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What to Wear to a Winter Bachelorette Party: Guest Style

What to Wear to a Winter Bachelorette Party: Guest Style

It’s time for the bachelorette party but it’s cold out there and you don’t know what to wear? Well, it comes down to looking glamorous and being comfortable – here’s some inspiration!

velvet dress


Velvet is the fabric of the season and of course as a super fashionable lady, you have something fuzzy in that closet of yours. Pull it out because it’s the perfect base to your winter bachelorette party outfit- now just find some great shoes and you’re out the door!

over the knee boots

Over-the-Knee Boots

Winter outings are the optimal time to don those over-the-knee boots that have been hiding in the back of your closet. Pair them with either a mini dress or shirt for a sexy yet comfortable look that you will have fun partying in all night long.

glitter bachelorette


Winter is officially the season for glitter. If you are a bride, why not make it the dress code for your winter bachelorette party? The pictures will be fabulous and the personalities of your best friends will still shine through.

shiny jeans

Jazzy Jeans

Yes, a pair of jeans are very versatile, but even though you’re tempted to wear your favorite Levi’s to that upcoming bachelorette night, nip that idea in the bud. Take the opportunity to dress up and get away from your everyday look with a different pair of jeans. Stores are beginning to carry more faux leather jeans or ones with a shine to them. These will spice up your outfit without being over the top.

Flannel bachelorette


Get cozy in a winter getaway with all of your best friends before you become a Mrs.! The ultimate winter bachelorette outfits for this theme is definitely flannel everything, so enjoy the fireplace and the hot cocoa while you reminisce and make new memories.

slouchy sequin blazer


Masculine-inspired formal wear is back, with the blazer making a grand reappearance on the fashion stage. But bachelorette parties are supposed to be fun, not work, so get a “party” blazer on, with a less structured shape and an interesting color or texture, like this sequined beauty.

black turtleneck winter outfit

Black Turtleneck

Look chic and put together with a black turtleneck and let your shirt or pants capture the attention. It’s a great outfit that you can take from the office to the bachelorette party, as long as your boss has nothing against sequins…

winter sports tutu


Get active for your bachelorette party! Winter sports are a fun way to spend some quality time together with your girls, but remember, you still need outfits! Stick a mini veil on the bride’s ski helmet and put little tutus on top of your snow gear so that everyone will know that there’s a bachelorette on the slopes!

Sequined Leggings

Sequined Leggings

No two bachelorette parties are the same and sometimes its difficult to know what to expect. Choose sequined leggings for a winter bachelorette party during which you might be standing outside, dancing on tables, or even just sipping a cocktail at a fancy hotel bar. This is definitely a safe but snazzy bet.

pajama bachelorette party

Pajama Party!

No matter what the season, a bachelorette slumber party is always a blast! Do some face masks, paint each other’s nails, dance like no one’s watching, and watch “Bridesmaids” on repeat. Matching jammies just make it that much more fun and cozy, so put the popcorn in the microwave and start blending those margaritas!