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3 Fall Bridal Shower Ideas

Fall bridal showers can be so much fun!  Between Halloween whimsy and Thanksgiving’s bountiful harvest, autumn events are warm and inviting. Here are 3 fall themes to inspire the shower you are planning for your engaged friend.

Autumnal Brunch

Jokes about pumpkin spice everything aside, who doesn’t love popular autumn flavors like apple, cranberry, cinnamon, and yes, pumpkin?  Especially if you want to avoid bridal shower games, a sophisticated brunch is a good way to keep the party centered around the table.  If you are a decent chef and not intimidated by a little kitchen time, bake the brunch yourself.  These apple cider donuts (below, left) look delicious.  Homemade apple butter would also be a thoughtful touch on the table or in small jars handed out as favors (below, right).


Want an instant crowd-pleaser?  Look no further pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!  Click on the images to connect to these simple recipes.

Halloween Glam

Halloween can be such a playful, inviting bridal shower theme. Host an evening shower with Hitchcockian undertones, serving Old-Fashioneds and encouraging guests to wear their best Grace Kelly pencil skirt. Pop popcorn and watch the bride’s favorite suspense classic.

This theme also screams for a candy bar. Go orange and black, serving nostalgic treats (above) or keep it ultra-chic with a black and white palette (below).

Very crafty

There’s something about this time of year that brings out the closet crafting geek in each one of us.  Throw an open house-style bridal shower with a whole day of simple DIY craft projects, like this pumpkin garland made from orange yarn (below). Resist the bride’s attempts to turn this into a day when she can get all of her wedding favors finished. This should be a lovely time for party guests to interact and socialize, not worried about checking items off a to do list.

Decorate pumpkins, but save the jack o’ lanterns for the kids. Break out the glitter and paint for some grown-up pumpkins on your porch.


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