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10 Fun Fall Bridal Shower Ideas

10 Fun Fall Bridal Shower Ideas

Fall bridal shower? Try one of these festive ideas.

gold accented pumpkin

Chic Pumpkins

White and gold bridal shower decor is very popular right now. Take this trend and give it an autumnal spin by using white mini pumpkins as your canvas for gold herringbone patterns.

simple wreath decor

Simple Wreaths

Wreaths are one of the biggest upcoming trends for fall. These simple botanical and herbal options are tied up with wine-colored ribbon. If you have lots of blank walls in your home, this is a budget-friendly way to decorate the space for a shower.

State Fair theme

State Fair Charm

Many states have their fairs in September. Celebrate early fall with a fair-themed bridal shower in bright colors. Pair cheerful daisies with fresh fruit to create dynamic centerpieces, and use lots of nostalgic details, such as striped straws and vintage crates.

crate of apples

Field Trip

Take your fall bridal shower on the road and hit up the local u-pick orchard. You’ll all have bushels of apples in no time. On a crisp fall day, this unique activity will make your shower completely memorable.

bourbon cider sours

Bourbon Cider Sours

Of course, after all that hard work, you should enjoy your spoils. Slice up your apples and add them to these tasty bourbon cider sours (another brilliant use for your copper mugs).

backyard fall party

Backyard Party

If it’s still warm enough to be outside in the evening (albeit with a couple of extra layers), use your backyard as the ultimate movie theater. Serve classic movie snacks and watch fun classics like Dirty Dancing, Clue, or Footloose. Build a fire or bring out a stack of wool blankets to keep everyone cozy.

pumpkin hand pies

Flavorful Hand Pies

If you don’t have enough chairs at your shower, some guests will have to stand to nosh. Make things easier by serving foods that don’t require utensils. Bake a selection of hand pies in favorite fall flavors like pumpkin or pecan.

stock the bar invite

Modern Invite

Throwing a bridal shower in October? If you want to give a nod to the Halloween holiday, throw a “stock the bar” party and decorate with cobwebbed bottles of “poison” around your space. This modern black and white invite is perfect for the theme without being too cheesy.

elegant Halloween party

Elegant Halloween

For those brides that love Halloween, you have to fully embrace the theme. This spooky tablescape is still elegant and stunning. Particularly if you are throwing a small bridal shower, go all-out on one table and use it as the party’s focal point.

coloring guest book

Coloring Guestbook

Coloring books are everywhere right now. Have some fun with this latest fad by printing out a “guest book” that your bridal shower guests can fill in with colored pencils or fine-tip markers.