tasty Leftovers

A microwave doesn't have the same effect as a toaster oven. For a quick snack, cook last night's pizza without turning on the oven for a renewed flavor that doesn't taste like leftovers. The large capacity of the Hamilton Beach convection toaster oven can handle up to a 12-inch pizza, and it can even bake a small cake. The 150- to 425-degree F range can cook, bake, and broil a variety of dishes. A removable crumb tray also makes cleanup a breeze. Get the ultramodern kitchen you've always wanted by registering for this toaster oven. ($89.99;

enjoy convenience with this toaster oven

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Blender with two shaker cups photo

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For the Smoothie Lover

For breakfast smoothies, protein shakes, and even soups or sauces, a reliable blender is a must. The Ninja Professional Blender can blend and purée foods as well as crush ice. If you're looking for a way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet, the 72-ounce capacity blender can help you prepare smoothies for several days at a time. You can even take your smoothie to work with the portable 16-ounce to-go cup. Start consuming more vitamins and nutrients from healthy foods and remember to add the Ninja to your registry. ($139.99;

blend up some goodness with the ninja blender

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The perfect espresso maker sitting on a kitchen countertop photo

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For the Coffee Drinker

Going to your drive-through coffee shop every morning can get expensive, but when you register for an espresso maker, you can save money with your home brews. This pro-grade espresso maker is compatible exclusively with Nespresso capsules, and it has the ability to customize your favorite morning beverage. With the ability to heat and froth milk, this machine serves cafe-style espresso, cappuccino, and latte macchiato right in your own home. Fresh, Italian-style coffee is something we can get out of bed for. ($599.95;

wake up for morning coffee

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Pale blue kitchen juice maker photo

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For Freshly Squeezed Juice

Add this SMEG '50s Retro Style juicer to your kitchen essentials on your registry list and enjoy the delicious taste of freshly squeezed juice. The juicer's innovative slow-squeezing technology helps you retain more nutrients from your produce. Not only does this juicer efficiently juice whole fruits and vegetables, but the vintage style adds a special appeal to your countertop. If you're tired of all the sugar and added ingredients in store-bought juice, make your own at home and never wonder at those mystery ingredients again. ($599.99;

start your morning with freshly squeezed orange juice

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