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Best Bridal Shower Brunch Ideas

Best Bridal Shower Brunch Ideas
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Pop, fizz, clink! Brunch is always a good idea, otherwise the fun-loving ladies of Sex and the City wouldn’t have attended a parade of them. Brunch for a bridal shower? Even better. This allows you to celebrate all things ladylike with utter abandon, from the tiniest of hors d’oeuvres to the bubbliest of champagne (or prosecco). There are myriad details to arrange for any bridal shower, but a brunch gives you a familiar framework within which to work. Here, we’ve curated our favorite brunch ideas from the latest trends in bridal showers. This list will help you select the décor, food, drinks and favors to make the bride feel bubbly as you celebrate her, the impending nuptials, and the women in her life.


Creating a Bridal Shower Brunch



With its indulgent and ladylike personality, a bridal shower brunch is a platform for delicate foods that typically appeal to women ⁠— particularly those with a mimosa in one hand. We favor finger foods for ease of socializing and the ability to deliver decadent flavors in tiny packages. Think food in miniature: Serve mini quiches, yogurt parfaits in shot glasses, petit fours and one-bite Bavarian cream puffs. Set up a mimosa and beverage bar in a high-traffic area near the door so that guests can grab a drink as they walk in (yes, it’s all about the bubbly). This bar should include champagne or it’s less-expensive Italian cousin, prosecco, along with carafes filled with orange juice for mimosas, peach puree for Bellinis, and, if you’re feeling fancy, some Chambord raspberry liqueur for French Kir Royales. Leave a bowl of fresh berries as garnishes. Remember to include coffee, tea and a non-alcoholic drink such as fruit tea, ginger lemonade or Pellegrino sparkling water.



How to Throw a Bridal Shower Brunch



Fortunately, a brunch menu is one of the most inexpensive to create. Eggs, even organic ones, are low in cost but feed a crowd when baked in an eggs Benedict casserole or a strata. A fruit tray is your low-budget friend if, instead of buying a pre-made one, you buy the fruit individually and prepare a platter. People adore fruit and it’s easy to make a colorful platter of kiwi, berries and melon slices look beautiful. Most pastries are inexpensive to buy or make (think: quickbreads, muffins, scones). And if you want to go the simple and savory route, put together a bagel bar with all the trimmings. We have outlined a slew of low-cost ideas to help you host an elegant bridal shower brunch on a budget.




There is a tidal wave of themes for a bridal shower brunch. Think: Italian pastries, Southern red velvet cupcakes, New York City Cosmos, French macarons and mimosas or, finally, a Latin-inspired fiesta (yes, mojitos count as brunch cocktails). Think about which one the bride would enjoy most and get started.




Pick your location first. Since a bridal shower brunch is a relaxed, intimate affair with a girly vibe, we prefer a brunch fête planned in someone’s home. The invitations should be mailed six to eight weeks prior. Another way to get the jump on your list is to go to the stores and price out everything far in advance of making your final purchases ⁠— this means food, flowers, alcohol and decorations. Comparison shopping will allow you to buy everything at its lowest price, plus gathering all the prices lets you decide on “save” versus “splurge” items. Yes, there are a gazillion details to planning a shower, but the earlier you get familiar with your to-do list, the better off you’ll be.



Other Considerations:

Always think of the bride’s personality first and use that as your lead. Beyond that, just stay organized and you’ll produce a dizzying array of details that create a one-of-a-kind shower. By showing your constancy in planning this shower, you’ve already shown the bride how much you love her, so she’ll be thrilled no matter what.



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Best Activity

Brunch & Bubbly Left, Right, Pass the Envelope Game


While the emphasis is on food at a brunch party, it’s still a bridal shower so don’t forget the girly activities! May we recommend a game for people who hate games? Not only does it gather the crowd into an intimate circle, it gets them giggling as people invariably get confused about passing to the right or the left (it never fails). Giving inexpensive prizes to the winners is optional, but recommended (a $5 Starbucks card is universal). We love the personal touches on these envelopes ⁠— an illustration of Champagne glasses and the bride’s name.

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I love my envelopes. Thank you so much. They came out perfect. There was great communication with seller, who was very accommodating. There was fast shipping. I will definitely order again.

