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The Cutest Customizable Bridal Party Apparel Gifts for Your Bride Squad

The Cutest Customizable Bridal Party Apparel Gifts for Your Bride Squad

Sure, asking your best friends and closest relatives to be bridesmaids in your wedding is a huge honor. Just don’t lose sight of the fact that all the accompanying duties — buying bridesmaid dresses, paying for a bachelorette party or trip, as well as hair and makeup on the big day — are pretty loaded expectations, both financially and time commitment-wise. One genuine way to show your appreciation for your besties is by giving them a fun, fashionable and useful bridal party gift in the form of apparel. From bridal party robes to shirts to swimsuits to hoodies, let them know you really love having them as part of your hashtag-team bride by bestowing the whole squad with any one or two of these on-trend, Instagram-worthy, frequently customizable and (for the most part) totally wearable getting-ready-for-wedding-morning gifts and bachelorette party group favors.

 Personalized Floral Satin Robe

DB Exclusive Personalized Floral Satin Robe

Floral satin robes, or kimonos as the fashionista brides say, are a stylish and social media-friendly way to thank your best gals for taking part in your big day. These elegant bridal party robes from David’s Bridal can be personalized with names, monograms or cute phrases, plus they come in multiple pretty colors, making them perfect for photo opps. ($55;


Hoodie Sweatshirt

There’s nothing wrong with a “basic” bridal party gift, especially when it’s fully customizable like this Women’s Basic Hoodie Sweatshirt available on Zazzle. Choose from a selection of both fabric and print colors, then add your own design, photo or even a Bitmoji character! Made from a comfortable and cozy cotton-poly blend, this is a fun and thoughtful gift for the bachelorette party, the post-wedding hotel party or really any time after. ($43;


Personalized Tropical Fitted T-Shirt

If you like the idea of a uniform look for your best ladies, we really love this personalized tropical T-shirt available on David’s Bridal. Perfect for that Palm Springs or Vegas bachelorette party, or even just a sassy spring or summer look, choose from a flamingo, pineapple, palm leaf or anchor design, as well as a fashionable metallic print and, of course, your own slogan, names or hashtag. ($25;


Women’s Strappy One-Piece Swimsuit

This high-cut leg, strappy swimsuit by Shifeier is seriously cute and gets great reviews from customers on Amazon. Made from an inexpensive quality material and designed in a style that works on a variety of body types, this bridal party bathing suit is a great — and highly Instagrammable — gift for bachelorette party or destination wedding bridal babes. Choose your favorite color, phrases like “Bridesquad” and “Wifey,” or design your own text. ($14;

We also love this set of five large, customizable Turkish towels for beachy bachelorette gifts. They make a great combo with the lesser-expensive swimwear above.  ($120;


Personalized Bridesmaid Flip Flops

Look, these pastel, floral flip-flops are a sweet gift no matter the occasion, but we especially adore them for a spring or summer bridal party trip to the beach, lake or hotel pool bar. Available on Zazzle, scoop ‘em up before they sell out — trust us, we scoured the internet for other cute, customizable toe-showcasing options and these are the best of the bunch. ($32;


Glitter Getup Bridal Party Tank

Whether you’re planning a summer wedding, a warm-weather bachelorette party destination or a group yoga retreat, we really like these sassy tank tops from Amazon. The stylish racer back is great for the beach or the gym, and both the fabric and wording color (as well as the phrase) are customizable. While a little glitter never hurt a bridal party, matte options are also available. ($15;


Bridal Party Ballet Slippers

If you prefer footwear that’s practical beyond the beach or pool, these Cinderollies ballet slippers make a great bridal party gift. Choose from a variety of lovely, in-style shades (pewter, fairy gold, pearl and more), and the shop is happy to customize them by printing your bridesmaids’ names on the sizing tag that comes with each tote. So dance on over to Etsy and order ‘em now, Twinkletoes! ($14;


Custom Yoga Leggings

From the hotel slumber party to getting ready for the big day in the bridal suite, these leggings from Zazzle are great for everything from lounging to working out to running errands the morning before the wedding. This pair gets high marks on quality, and they come in a variety of cute colors, plus the printed name or slogan is fully customizable. Yet another bridal party gift option that’s both Instagram-worthy and useful post-party. ($60;


Personalized Glitter Script Name Satin Night Shirt

Speaking of useful, but also just really pretty, we love this satin night shirt from David’s Bridal. Choose from three soft shades (blush, gold or silver) and a glitter color (white, gold or silver), and you’ve got a glamorous bachelorette party gift that also doubles as the perfect button-down while your girls are getting their hair and makeup done. Whether it features a personalized name, hashtag or slogan is also totally up to you. ($44;


Personalized Fleece Onesie Loungers

If your bridal crew is more fun-loving and goofy, we suggest snatching up these adorable and hilarious fleece onesie loungers. An original bridal or bachelorette party gift, your gals’ names and/or titles are customizable on both the front and back. Available on Etsy in fuschia, red and black, with a variety of embroidery colors, this is yet another bridesmaid gift that’s just made for the ‘Gram. ($264 for a set of 6;


Personalized Makeup Case

If you’re a little bit of a bridezilla who expects every one of your bridesmaids to wear the exact same shade of lip gloss (berry), eye shadow (rose) and blush (peach), the least you can do is gift them a pretty cosmetics bag to carry all the products! Even better, buy them at least one of the must-wear items, or fill the case with a small perfume or lotion sampler for the big day. These customizable cases come in multiple colors and sizes, plus most Zazzle customers give them highly favorable reviews. ($26;


Custom Bridesmaid & Bachelorette Boxers

If you’re looking for a cheap bridal party gift that’s still super cute and thoughtful, look no further than the Bridget Delaney Design shop on Etsy. Here, you’ll find a wide selection of fun and affordable sleep shorts that are perfect for the after party, the pool or passing out on the couch in your hotel suite. Choose the fabric color, phrase, thread color, font and icon or symbol that best represents your “ride or die” group. ($20;


Personalized Sun Hat

Hello, sunshine! Beachy bridesmaids will appreciate this fun and forever-stylish sun hat from David’s Bridal. Select the color (blush, tan or white) and personalize it with a name or monogram for a sweet and head-turning gift they’ll use for many sunny summers days to come. ($30;

Or, if your bride squad is a little more silly and sporty, we suggest a fun trucker hat. Available on Zazzle in a variety of shades, a cap is the perfect item to show off your bachelorette party or wedding hashtag on Instagram. ($15;

 Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Tote Bag

Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Tote Bag

Give the present of practicality: A tote bag is totes perfect for the bachelorette weekend, the wedding day and just about any occasion thereafter. For brides on a budget (or those with an extra large bridal party), you can’t beat these natural, fashionable, casual and fully customizable accessories. This bag from Zazzle comes in five different sizes and multiple styles. Gift it on its own or alongside a tank top, flip-flops, boxers or bathing suit. ($11;


Personalized Spa Wrap

These personalized, waffle-weave cotton cover-ups are perfect for a girls’ spa day, pampering weekend away or getting ready together before the ceremony. Available on Etsy, you can pick from a variety of colors and ribbon, and choose a three-letter monogram or embroidered name. These spa wraps are unique, affordable gifts that lend themselves to an extra-special Instagram post in celebration of the entire bridal party. ($20;