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5 Ideas for an Unforgettable Bridesmaid Brunch

5 Ideas for an Unforgettable Bridesmaid Brunch

Coordinate your bridesmaid asks with a fun and pretty bridesmaid brunch. Start planning your event with these five details from the mywedding magazine.

Wedding cupcake

Adorable Desserts

The real secret to any successful bridesmaid brunch is an incredible dessert…right? These chocolate cupcakes with their on-theme crown cake toppers (more on that later) don’t just take the cake, they steal the show, too. (Also, yum.)

Where the Wild Things Are stationery

The Perfect Theme

This fun celebration pulled from a childhood favorite, “Where the Wild Things Are,” to create playful and cohesive details. No matter your chosen theme, keep it updated with customized elements and a dose of your own personality.

Gold party crown

Crowns For All

Completely on theme, these gold glitter party crowns are the sweetest celebratory touch. Make sure you have one for each bridesmaid-to-be and pass them around at the beginning of the bridesmaid brunch for fun photos.

Bridesmaid brunch gift

A Bridesmaid Gift

Bridesmaid gifts don’t have to be extravagant to be heartfelt. Even a simple gift (find out more about the “Where the Wild Things Are” gift we chose in the new issue of mywedding) can have big impact. Do double duty with your gift by including a small card with your bridesmaid ask or a personal note.

Bridesmaid champagne toast

Bubbly Beverages

The quickest way to make your bridesmaid brunch feel like a real celebration is to break out a little bubbly. Go straight for the Champagne or prosecco or try one of these amazing Champagne cocktails for a fun and fizzy twist. Either way, make sure you raise your glasses and toast your bridesmaids to let them know how excited you are they’ll be a part of your big day.