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10 Creative Bridal Shower Ideas for Artsy Brides

10 Creative Bridal Shower Ideas for Artsy Brides



You’ll find plenty to inspire in this collection of shower ideas for creative brides.







Easel Place Cards


Searching for creative bridal shower ideas for your friend? These 10 artistic, dynamic ideas will help you host a fitting bridal shower for the artsy guest of honor!


These easel place card holders direct guests to the table in style. Give them to the bride later to use around her home as picture frame holders.







Colorful Cake Table


Your “maker” friend loves creating with color and texture. Design a cake table she’ll love, such as this cool pink and blush option, complete with confetti-filled balloons.







Bright Boho Favors


Looking for creative bridal shower ideas for favors? Have everyone make their own Coachella-worthy floral crown with bright blooms. Plus, the bride can show off her terrific crafting skills.







Pretty Ombre Glassware


Speaking of favors that every guest will love, this ombre glassware is an easy project. You could either create a set ahead of time for everyone to use, or have everyone make their own together. Select the bride’s favorite color so that she can use these glasses in her own home.







Modern & Unique Details


Don’t be afraid to go outside of the usual bridal shower themes. This Hawaiian-themed party featured modern, festive decor details with countless creative elements, such as personalized acrylic place cards and pineapple centerpieces.







Guest Book Option for Creative Brides


The best creative bridal shower ideas are those that allow the bride’s talents to take center stage. Have guests sign the back of these puzzle pieces. After the shower she can create her own puzzle design using paints, Mod Podge, or fabrics.







Artful Desserts


Sometimes the best inspiration comes from kids’ parties. Take a cue from this sweet birthday party and give your guests desserts that they can decorate on their own. Painting parties during happy hour has become the hot new trend. If the bride is handy with a paintbrush, she’ll adore this fun theme.







DIY Paint Chip Bunting


Is the engaged couple decorating a new home before the wedding? In honor of all of those hard decisions, host a DIY-friendly party that celebrates your friend’s great eye for color. Decorate with paint chip bunting and create place cards out of similar materials.







A Shared Project


Want to present the bride with something really special? Share in a creative project together before the event. This personalized cross-stitch map can be passed around to different guests, each with a different task depending on their crafty skill level. The bride will know how much hard work went into it and be so touched!







Hilarious & Practical


Have your guests create a collection of stylish picture mats, but frame pictures that are a humorous take on her interests (she can replace them later with wedding photos or her own art). For the bride that loves binge-watching BBC shows, this illustration of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock would be perfect.