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5 Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

From kitchen bridal showers to ideas to throw the ultimate girly girl bash, we have 5 popular bridal shower themes to inspire you. 

You’ve agreed to host your friend’s bridal shower, but now what?  Pick a theme!  

Kitchen:  These showers are ideal for the couple that needs to stock up a kitchen. Stat.  Encourage guests to bring not only a kitchen-themed gift, but also their favorite recipe (you can include a blank card for them to fill out with the invitation and then put them together in a cute box to gift the bride).  The decor can be simple and practical. Hang tea towels, use wooden spoons as both flower-alternatives and favors (you can dip the handles in paint for a little extra oomph), and set up serving dishes on vintage potholders.


Garden:  If your friend prides herself on her green thumb, and loves the squirrel family living in her tree almost as much as her own, a garden bridal shower might be just the thing.  Have guests bring their favorite seeds or bulbs.  Instead of the traditional bridal party games, decorate terra cotta pots or build simple bird houses. For your menu, keep it garden party chic with tea sandwiches, fresh lemonade, and strawberry shortcake. Give guests sweet little succulents on their way out the door!

Camping:  If the bride-to-be loves the Great Outdoors, throw her a camping shower (this also works really well as a co-ed idea).  Serve camping food, build a campfire, make s’mores and eat on picnic blankets. Guests can mark their favorite campsites and parks on a map that you provide.  Feeling particularly inventive?  Skip bridal shower bingo and have a scavenger hunt instead–and compass favors might come in handy!


Pop culture fun:  We all have some type of fan girl within. Whether you love yourself a cheesy sci-fi movie, die over the Oscars each year, or read Pride and Prejudice every Christmas, we all have our pop culture ‘thing’.  Celebrate the bride’s inner fan girl by turning their favorites into the theme for their shower.

For the movie lover, serve traditional cinema treats via sweet table, and have movie trivia cards.  Play the soundtrack from their favorite films in the background.

For those that prefer literary entertainment, center the shower around their favorite author or book.  Use old library cards as invites and copies of book pages to make decor details.


Girly-girl glam:  Pink and gold, all the way.  Seriously, when you decorate ask yourself, ‘What would Elle Woods do?’  This type of shower is less about a ‘theme’ and more about a really passionate adherence to a color palette.  Fun theme gift ideas could be anything from favorite pink nail polishes to glittery earrings.  It’s all about the stereotypical femininity, so serve plenty of pink sweets and cocktails.

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