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Best Decoration

Cotier Mimosa Bar Bridal Shower Kit


“But first, mimosas” sounds like music to our ears ⁠— and it looks darling over a mimosa bar as a sign. Not only does a mimosa bar help make the bride and her guests instantly at ease, this kit add tons of flirty touches to your soiree, the juice tags and garnish tents help you stay organized. Pre-printed with gold script that announces the names of every brunch menu item imaginable, including orange juice, bubbly, peach nectar, blackberries, raspberries and more; nothing got left out. The kit’s included gold ribbon and needles make set-up a breeze. The “But first, mimosas” saying is set in script as a banner in this kit, which is a bonanza of brunch décor. Beyond the banner, it includes a “Pop, Fizz Clink” sign, 100 paper straws in charming stripes, 25 pre-printed juice tags and 12 pre-printed champagne garnish tents.

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Be prepared to be amazed! This kit was amazing! Instead of running around to 10 different stores trying to gather all of the items you would find in this kit, you just purchase this and all is taken care of. Entertaining made simple! The items in this box are elegant and if good quality.

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Best Theme

Final Fiesta


A “final fiesta” theme is a huge trend in bridal showers right now, and it can be easily be parlayed into a brunch. First, choose Mexican-inspired brunch items, such as baked huevos rancheros, breakfast tacos and chorizo hash. Dessert can be a delicious flan. The decor could be inspired by the Mexican fiesta palette found in the tissue paper tassels of this gorgeous “final fiesta” garland: There’s hunter green, lime green, butter yellow, cantelope, bright orange and hot pink. These are fabulous colors for your shower planning. The block print “final fiesta” sign is cut from glitter cardstock, adding some glamour and whimsy to this shower theme. The bride will love such attention to detail.

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It’s got a very cute tassel garland! It looks just like the picture. I'm very happy.

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Best Snack

Bagel Bar


Yes, we adore the Marie-Antoinette-worthy menu of a bridal shower brunch ⁠— the pastel-frosted petit fours, mini tarts and cream puffs. But when you get right down to it, guests will enjoy a bagel bar just as much (especially if your theme is New York City). And it’s so easy to pull off! Just order some assorted bagels from your favorite bakery, then set up your bagel bar beginning with a toaster and savory and sweet cream cheeses. Include serving platters filled with bagel toppings of smoked salmon, heirloom tomatoes, thinly sliced cucumbers, capers and red onions. You’ll want to hang a “Bagel Bar” sign above this spread: We love this one from Etsy for its sassy pink script and pink-and-gold polka dots.

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I’m so glad I ordered this! It was perfect and exactly like in the picture with prompt communication. I had it printed at Staples. It was super easy. They did it while I waited and was only a few dollars to print.

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Best Dessert

Italian Butterhorns


We may have mentioned, just a time or two, that a bridal shower brunch menu is typically decadent. Why not? It’s a time of celebration for the bride and her besties. Enter: Italian Butterhorns. Made from scratch by master baker Christine Falatico Frey of CiCi's Italian Cookies, these Italian pastries feature a flaky, golden-brown exterior and a soft caramelized interior. A sweet nutty flavor and a hint of cinnamon pervades the moist and buttery pastry layers. Just imagine them with Champagne ⁠— too much decadence can be wonderful.

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The Italian Butterhorns are one of our favorite pastries. We enjoy them with our morning coffee, ice cream and an after-dinner cordial.

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Best Personal Touch

But First Mimosas! Personalized Napkins


A sensitive bride might get misty-eyed when she sees the personal touches you’ve added to her dream bridal shower, as with these personalized napkins. As has been mentioned, “But first, mimosas” has become a bridal shower rallying cry. The phrase is printed on these napkins, which also include the personal touch of the bride’s name and bridal shower date. For your planning ease, there is a choice of 30 napkin colors. If you order these, one will surely wind up in her wedding scrapbook.

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These napkins came out perfectly! The color was perfect, and shipping and customer service was excellent. I highly recommend these.

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Best Favor

Champagne Glass Cookies


Gift guests with a favor that’s as fanciful as the bridal shower itself: A toast! Guests will get to celebrate again when they bite into these cookies that are shaped like a champagne flute. They’re classic vanilla sugar cookies decorated in vanilla royal icing. Each cookie is 4 ½ inches of buttery goodness that is placed in a sealed bag and topped with a ribbon. It’s a delicious gift the guests will appreciate ⁠— and savor.

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My cookies arrived today just as we had agreed in time for our bridal shower on Saturday. I had asked Chef Gretchen to add a letter to the cookies (new last name of bride-to-be), and they look beautiful! Gretchen was very accommodating and helpful throughout the process. The cookies arrived safe and sound. They are well packed in bubble wrap and appear to be in perfect order.

