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Ask the Editor: Bridesmaid Luncheon vs. Bridal Shower

Ask the Editor: Bridesmaid Luncheon vs. Bridal Shower

In some cases the guest lists may be nearly identical, but the bridesmaid luncheon and the bridal shower serve two different purposes.

Is a bridesmaid luncheon just another name for a bridal shower? Olivia, Portland, OR



No, it isn’t. Although if you are having a small bridal shower, the guest lists may be nearly identical, the events serve two different purposes. A bridal shower is a party held for the bride by a friend to celebrate her upcoming marriage with gifts given to the bride. A bridesmaid luncheon is hosted by the bride (or in some occasions, her mother) to thank the bridesmaids for their participation in the wedding. This is not the time to go over the ceremony details or other wedding events. Rather, it should be about enjoying the company of friends.



The people who should be included in the bridesmaid luncheon are all of the members of the bridal party, including any flower girls or junior bridesmaids and their mothers, the mother of the bride, and the mother of the groom. The bride can also include other female family members and close friends, if she wishes. The bride usually gives her attendants their gifts at this event.



Although it is often called a ‘luncheon’, it can be any simple kind of party. Just make sure that the time of day and the menu provided to the guests coincide. Two of the most affordable options are serving a continental breakfast in the mid-morning, or having tea and cake in the mid-afternoon.