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10 Creative Bridal Shower Ideas for the Outdoorsy Bride

10 Creative Bridal Shower Ideas for the Outdoorsy Bride

Looking for a bridal shower theme appropriate for your outdoorsy friend?  These 10 bridal shower ideas are terrific when hosting a party for a gal pal that loves being active in the outdoors!








1. Take a hike.

Nothing is quite so sweet for an active, outdoorsy bride than a long hike with her friends. Pack some trail mix, make a few floral crowns, and leave the gifts at home. If you’ve got a big crowd, either arrange carpool to the trail ahead of time, or consider renting a large van or party bus for the occasion.








2. Find themed invites.


Especially for a bride who has registered for her outdoor hobbies, a themed bridal shower invite (camping, fishing, hiking, etc.) is a great way to introduce the day’s activities and details to your guests.








3. Nothing beats a cabin in the woods.


There’s no rule that you have to stay in town for the bridal shower. If you have a guest list of nearest and dearest who are all well-acquainted, take this outdoorsy bridal shower theme to the wilderness.  Everyone can wear their best flannel and indulge in thermoses full of spiked hot cocoa.








4. Go camping.


Likewise, consider moving the party to a campsite with tents or campers. You can set up a glamping-style area (above) or just go campground classic with pup tents and a bonfire. Prepare your best scary stories and make sure to bring the marshmallows!








5. Host a glamping-themed lunch.


You might not have time for a weekend event.  Break out your best bridal shower planning skills for the perfect outdoors event.  Create a ‘faux’ camping environment courtesy of a glamping-style canvas tent.  Arrange mismatched chairs from around your home around a picnic table and you’ll host a bridal shower that’s a breath of fresh air.








6. Be summer camp chic.


Bridal shower planning can often be about really knowing what the bride loves.  Does your friend have fond summer camp memories?  Create a bridal shower theme that revolves around upscale version of camp favorites. Above, this pink and gold shower was inspired by all of the glam scouting fun of the family classic, ‘Troop Beverly Hills.’  This is perfect for the girly-girl bride who still loves getting back to nature on the weekend.








7. Bring the outdoors in.


Perhaps your active bride loves to spend her outdoor time gardening. One clever bridal shower idea is to create tablescapes using potted plants and moss that she can reuse in her own yard and patio later!








8. Remember that you aren’t limited by time of year.


You love the bridal shower idea of taking your friends camping, but your autumn event is going to run too late in the year to make that realistic. Instead, host a woodland themed shower filled with tiny seasonal details (such as the acorns on each napkin above) and nods to the bride’s camping obsession.








9. When ‘outdoorsy’ means surfing, hit the beach.


Every active bride has her own outdoor hobbies. Perhaps your bestie loves playing in the sand and spending some quality time with her surfboard. Arrange a day at the beach and frolic to your hearts’ content.  Pack a simple picnic lunch and hand out beach accessories (such as personalized caps, sunscreen, or sunglasses) as favors.








10. Deck out bicycles.


If you are planning a bridal shower theme that revolves around the bride’s love of cycling, deck out some rented beach cruisers in flowers.  You can all ride around town or on her favorite route. Fill each basket with a bottle of water and a protein bar (if the ride is going to be on the long side).




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