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15 Fun Bridal Shower Themes

15 Fun Bridal Shower Themes
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Hosting a bridal shower is an invitation to have a ton of fun, because you get to pick the theme! With the bride’s help of course. There are so many ideas out there, but to narrow them down, think about the bride’s interests. Is she obsessed with a certain show, or travel destination? Does she adore dogs? Perhaps the bride you are about to shower is happiest on the beach, or on the soccer field. No matter what theme you settle upon, it’s time to go big or go home. Make sure the theme touches on every element of the shower, from the food, to favors, to the games. Read on to discover some exciting and unique bridal shower themes to get you started. We’ve got tons of suggestions on how to pull off each idea, and the products you’ll need to enhance the experience for the bride and her guests. No matter what direction you go in, you are sure to delight the soon-to-be newlywed in your life with your thoughtfulness and creativity.


15 Fun Bridal Shower Themes for 2019





How to Select a Bridal Shower Theme



Your theme will obviously be inspired by the bride. Seasonality may play a role, too. If you hoped to host a seaside affair in December, well, let’s hope you live in Florida! Of course, it only takes a little innovation to bring the outdoors inside, so don’t get discouraged! You’ll also want to consider the size of the guest list as you plan. Say you want to host a pampering party at a nail salon, but at last count, you had 100 attendees to host. It might be time to go back to the drawing board. Ultimately, keeping the theme simple is best. For instance, picking a certain show versus just one season or episode gives you more freedom to pull off the idea.




Every idea on this list can be accomplished at home, on a shoestring budget. We have also added suggestions for making themes work at a venue like a restaurant. If you are concerned that the party is starting to cost too much, consider asking other members of the bridal party and family members of the bride to take over certain responsibilities, like games, or favors.




The theme starts with invitations, which you should send out 6 to 8 weeks prior. Then, as you plan for the big day, think about how long the shower is planned for. The flow of the party will depend largely on time. If you have an hour to kill before food is served, you can set up stations for guests to play themed games or craft. Consider where you will set up guest tables. You’ll also need a place for gifts, and favors. Just remember that each element of the shower should incorporate the theme!




An at-home shower is always intimate and personal. But then, the pressure’s on to accomplish every element of the shower on your own. Hosting a shower at a venue means there’s help on the way; with food, drinks, and even decor. Budget will play a role in which option is best for you, as will the size of the guest list.


Other Considerations:

If you plan to surprise the bride with the shower theme, OMG, we are so excited to see her reaction! Even if you don’t know much about the theme, good thing the internet can fill in all the gaps, as will our list. Good luck!




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For the Bride Who Loves Joanna Gaines

Magnolia Market Theme


If the bride you will be showering is as obsessed with Joanna Gaines as we are, she’ll be “Ella” pumped to walk into her Magnolia Market-themed party. You’ll obviously arrange bouquets of magnolias and greenery on tables, and pore over images on the Magnolia website to achieve an otherwise Joanna-approved aesthetic. If you are throwing the shower at home, load up on pillows and throw blankets so guests can relax comfortably as they visit. Hang wall signs with meaningful words for the bride and groom. And of course, serve fare from Gaines’ cookbook, Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering. A brunch-time event would call for biscuits. But, FYI, at Magnolia Table in Waco, Texas, breakfast is served all day, so you could turn out some delish biscuits for a shower any time of day if you ask us. Pair ‘em with the arugula and pear salad, perhaps. If you’ll be holding your event at a restaurant, consider making a dessert recipe from the cookbook, like the lemon bundt cake. Um, can we have some?

Available in hardcover or Kindle.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It’s a collection of their family recipes from both sides, so it’s a great blend of mostly southern comfort food, with a few Syrian and Korean dishes with a family friendly, yet sophisticated vibe. Her recipes are easy, flavorful, and call for everyday ingredients. I think she has a slight crush on Gruyere cheese. I’m fine with that because I do, too. This cookbook is awesome. Amazing quality, much bigger than I expected, and the recipes look so easy and are all exactly what my family loves to eat without any unusual ingredients.

