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10 Unique Ideas for a Memorable Wedding Rehearsal

10 Unique Ideas for a Memorable Wedding Rehearsal

It’s the lead up to the wedding and you want to make sure everything runs smoothly. We understand. We also understand that you don’t want your wedding rehearsal to be just another dinner party or a simple walk through. We have come up with ten unique ideas for you to use as you rehearse for your special day!

Pancake bar

Create a Beautiful Brunch

A wedding rehearsal can be done at any time of the day. Why not get it out of the way and celebrate with a pancake brunch afterwards? Make the pancake brunch interactive and let everyone have a go at creating their own unique pancakes!

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Take a trip to Wonderland

Throw a tea party as part of your wedding rehearsal. Better yet: Make it a themed tea party. Pick your favorite film or book and make the rehearsal a unique event of its own!

Outdoor rehearsal

Shake Up the Venues

Are you having the wedding outside and the ceremony inside? Why not have your wedding rehearsal in the great outdoors so you feel like it is a separate event altogether! Pick extra long tables so everyone is grouped together or arrange it in a square so the whole wedding party and guests are facing each other. It’s a perfect way to get to know each other.


It’s All Fun & Games

The wedding rehearsal is supposed to be fun and a way to prepare for the big day ahead. Ease the stress by incorporating fun ‘getting to know you’ games for the people attending the rehearsal. It’ll be a great way to unwind and get to know the other people who are celebrating with you.

Mystery murder night

Keep It a Mystery

Literally. If you have the time, you could create a mystery murder night for the wedding party after you’ve run through the rehearsal. Pick a theme, have the guests dress up and spend the rest of the night sorting through clues! It’ll be a great night and the perfect conversation starter for the next day.

Wedding rehearsal picnic

Keep It Relaxed

After stressing about the wedding for months, the last thing you might want to do is plan an elaborate rehearsal. No worries! Grab a few blankets, some finger food, a cooler, and create your own backyard picnic.

Photo line for guests

Make Some Memories

Create a photo line and have people from the rehearsal bring their favorite photographs with them to give as a gift. It can be a silly photo or a serious one. It just has to have a good story behind it. You could even get the guests to write down a wish or memory of the couple of the back of the photo as a memento.

Wedding rehearsal for coffee lovers

Find Something You Love

…and center the whole wedding rehearsal around that one thing! Have the rehearsal in the morning and have an array of coffee waiting for all the rehearsal members. They’ll be grateful (and wired) for the rest of the day!

Pizza party wedding rehearsal idea

Make It a Pizza Party

We have never heard of someone hating pizza. Ever. If there’s ever a time to cut loose, it is definitely the night of the rehearsal. Run through the program, then break for pizza.

Drinks and dessert dinner

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Have a rehearsal dessert. Satisfy your sweet tooth by having tables of desserts and drinks for your wedding guests to enjoy.