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Best Invitation

Brunch and Bubbly Bridal Shower Invites


Set a slightly sassy tone for a brunch-themed bridal shower with these invites. They’ll clue in the guests that some bubbly will await them at the chosen address. In shades of bubblegum pink and metallic gold, these invitations announce “Brunch & Bubbly” with an iconic champagne flute motif. You can customize the fonts and font colors and move and resize the text boxes, but you can’t remove the words “Brunch & Bubbly” (why would you?). These are great invitations for making a good first impression with guests.

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I really loved that I could edit it myself instead of the time spent going back and forth with seller for final design. This made it quick and easy.

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Best Flower Holder

Project 62 Gold Brass Vases


The décor of your bridal shower brunch will determine your floral accents. Fluffy pink peonies and white roses are perfect for a ladylike design, but pink gerbera daisies and green hypericum berries will exquisitely grace a rustic theme. If you’re going for a hint of traditional luxury, there’s inherent glamour in any shade of metallic gold for your flower vases. For that reason, we love Project 62’s modern brass vase finished in a stunning metallic gold. Bonus: It comes in two sizes; the larger one, filled with blooms, would make a sweet gift for the bride and the smaller one could be for your co-host or the maid of honor. $15 for small size, $25 for large vases.

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I bought both sizes and love them! They are a perfect bronzy gold without being overly shiny.

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Best Bride Outfit

Tadashi Shoji Lace Dress


This is such a divine dress for the bride to wear to a bridal shower brunch. It’s made of white floral lace in an echo of the traditional bridal gown, so we love that. It also features a raised waistline that is a flattering touch, as well as a knee length that will keep the bride perfectly poised. Beyond the brunch, this dress can be worn again on the honeymoon or for a garden party. And with the long sleeves, it transitions easily between mild, chilly and cold climates.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The dress fit perfectly. There were no alterations needed. I am curvy, and I love how the dress flatters my figure. I feel very comfortable in the dress.

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Best Thank You Notes

Kitty Meow Boutique Sip Sip Hooray Champagne Brunch Cards


To stay in character from start to finish, get these champagne-themed thank-you cards for the bride. They stay on theme with their “Sip, Sip, Hooray” phrasing, plus they are well-designed with an upscale vibe. We love the ladylike feel of the card’s expression of gratitude: “Thank you for the most lovely day.” It is blank inside so that the bride can get personal with each guest as she expresses her thanks.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The thank you cards I ordered came very quickly and with a beautiful handwritten note from Cat! My shower is still a few weeks away, but I can’t wait to send these cards out afterward. They are the exact level of sophistication and uniqueness that I was looking for.

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Best Cocktail Idea

Root 23 Farmers Market Cocktail Mixer Set


Some guests will adore the option of a cocktail bar in addition to traditional Champagne ⁠— especially with your mixology mojo. This cocktail mixer set from Root 23 will get you going with four nuanced flavor combinations: blueberry mint, cucumber habanero, cherry almond and pear rosemary. The bride will raise a highball to your thoughtfulness for this sophisticated touch.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I love these! They're well-balanced in flavor, and the flavor mixtures work well together. It’s not overpowering but strong enough to taste when mixed in a drink. The bottle labels list several suggestions for alcohol the syrups work well with, though you can be creative and try them with something else, as well as toppers to finish the cocktail. The suggestions are spot on.

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Best Photo Prop

Bridal Shower Photo Booth Props


If you think your bridal shower doesn’t need a photo booth, you’re not living in the Age of Instagram. Get with i! The ladies love their photos, and this 4.5-star rated set of props puts a high-camp spin on bridal motifs that we love. It even includes a queen’s tiara and matching ruby necklace, so all hail to this prop kit! It is a welcome sight at any fun-loving, party gal’s bridal shower.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
These are a must-do for your shower. I love these! They were a perfect addition to the day. We aren’t doing a photo booth for the wedding so this was an amazing way to tie it in. I’m also bringing it to the bachelorette party. My guests loved them. They’re super interactive and super easy to put together.

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Best Gift for the Bride

Composite Agate Cheese Board


Send the bride off with a feather for her newlywed nest with this show-stopping cheese board. Handcrafted by placing shards of natural agate together and encircling them in a metallic rim, this serving board is worthy of some monumental parties (where art is discussed, poetry quoted and universal mysteries unraveled). This stunning serving board would make the most artistic backdrop for charcuterie, hors d’oeuvres and more. Any bride will appreciate this thoughtful and unusual gift.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is stunning and stylish. I loved this so much that I purchased two. I love the vibrant colors and the metallic trim around the border. It’s a wonderful, original product.