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10 Co-Ed Bachelor(ette) Parties from The Man Registry

Planning to have a co-ed bachelor(ette) party, but aren’t sure what kind of party will appeal to both sexes? Consider one of these fun ideas.

  1. Wine Tasting. If your group of friends enjoys a great glass of vino, arrange a tour and tasting at a local winery or a weekend trip to a nearby city or area known for its wineries and sample a few. Make sure to arrange transportation for everyone beforehand, so guests can enjoy the tasting without worrying about how to get home later.
  2. Film Festival. Have a group of movie buffs? Attend a local film festival or plan a night out at the local drive in or in someone’s backyard and screen your favorite movies from a certain genre, director or actor. Enjoy a night out under the stars over dinner and drinks!
  3. All-Inclusive Resort. For groups who love to travel together, consider a destination with an all-inclusive resort that offers something for everyone. Guests can split up during the day to play golf, hit the beach, shop or enjoy the spa and then meet up for dinner and drinks at night.
  4. Float Trip or Glamping. If you and your friends love the great outdoors, plan a weekend float trip. Several outfits offer guests a day or two of floating, accommodations and more. Not quite so adventurous? Try glamping (glam camping), where guests stay in plush cabins that offer all the amenities of a 4- or 5-star hotel, in addition to opportunities to grill hamburgers and sit by the campfire.
  5. Beach, Lake or Pool Day. Perfect for a summer party, plan a day at a local beach, lake or pool. Guests can swim, float, surf, boat, ski or wakeboard or just catch some rays together. Plan to grill out and have some games on hand, such as volleyball, paddle ball, horseshoes, or bean bags to keep any land-dwellers entertained.
  6. Adventurous & Athletic. Have a group that likes to stay active and try new things? Depending on everyone’s comfort level, consider a fun group event that you can all try together, such as sky diving, rock climbing, snorkeling or scuba, deep sea fishing or hot air ballooning.
  7. Casino or Poker Night. Whether you want to go all out with a trip to Vegas or nearby casino or keep things more low-key by hosting a poker night over cocktails at someone’s home, this is a party idea that both cards novices and experts can enjoy.
  8. Concert. If you group loves the same type of music or a lot of the same bands, consider a group outing to a concert or music festival. If possible, choose a venue that allows you to bring in food and alcohol, so you can set up a picnic spread for everyone to enjoy while rocking out.
  9. Amusement & Entertainment. For groups who love the chance to act like kids again, consider an outing to a local amusement park where guests can go on rides, drive bumper cars, catch a show, have some drinks and eat funnel cake. What’s not to love?
  10. Sports Game. Have a group of die hard sports fans? Plan a game day, where guests can start by meeting to eat, drink and tailgate beforehand and then head in to watch the game together and cheer on the home team.

For even more bachelor party inspiration, check out this Pinterest board that’s sure to get your creative juices flowing. Cheers!

Kara Horner has worked as writer and editor in the magazine and custom publishing industry since 2001. She channels her passion for writing about weddings as a regular contributor to The Man Registry and also frequently writes for its wedding blogging network. Follow Kara and The Man Registry on Twitter.