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12 Bachelorette Party Cocktails

12 Bachelorette Party Cocktails



Good times will ensue when you serve these fantastic drinks.



strawberry champagne cocktail



Strawberry Champagne Cocktail


Nothing’s quite so fitting for a bachelorette party than a sparkly pink cocktail. For a celebratory touch, dip the flute’s rim in multicolored sugar. If you can’t find the right color, you can make your own with sanding sugar and powdered food coloring (add a little at a time until you get your desired hue).




clementine orange cocktail



Clementine Orange Cocktail


Don’t let the sweet orange shade of this drink fool you! This fruity drink has a spicy side courtesy of cayenne pepper. It’s a great option when you want a brunch cocktail with a kick.




gin tiki cocktail



Tiki Fun


Tropical tiki themes can be a delightful choice for a bachelorette party (whether you travel to the beach or stay local). Liven up the bash with this gin and passionfruit beverage.




rosemary ginger margarita



Herbal Margarita


Everyone loves a good margarita, but few of your friends may have tried one like this zesty version with rosemary and ginger.




spiced fall cocktail



PSL for Grownups


Take your PSL addiction to the next level with this pumpkin spice bourbon cocktail. Garnished with slices of pear, it’s a delish way to stave off the evening chill.




caramel White Russian



Caramel White Russian


Want something extra rich and decadent? With caramel drizzled on top of a White Russian, this is a fantastic drink for a holiday party.




spiced mulled wine



Spiced Mulled Wine


Another terrific recipe for a cold-weather bachelorette party is this spiced mulled wine. It’s easier than individual cocktails, and if you are spending time outdoors, it will keep your friends toasty.




grapefruit mojito recipe



Grapefruit Mojito


A tangy twist on a classic girls’ night out drink, this grapefruit mojito is a perfect pairing for spicy food. It is also a convenient drink to make in pitchers, if you want to save time.




fig and tonic



Fig & Tonic


Speaking of unique takes on classic drinks, this fig and tonic is a delicious fall cocktail that is as pretty as it is tasty.




ginger lemon drop



Ginger Lemon Drop


This citrusy cocktail packs a punch! Serve it with lemon and orange slices as a colorful garnish.




classic champagne cocktail



Classic Champagne Cocktail


Go with this oldie-but-goodie for retro-themed bachelorette parties or one for a bride that prefers timeless style. It’s festive and celebratory, but not too sweet.




fruity margarita popsicles



Margarita Popsicles


No one said a cocktail has to come in a glass. Surprise your friends with these lighthearted margarita popsicles in a variety of fruit flavors.