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10 Easy Bridal Shower Themes

10 Easy Bridal Shower Themes

Stressed out about planning a bridal shower?  Don’t be! As soon as you select a theme, the party becomes far easier (and more fun) to plan. Here are 10 easy bridal shower theme ideas to inspire you!







Outdoors Enthusiast


She’s not completely happy unless she’s surrounded by nature with nothing but a backpack of supplies to aid her. Your friend loves to camp and hike, so why not design your shower around the outdoors?  Have your guests come prepared to share their favorite camping spot. Provide a map at the party and they can all mark them with push-pin flags. Serve thermoses full of spiked hot cocoa and camping-themed snacks like s’mores and trail mix. If you want something extra cute, serve decorated sugar cookies like the ones above.







Culinary Genius


She bakes a mean loaf of sourdough. Her bookshelves are filled with cookbooks and foodie magazines. This popular bridal shower theme is a hit with home cooks.  Enclose a recipe card in the bridal shower invitations so that guests can fill them out before the party.  Looking for a budget-friendly gift idea?  Have each guest bring their favorite kitchen tool to give to the bride.  Since there is such a big emphasis on food with this shower, create a food station so that guests can ‘make’ their own snack.







Book Club Star


This bride is the one that actually goes to book club to discuss the book (and all this time you just thought it was an excuse to exchange gossip and drink white wine).  Little Miss Bookworm is as cute as can be with a paperback always in her purse (no e-reader for her, thankyouverymuch).  Decorate the shower with book page details and vintage hardcovers that you can easily find at estate sales.  If she has a favorite author or story, you could also theme the shower in that direction. For example, if she loves Austen, include thoughtful time period touches like silhouette cookies or tea served in pretty cups.







Movie Buff


The Oscars is this woman’s real Christmas.  She’s your go-to for movie recommendations, and can work a good film quote into just about any conversation.  Design a shower that celebrates her love of movies. Construct a yummy popcorn and movie candy bar for guests to nosh on.  If you have the space, create a slumber party-style atmosphere with pillows on the living room floor and a showing of the bride’s all-time favorite flick.  If your extroverted group prefers more interaction, then you should host a movie trivia game instead.







Accessory Queen


Your friend’s jewelry doesn’t have a box, it requires a whole wall. A collector of all things sparkly, bangly, golden, and trendy, you have no doubt that she will be perfectly accessorized on her wedding day. Go extra girly-girl with a gem-themed shower.  You’d be surprised at what a popular theme this is–you can easily find everything from diamond-shaped pinatas to sparkly rhinestone invites. Hand out sweet favors like candy necklaces and Ring Pops.  This Willy Wonka meets Holly Golightly extravaganza will wow the bride!



Crafty Crafter


Her nails always have a little bit of paint under them and she has explained the wonders of Mod Podge to you at least 1,000 times. The heart wants what the heart wants, and this gal loves to craft.  Scour DIY projects and blogs and find a simple, but stylish project.  Provide the supplies and have your guests create something fun together.  The end result can be their favor, or a gift for the bride.  Extend your theme by serving snacks on plastic paint trays or have them decorate their own cupcakes.




Fix-It Gal


Her spouse isn’t going to be the one fixing the sink or repainting the hall because this bride is the one that wields the hammer.  You’ve relied on her for every fix-it emergency you’ve ever had. And although she might be a rock star accountant by day, you’re pretty sure she could make an excellent living as a contractor.  Especially around the holidays, it might be cute to have guests ‘construct’ their own gingerbread houses as a fun activity.  Buy her a toolbox and have all the guests sign it for a ‘handy’ memory of this great event.






Game Night Diva


You go over to her house for every game night, because despite the fact that she dominates at just about every board game, she’s also so much fun.  From classics like Monopoly to geek-chic newbies like Settlers of Catan, this bride’s game closet is definitely enviable.  Embrace her first love (sorry, hubby, it’s not you) by surprising her with a shower that’s basically just one big game night. Play the big group standards like Bunko or Charades, or opt for wedding-themed party games.




Frequent Flier


This bride is always planning her next great adventure.  An expert at traveling the globe, you can bet that this couple’s honeymoon will be sensational.  For her bridal shower, decorate with maps, postcards, and luggage tags.  Ask guests to bring her their favorite carry-on items (sleep masks, gossip magazines, gum, etc.) as a fun extra to the usual gifts.






Workout Warrior


She works out whenever she can, and she’s got the abs to prove it!  The bride was almost more proud of her new Fitbit than she was of her engagement ring.  Whether she prefers running or yoga, gather all of your friends for a bridal shower with a very casual dress code.  Organize your own 5k or a yoga time at the nearby studio. Follow it up with a healthy, refreshing snack and beverage.  Have guests share their healthy secrets in a guest book, such as the flavored water that gets them through the last ten minutes of their treadmill time, or the stretch they discovered that has totally re-invented their regime.




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