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For the Bride Who Loves the ‘80s

Stranger Things Theme


To pull off a Stranger Things bridal shower cool enough to impress Eleven, you’ll need Eggos. Lots of Eggos. Did someone say waffle bar? And how about a jello mold made from Mind Flayer goo? Beyond these menu staples, just think ‘80s. Invite guests to dress up like their favorite character from the show. Psst; Target sells Stranger Things apparel. Set up a game station for guests with Lite Brite, Etch a Sketch, Uno and Connect Four. For decor, hang Christmas lights everywhere. And you’ll obviously want to blast some ‘80s tunes. Fans of the show enjoy playing the soundtrack from the original season. It features clips of dialogue from the show, which will make you feel like Mike, El, Will and the whole gang are showering the bride right along with you.

Free to stream with Amazon Prime.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I could listen to this soundtrack for hours. It’s a good mix of tunes from the series and decade. I also like all the little bits of dialogue from the show. Happy with my purchase. Awesome compilation of songs. It's like taking a walk down memory lane. I listen to it all the time!

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For the Bride Who’s a Little Bit Country

Western Theme

Price:$13.00 - $23.00

Turn up XM “The Highway,” and get ready to host a backyard barbecue bridal shower. Instruct guests to wear cowboy boots, and bring a dish to share. This is going to be a casual, down-home get-together, where friends and family can dine and visit on picnic blankets and bales of hay. The signature cocktail is whiskey, of course. There’s beer, too. On tables covered with burlap cloth, gather wildflowers in mason jars for the centerpieces. And you’re in charge of the barbecue, so load up on this customer-loved sauce by Williams Sonoma in Maple Mesquite. Your guests won’t be disappointed by the smokey, spicy blend of taste-bud delighting flavors. Yum!

19 ounces
Sold as a set of 1 or 2.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I have used this for years now and have tried many other sauces and I always go back to this one! OMG! Awesome on pork and I will only smoke baby back ribs with this righteous stuff! Great flavor!

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For the Foodie Bride

Brunch Theme


A bride being showered before noon is always a win. For this bridal brunch, we’re picturing a mimosa bar, duh. A rustic sign pointing people in that direction will be a welcome sight for all. Now that everyone has a champagne flute in hand, they are ready to revel in the fact that food is definitely the co-star of this party (other than the guest of honor). If you plan to host the brunch in your home, you can always cater, but fixing a few homemade bites adds a personal touch to the day. Bake-ahead muffins are a good option so you aren’t in the kitchen the day of. And then why not set up a waffle-making station with toppings like fresh fruit and the bride’s fav candy? A mix to try is Belgian-style Bellegem from Williams Sonoma. Devotees are obsessed with the light and airy texture, and say the crispy outside, and fluffy inside are like a dream. Another mimosa over here!

2 pounds, 8 ounces
Makes about 30 waffles.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
We love Belgian waffles, and this gives you a light, crisp result with very little effort! Still love homemade, but this is easily the next best thing. They waffles really are a perfect balance of sweet and light and such a nice color! Wonderful taste and texture. I highly recommend this amazing waffle mix. This is by far the best waffle mix I have found. So fluffy, crisp, and great flavor.

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For the Sci-Fi Bride

Star Wars Theme


The force will be with you when you host an out-of-this world Star Wars-themed bridal shower. Yoda did the invitations, so “to a shower guests are invited.” Play a Star Wars trivia game, and the winner gets a lightsaber. Decor is black and white to symbolize the dark side and the resistance. For favors, how about wrapped cookies in the shapes of characters from the iconic movies? Williams Sonoma’s Star Wars 8-pack of cutters are highly rated by customers who swear the dough won’t get stuck inside the molds. They also praise the attention to detail of each shape, which is sure to delight the bride, her friends, and her family alike.

2-1/2 to 3 inches tall.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Great details. Easy to use. These cookie cutters are amazing! So much detail, and so easy to use...the dough doesn't get stuck in the cutter, it just pushes out. The cutters worked very well -- both in cutting the dough and imprinting the image to the cookie. The dough released easily from the cutter onto a parchment lined baking sheet.

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For the Bride Who Loves Travel

International Theme


She’s been to Paris, Rome, Brazil, and dreams of traveling to Southeast Asia. After she enjoys her Grecian honeymoon, of course. If you’ll be showering a bride who has been bitten by the travel bug, she’ll love an international-themed party, complete with foods from different countries, and luggage tags for favors. Appeal to your guests to bring something from their travels to share with others, like a Morrocan street fair find, or a coconut bra from Hawaai. And play a game that quizzes attendees on their international linguistic skills. They’ll need to match how to say “I love you” in different languages with the country of origin. Perhaps the winner gets an all-expenses paid trip around the world. Hey, we can dream right?


