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3 Fun Bridal Shower Themes

Planning a bridal shower can be so much fun. It’s a chance for you to show off your own decor skills and delight your friend with a party just for her.

Of course, you really don’t need a theme, good times will always follow when you gather together your besties and a few bottles of pinot.  But themes can also keep the shower focused and memorable. Here are three themes that we think your friends will love!

Retro Kitsch

From the peppy cheer of soda fountains to a housewife-themed event, taking inspiration from the 1950s can make for a very festive party. Use bright aquas, corals, and sunshine yellow, and don’t forget the bottles of Coca Cola (above) if you want to bring a little old-fashioned diner to your sweet table (above).  Or go very tongue-in-cheek with faux vintage details like DIY Campbell’s Soup vases and sassy notebook favors (below).

If you know that the bride needs a lot of kitchen items to help outfit their new home, this theme is really popular for kitchen showers.  Have guests bring recipe cards, favorite kitchen gadgets, or pretty retro aprons. Decorate with bright colanders, milk glass vases and cake plates, and plenty of pink gingham (below)!

Tea Party

There is so much range with this theme.  Hosted in the afternoon, these parties can be Alice in Wonderland-level whimsy or minimalist modern (below).  If you are on a budget, keep things simple by serving black tea and an assortment of cupcakes and cookies. With a few pretty napkins and some floral arrangements, you’ll be good to go!

However, if you want to go all-out refined femininity, this is also a dream theme for every decadent girly-girl out there.  Hit up thrift stores and estate sales to find a mismatched collection of vintage tea cups and porcelain tea pots. Those that you don’t use for tea can be put to good use in lavish centerpieces like the one above.  Go a bit shabby chic for the color palette and signage (below) to make everything blend well together.

Movie Night

Are you and your friends more into Netflix binge watching than genteel luncheons? We feel you. Invite guests over for a movie-themed shower. If they’d like, friends can gift the bride their favorite movie, or everyone can agree to go in on a collection like Brat Pack classics or Hitchcock thrillers (whatever you think she’ll like best).

And with the salty sweet goodness that is a movie theater sweet table (below), perhaps even encourage people to bring their yoga pants!


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