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What to Wear to a Rehearsal Dinner

We’re thrilled to welcome former Miss USA Nana Meriwether as a new contributor here on our blog! Her column, Aisle Style, shares the tips, tricks and advice she picked up walking red carpets and preparing for big moments in life.

She’ll also offer insight into the latest trends in fashion, beauty and personal health – and help you prepare for your big day and enjoy every moment. This week she’s talking about an important side of bride fashion: what to wear to a rehearsal dinner.

A lot of people don’t know this, but every look you wear as Miss USA is hand picked and approved by executives in The Miss Universe Organization.  During my reign, I had an average of two to three events and appearances every day, meaning I would don up to 21 or more looks a week for celebrity-attended, press heavy red carpets, premieres and charity events. With a packed schedule, fittings were often hurried and done at obscure times – for example in the middle of the night after a 14 hour day. This lifestyle forced me to develop a hurried eye when it comes to determining a statement outfit.

I have been a part of many a wedding and, in my opinion, the rehearsal dinner is one of the most important events. It signifies when everyone is together for the first time and I think as a bride you want to set the tone for the weekend and make this first impression lasting.  I’ve put together some sample rehearsal dinner looks that would easily draw the eye of a paparazzi and, as a result, are worthy of wowing your guests at your first wedding weekend evening event.

Grecian Bride: Accentuate a flowing V-neck gown with a colorful statement necklace and voila, you’ll invoke the confident goddess within you and have eyes trailing you all evening.

‘I Wear The Pants’ Bride: Who says you have to wear a dress at your rehearsal dinner? Make a statement in a sophisticated and well tailored white suit.

Modern Bride: Step away from the traditional frill and style yourself simple and elegant with this look. I especially love a dress with square shoulders!

“I’m Getting Married On The Beach” Bride: Even with an outdoor or beach wedding you can dress up a swimsuit wrap with a statement belt or accessory to stand out and create a telling look.

“I Love My Fiance So Much, I Wear His Clothes” Bride: Draw all eyes by styling an oversized men’s blazer with sexy pumps and a fabulous clutch.

The Simple is Sweet Bride: Sometimes you get attention through simplicity. Try a dress with a high-low hem and turn heads while playing it cool.

Black Tie Bride: The weekend is yours and if you want to get dolled up for every peripheral event, you should. Why not?

What do you think? Let us know which look fits you best by checking in with us at @NanaMeriwether and @MyWeddingDotCom on Twitter and Instagram!

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