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Bachelorette Parties In Your Own Backyard

Bachelorette party ideas for every type of bride. 

The Bachelorette Party, otherwise known as a ‘Hen’s Night’ or ‘Stagette’ or ‘Kitchen Tea’ (this one comes from South Africa, where apparently the brides-to-be are demure and refined), is an evolving tradition during which the bride gets together with various female friends and family members to celebrate before her wedding day. For some gals, this means traveling to Vegas with 25 of her closest sorority sisters, drinking pink cocktails out of straws shaped like male genitalia, wearing a bridal veil decorated with condoms and stuffing dollar bills into the spandex g-strings of male strippers until the break of dawn. If this is your preference, more power to you; I can respect a lady who simply wants to ogle an oiled up “Officer Naughty” in Sin City before she ties the knot. On the other hand, some women are looking for local, original alternatives to the Vegas-Free-For-All. Here are a few ideas, from naughty to nice (but not in that order).

Slumber Party!

Remember when you and your girlfriends used to gorge on popcorn and candy while you painted each others toes and gossiped about boys all night long? I don’t, because I always fell asleep first and therefore was an easy target for the old “hand in warm water” trick. But I digress. For some of you with fonder memories of slumber parties, this is a great way to reconnect with your bridesmaids, and a chance for them to bond with one another. Think girly cocktails (penis straws are optional), plenty of sinfully delicious munchies, home spa treatments and movies that are so bad they’re good (‘Bring it On,’ anyone? Oh, it’s already been, ahem, BROUGHTEN!). The best thing about this type of soiree is that the indulgences of the evening won’t be reflected by a hefty price tag.

Take a Class

Novelty is a great common denominator, so this is an especially good idea if your bridesmaids don’t all know each other very well. Whether your interests sway toward cooking, wine tasting, or even pole dancing (hey, it’s a great workout) there is sure to be an interesting and fun class in your area that will be fun for your group.

Casino Night

I am thinking an in-house Casino Party here, but you’re more than welcome to take it out on the town if this activity is available where you are – but beware: You are much more likely to run into dirty old men if you take the Bachelorette Party out to a real casino. For some, that’s part of the fun. If you set up the party at someone’s house, try to have a few activities available (perhaps Blackjack, Roulette and Texas Hold ‘Em for starters…rules all available at and have guests try their hand at dealing as well as playing. This is a great idea for combined Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties too, because guys love it. The greatest part about an in-house Casino Night is that you can play with fake money. Come on, big spender!

Lingerie Party

For any men who have read this far into an article about Bachelorette Party ideas: No I don’t mean that the ladies spend the evening having pillow fights and jell-o wrestling in their skivvies. Sorry, go ahead and cancel that Peeping Tom session that you had started planning in your head. Actually, this is a fun way to combine a Bachelorette Party with a Bridal Shower, where the guests come bearing gifts of lingerie for the Bride. The real winner here is the Groom.

Go Outside!

Who says girls don’t like to get dirty? Whether it’s kayaking, camping, skiing or any number of other high-octane activities, there are plenty of ladies out there who would rather wear sneakers and chug Gatorade than sport heels and sip cosmos. (And there are some that like to do both, so feel free to hike in your Manolos, gals!) If your group is more sweat than sweet, consider taking the ladies on an outdoor adventure in your area that will bring the group together…and feel free to put whatever you like in your water bottles.

Old Fashioned Ladies’ Night on the Town

Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You know what to do.