What Reviewers Are Saying:
Easy to print and download and sellers are quick to respond to questions! Very happy with product!

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For the Bride Who Loves Mickey Mouse

Disney Theme


Your bridal shower will be the happiest place on earth when you pull off a Disney theme for her special day. Guests are handed Mickey ears upon arrival. Decor is red with white polka dots because, Minnie. You’ll play Disney music for guests to sing along to. Have fun with food if you’re hosting at home. For a brunch affair, how about Mickey-shaped pancakes? And arrange red and black frosted cupcakes in the shape of Mickey on a platter! Drinks can be adorned with Mickey-shaped straws. There’s a fun, Mickey-themed game to download from Etsy that invites guests to write down date ideas for the bride and groom. We’ve got one: Going to Disney World!

8-1/2 x 11 inches.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This seller was awesome!! Five stars.

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For the Beachy Bride

Seaside Theme


A beach-themed bridal shower will obvi work best on a beach, but if you can’t pull off sand between your toes, don’t despair. Your beachy bride will still feel like she’s got sun on her face at a restaurant, or in your home, if you decorate accordingly. Have guests wear beachy outfits, and hand everyone a frozen margarita upon arrival. Download an app that plays the sound of crashing waves and hook it up to Bluetooth speakers. Gift each attendee with flip flops as their favor. Dessert is key lime pie. Decorate the room in soft blues. And on each table, set up a container of shells or sea glass in assorted colors. All you need now is a hot lifeguard...

32 ounces.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is the best quality ‘purchasable’ sea glass I’ve found so far. The color is great and it’s not plastic or old bottles, like I’ve gotten from other stores.

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For the Bride Who Loves Wine

Vineyard Theme


She loves wine, but then again, who doesn’t? Consider hosting a wine-themed bridal shower complete with a blind tasting game. Because then you have an excuse to, well, drink wine! As if you need one. A wine cellar would be the perfect locale. But you can easily turn any space into the a workable wine-tasting place. Arrange glass hurricanes filled with corks on tables. Food is cheese and other munchies like nuts and grapes. Then, set up this highly-rated wine tasting game that comes with everything you need to host a blind tasting. Fans say their guests were impressed with the tip cards, and enjoyed taking notes on each of the varietals. For a party favor? A bottle of wine. Duh!

Comes with 10 tasting tip sheets, 50 tasting note sheets, 10 numbered wine bags, 50 paper wine Glass tags, and 10 pencils.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
If you want to host a wine tasting party, this is a cool option. I thought it would be a little cheesy, but knew my friends would be forgiving. It turned out to be very cool. It didn't feel that way at all. The bottle covers are not lovely or lush--they just get the job done. I purchased this kit to host my very first wine tasting event at my home. My guests were so impressed with the whole setup. I was able to give each guest a wine tasting tip card, which also had information about different grape varietals on the opposite side of the card. We used the scoring cards to discuss each wine and rate the wine. My guest thought that the name cards for the wine glasses was a pretty good idea to help keep up with their wine glasses, after sampling each wine and moving about the party

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For the Francophile Bride

Paris Theme


Elle aime Paris. Translation: She loves Paris. Until she can go to the city of lights, shower her with a French fete. Guests can wear berets. If you’ll be hosting the shower at home, perhaps a brunch will make serving up French fare less intimidating. Anyone can make crepes and buy croissants. While attendees sip on champagne, French music floats by in the background. For a cute and funny favor, consider handing out bottles of French’s mustard or French dressing. Before guests depart, make sure they stop by the selfie station, which is equipped with a photo backdrop featuring the Eiffel Tower.

7 x 5 feet.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The product was good quality and served as a photo backdrop wonderfully. Ordered this for photo backdrop for a party. Quality and size was great! The backdrop looked exactly like the picture and made for a beautiful scene.

