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Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Most of us don’t have the moolah to jet to Vegas or Napa for a friend’s bachelorette party.

Most of us don’t have the moolah to jet to Vegas or Napa for a friend’s bachelorette party. And many of us are so not into the Chippendale’s thing.  For reals, ‘Magic Mike’ is one thing, the local male strip club is another.  That being said, we’ve collected ten ideas for your friend’s bachelorette party that are a little more budget realistic, and at no point involve a gold lamé thong.

Do you want a weekend long party?

Crafting Weekend 

Do you and your gal pals live for DIY projects?  Well, gather at the largest house for a weekend filled with scrapbooking, needlepoint, and plenty of Netflix bingeing in the background.  This laidback gathering is all about crafty fun,  good conversation, and staying in your comfy yoga pants the whole time.

The Great Outdoors

If your friend has never met a mountain she hasn’t loved, treat her to a camping excursion. Load up coolers and pack plenty of junk food provisions for two days filled with hiking and fishing. Or, if you guys are only pseudo-outdoorsy ( in other words, you love the woods and you love indoor plumbing) rent a cabin. Particularly if it’s not high-season, you can usually find cabin rentals for reasonable rates.  Just don’t forget the s’mores!

Favorite Things Surprise-a-Thon

The bride-to-be loves beach trips, all things chocolate, and John Hughes’ movies. Why not pack a weekend full of activities she will love?  Take a day trip to the coast, stop by her favorite bakery for chocolate donuts, and catch a local showing of ‘Pretty in Pink’.  Everyone will have a great time, because do you know what I call people who claim to not love Brat Pack movies? Liars.

Looking for an afternoon soiree?

Poolside Relaxation

Spa treatments can get very expensive, very quickly. But spas and hotels often have day rates to enjoy the facilities such as outdoor pools and saunas.  Get one treatment and then spend the rest of the day perfecting wedding day tans and sipping umbrella drinks.

High Tea

In every major city you will find at least one place that serves a magnificent high tea. Go all ‘Downton Abbey’ with the bride and get dressed in your day dress finest on a Saturday afternoon.  Sip tea, nosh on teeny-tiny sandwiches, and shower the bride with loads of compliments.

Cheesy Tourist Extravaganza

I bet that there is at least one cheesy tourist activity in your hometown or nearest city that you have never done. Maybe it’s a tour of a local candy factory or a ride on the ferry at sunset. Whatever it is, build a day around having a very silly time with all of the bride’s favorite friends.

Carnival Fun

Speaking of cheesy tourist attractions, nothing beats a trip to the state fair, local carnival, or nearby theme park.  It’s a solid bet that if there is cotton candy, fun will most definitely follow. Take advantage of the sunny weather, and win the bride a fluffy unicorn playing ski-ball to commemorate the occasion.  And this is one party that I’m sure the boys would love to be invited to, if you wanted to throw a co-ed shindig.

Or maybe an evening activity?

Cooking Class

Or cocktail class, or whiskey tasting. You get the idea.  Check into pricing at local cooking schools, kitchen retail stores, and restaurants.  You might be able to actually afford a private lesson. Otherwise, join in the fun with a larger group and be prepared to have lots of laughs over the MOH’s tragic fallen souffle.

Game Night

This option works well for just the girls, or if you also want to include the fellas.  Depending on what games the bride loves you could go retro childhood classics (The Game of Life, Chutes and Ladders, Clue), party-oriented (Cranium, Balderdash, Cards Against Humanity), or full-on, no-one-is-just-playing-for-fun, serious boardgames (Risk, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride). Pop up lots of popcorn and chill the beer for this fun, but casual evening.

Outdoor Concert/Film in the Park

Find a concert or film festival in your area. Many cities offer amazing activities at the local zoo or ampitheaters, as well. You can see a classic movie or a popular band for a very reasonable price. Set up a gourmet picnic and enjoy the show!

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