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Affordable Ideas for Couple’s Wedding Showers

Here are 5 ideas for couple’s showers that you can easily and affordably host in your own home.

A couple’s shower is no easy feat. You need something to entertain both the guys and the gals. And although camping retreats and weekends out of town might be great solutions to this dilemma, they are also really expensive.

Movie Night

Whether it’s an all-out glam Oscars night or a 1980s movie marathon, a night celebrating the cinema can be a fun evening for a group.  Make sure there are plenty of cozy blankets and fluffy pillows for people to relax with. Create a popcorn bar filled with all sorts of goodies for toppings, and serve white wine or fizzy cocktails.  You can even create a gift theme filled with movies the couple may need to complete their shared collection.

Snow Day

Need to plan a January shower and at a loss for what to do?  Get everyone out of their cold-weather doldrums with a snow day!  Have guests bundle up for an afternoon of snowball fights, sledding, and plenty of spiked hot cocoa. Afterwards, warm up by the fire and even roast a marshmallow or two.  This kind of shower is particularly good for a couple that loves being outdoors year-round.

Cheesy Christmas Party

As Christmas approaches on the calendar, this is a no-brainer couple’s shower idea. However, you can even do this in the middle of summer (as the friends of this couple did above).  Ask people to wear their ugliest sweaters, mull some cider, and dig the Christmas ornaments out of hiding.  If you have a fun and extroverted group of friends that will really get into the blatant corniness of this theme, all the better.  You can serve iced Christmas cookies if you just want something sweet. Or if you are having a full meal, break out some old-fashioned holiday leftover classics like turkey sandwiches with green bean casserole.

Game Night

The best thing about playing games in a large group is that it is generally an equalizer for introverts and extroverts. Everyone can enjoy themselves and get in on the fun. If you have a larger group, create spaces for several games to go at once, allowing guests to select the game they want to play most. For the couple that lives for board games, this is going to be an awesome night.  Especially if the couple has included games on their wedding registry, it is also a good gift theme.

Cooking Lesson

Use the skills of the people you know. If you have a friend with impeccable knife skills (above), ask them to come and lead a mini-class about the secret behind a perfect mince.  This really could apply to anything, so long as it is of interest to the group. For young couples, having a shower where a handyman leads you through 30 minutes of how to fix the most common problems around a house is probably invaluable (and if that handyman happens to be your dad, so be it).  Just make sure the ‘learning’ is kept to a reasonable time frame and have plenty of munchies on hand.

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