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For the Coffee Addict Bride

Beans Theme


The bride you’ll be showering is all about her morning (and afternoon) espresso. She lives for a foamy latte. Then create a coffee-lovers paradise for her party. Fill glass jars with coffee beans for table decor. Consider reaching out to coffee shops to see if you can rent their space for the party. Or, hire a barista to turn out frothy, yummy Americanos for guests. Party favors are coffee mugs or bags of beans. Food can be bagels and donuts if you want to keep the fare simple. And appeal to other members of the bridal party to go in on a big gift for the bride: a dreamy Nespresso Machine. Devotees of this George Clooney-endorsed product swear the brew is the best they’ve ever sipped, even swearing every cup comes out perfectly. Are we the only ones Jonesing for a cup of java right about now?

Black or matte
Accommodates pods for 7.7 ounce coffee and 1.4 ounce espresso servings.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
If you are looking for a fancy coffee machine, you found it. The machine is fast, gives you that pretty foam and it's a great combo with the milk frother. The coffee is delicious. I highly recommend it for all the coffee lovers. This gorgeous one changed my life... The hardware is amazingly sturdy and looks expensive. The machine is so quiet and the coffee comes out so foamy and delicious. The best buy ever.

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For the Boho Bride

Flower Power Theme


Host a bridal shower as free-spirited as she is. Any outdoor setting will do. Cover tables in wildflowers and greenery, and instruct guests to consider wearing white. Shoes are so optional. Set up a friendship bracelet making station. Pass out fizzy white wine spritzers, and cupcakes wrapped in arrow-print paper. Blast groovy tunes from the ‘60s. And don’t forget to chill; everything’s done. Now it’s time to enjoy the festivities. Meanwhile, The bride will feel special and pretty wearing a flower crown you ordered just for her. This customer-loved faux flower wreath will last long after the party, so she can always look back and remember all the bohemian love you showered her with that day.


What Reviewers Are Saying:
Very cute!! It worked very well for what I needed it for. I received lots of compliments wearing this. It's quite easily adjusted to sit in different ways on the head. was not sure how it was going to look. I was hesitant at getting it at first because I thought the flowers might be too big, but I love it. I thought it looked amazing with the dress I wore because it was for a special night. I definitely recommend this product. It’s very beautiful.

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For the Sporty Bride

Baseball Theme


Pitch a perfect game with a baseball-themed bridal shower for the wife-to-be who never misses a game. She’ll need a jersey with her name on it, obviously, which she’ll wear with a baseball cap affixed to a flowing veil. Cupcakes made to resemble baseballs are as mandatory as Cracker Jacks, and hotdogs. Which you can arrange on a table labeled, “Concession Stand.” Tables can be named after different teams. And present guests with customizable baseball-themed lip gloss as favors. Because is there anything better than a gift you can actually use? What a home run!

7 flavors available
Natural ingredients.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
They look amazing and shipped extremely quick. Ordered these for my sister's bridal shower. Arrived quickly and in great shape. They smell wonderful and are a good quality lip balm. The wrapper was just as described. These were great and tasted good too! Very impressed.

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For the Chef Bride

Cooking Theme


OK, here’s a fun idea for a bridal shower: How about hosting a cooking class? You can hire a chef to do this in your home, or attend a lesson at a cooking school, or gourmet grocery store. Gift each attendee with an apron she can take home. Ask guests to help the bride stock her kitchen and bring a cooking-themed gift. Make sure the wine is flowing to keep things light and fun. And ask each of the bride’s friends and family members to transpose a recipe on a card for the guest of honor. She’ll leave her shower armed with a ton of new dishes to start out her married life right!

4 x 6 inches.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I loved these! Purchased the cards for our family to put recipes on for my niece's wedding. The collection was a hit and each member of the family was able to add their signature recipe for the newlyweds.

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For the Bride Who Loves Christmas

Holiday Theme


No matter the time of year, you can host a holiday-themed bridal shower. Ask guests to bring an ornament for the bride to help her build her own collection. And challenge friends and family to an ugly Christmas sweater competition! Dessert is Christmas cookies, natch. Oh, and candy canes! Holiday tunes play merrily in the background. Tables are adorned with fake snow. Crafts guests can create include a gingerbread house, personalized Christmas stockings or Santa hats, and ornaments. Buy ‘em in bulk from Michaels for about a buck each, along with pom poms, glitter, and cinnamon sticks.

Clear plastic.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
These are going to be perfect for Christmas gifts projects. Good quality and they arrived with no damage. Exactly how the photo looks.