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Bachelorette Party Ideas – Sexy without the Sin (City)

Alternative ideas to the traditional Vegas bachelorette bash.

A Las Vegas bachelorette getaway with eight girlfriends sounds amazing, unless it isn’t what the bride wants. I learned this the hard way. We planned the notorious Vegas weekend, keeping it a secret from the bride, planning the ‘scavenger hunt’ game, making cute t–shirts with ‘bridal party’ rhinestone iron–ons, and coming up with the mula to pay – not only for each of ourselves, but to chip in for the bride’s stay at the beautiful Bellagio hotel was how it all went down. But to our surprise, our usually outgoing, flirtatious, happy–go–lucky bride didn’t want that at all! We discover later on the trip, that she didn’t want anything to do with – clubs, the exotic male entertainment and games! It was a major production that turned into a DISASTER!

Why? We wondered. What’s not fun about girlfriends laughing hysterically at the muscle man in the white g–string? Or walking from the Luxor to the Stratosphere stopping at the Miracle Mile Shops and the Caesars Palace Shopping Center? Maybe it was simply that Vegas did not float her boat! It really got me thinking. If my friend felt that way, surely there were more brides out there who did too!

So, after tons of research and creative thinking, I’ve come up with a sexy sans Vegas list for a bachelorette party adventure.

Private Dancer –
Nooo…not, Mr Officer in the leopard g–string…Take the girlfriends, throw in a pole, a chair, an instructor and you’ve got yourself an exotic dance class! (Ahem, Men – you can thank me for this later!) This ‘dance’ party can be done in the privacy of your own home…or at a studio location near you. And though it’s much sexier than a spa day, it’ll be much sillier too!

Have a Slumber Party –
This kind of sleepover holds true to the extent of being at home on a Friday or Saturday night with your girlfriends in your jammies. But, the elements of this party are one for the big girls! They will definitely be leaving this party with tons of new ideas and party favors!

Say Cheese –
Capture the essence of your friendship with a photo shoot! Higher a photographer for a couple hours to take photos of you and your girlfriends! Prepare themed outfits as well as ones that accentuate each of the girls’ personalities! Go risqué and have a boudoir party! When you get the pictures from the photographer, you can place them in pretty frames, and they’re PERFECT as thank–you gifts!

Toys aren’t just for Boys–
Renting an exotic car for a day, like a Lamborghini, or Ferrari! Get all glammed up with the gal pals and give your party that celebrity style. Go shopping, get manis/pedis, and have cocktails at all the hot spots!

Mouth Watering Cooking Class –
Sharpen up those culinary skills with an interactive cooking class.  Enhance the theme with monogrammed aprons and a customized cookbook with the recipes from the day.

There you have it girls…top five non Sin City bachelorette party ideas! However you choose to celebrate your ‘last’ night of being ‘single’ with your girlfriends…understand that you’re getting married…not going friendless. This time–old tradition is a celebration of your growth and your friendship! Have fun!