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A Simple & Relaxed San Francisco, CA Bridal Shower Brunch

Our blogger bride-to-be, Elise from WTFab, shares details and inspiration from her beautiful mini bridal shower brunch.

A couple of my girlfriends in San Francisco hosted a mini bridal shower for me on a beautiful day, because who can resist the opportunity to eat yummy treats, sip some delicious bubbly, and indulge in some girl talk? And I’ll admit, it was great to get my mind off of wedding planning, even if it was just for the afternoon! The setting was so pretty that I had to shoot some photos and I thought I’d share the decor as inspiration for a whimsical bridal shower brunch.

One of my girlfriends is a talented designer (her jewelry has graced WTFab on multiple occasions), and she also works for a company where she designs home and garden pieces. Our tablescape was decorated with pieces from their Whimsical collection, and it was just so adorable! Butterfly and flamingo dessert stands, a giraffe vase, a cat and mouse cheese board and so many other cheeky pieces were on our table. We couldn’t help but ooh and aah over every piece, and it was fun hearing my friend’s inspiration for the fun designs she created. Here’s a peek at our lovely afternoon!


This mini bridal shower was such a fun little surprise, and if you’re a bride-to-be (or someone helping a bride), you know that a weekend afternoon spent away from wedding planning can feel incredibly luxurious. And while being in the throes of wedding planning means it’s hard to find free time, sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with your girlfriends.

I hope these photos have inspired you for a bridal shower setting or just a fun, girly afternoon! If you’re interested in these particular pieces (or other super cute lines designed my lovely friend!) you can browse the Whimsical collection online here and find places to shop online here.