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Best Bridal Shower Favors

Best Bridal Shower Favors
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 Following the wisdom of Maria Kondo, a bridal shower guest wants a favor that brings joy to her life. No one needs a heart-shaped bottle of bubbles or a pear-shaped paperweight that says, “John and Jane, a perfect pear.” As a concept, passing out shower favors is a polite gesture, but give them gifts that are cool, useful or edible or — gasp! — they’ll be left behind (or tossed). Get them goodies that are too delicious to resist, beauty “cult favorites” or practical items they’ll regular. If the favor fits the fête’s theme or event design, so much the better. With that in mind, we’ve curated an epic list of the coolest, most delicious bridal shower favors from Etsy, Amazon, World Market and Urban Outfitters. Cheers! 





Finding the Best Bridal Shower Favors




Think far, far outside the box. Look for favors that have inherent value as-is, not simply items that are marketed as shower favors. For example, we included two beauty classics on our list: Smith’s Rosebud Salve and Claus Porto soaps. Anyone who’s cracked open a fashion magazine or read a beauty blog knows that these fall into the category of “cult favorites.” Even if a guest has never used them herself, she will be aware of these favors and be excited to get them. 



How to Come Up with Unique Ideas




Unless one is a movie star or a member of the royal family, there is no need to provide expensive gifts at the bridal shower. Typically, these are “token gifts,” meaning they are motivated more by thoughtfulness than money. Our list includes many favors that cost less than $5. The idea behind the favor is simple: You want to show guests your appreciation for their attendance.  





The high bar for a wedding favor is having it match the bridal shower theme. If the color blends into the shower’s color palette, that’s a bonus. So don’t stress out about that aspect of the favor. But if you must go matchy-matchy, choose ultra-girly gifts in beautiful colors. Cake pops and decorated cookies look gorgeous in a pastel palette and jewel tones are where it’s at for fiesta, boho and Indian themes.





For a bridal shower favor, the style typically skews feminine since the guests are traditionally women. So go as girly as you want with favors that ladies will love. If your bar for visual harmony is super high, Etsy vendors are amenable to making their products fully customized in colors and styles to fit your theme, so go that route. 



Other Features:


The best gifts for this pre-wedding fête are those that can be used up or used every day. Make this soirée sing by punctuating it with favors that are edible or practical. But when it comes to delicious food, be aware of dietary concerns. If a guest is diabetic or has food allergies, provide a special favor for her so she won’t feel left out.   






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Best Beach-Themed Favor

Crave a Cake Goods Mermaid Cake Pops


For a favor as charming as a day at the seashore, try these mermaid cake pops. The delightful edible trimmings include a metallic gold seahorse, a deep blue starfish and a tiny white conch shell. Sold by the dozen, there are four pops each in the colors of aqua, lilac and pink. Cake flavors include lemon, strawberry, chocolate or vanilla. They make for a fabulous favor when wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon — especially if the shower is beach themed.

Made of cake, frosting, white chocolate, fondant, luster dust, eggs and milk.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I can’t say enough about this seller! The cake pops were absolutely amazing.

2 of 20 Image Credits: World Market

Best Travel-Themed Favor

World Market Illustrated Cities Coasters 4 Pack


Drink coasters are among the latest trends in shower favors. But we’ll be honest: We’re not entirely jazzed about personalizing them with the shower’s date. Instead, our vote goes to these coasters detailed with whimsical illustrations of four famous cities: London, Paris, San Francisco and New York. What a fabulous favor for a travel-themed bridal shower! They feature the iconic landmarks of the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Each ceramic coaster features a cork backing to protect tabletops from scratches and condensation. Hand wash only.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is such a great find! They are beautiful, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

3 of 20 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Sweet Treat Favor

Candied Cakes Ice Cream Cone-Shaped Lollipops


Here’s the scoop: An ice cream sundae shower is sheer magic with a cherry on top. And if you host an ice cream social as the bridal shower, gift guests with these adorable lollipops in the shape of an ice cream cone. They’re available in every color under the rainbow and in as many flavors. Among our favorites: English toffee, champagne, cotton candy and Bavarian cream.

These lollipops are individually wrapped and sealed in clear cellophane.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The lollipops looked and tasted great. I was impressed that not one arrived cracked or broken. The seller was nice enough to include extras. I would definitely buy from them again. Thank you!

4 of 20 Image Credits: Bed Bath & Beyond

Best Bollywood-Themed Favor

Kate Aspen Lucky Elephant Luggage Tag


Bollywood makes for a colorful and creative bridal shower theme that weaves in the glitz and glamour of Indian culture. If that’s your theme (or even if it isn’t), guests will love this Lucky Elephant Luggage Tag from Kate Aspen. With a color palette of citrine, orange, hot pink, turquoise and olive green, this tag will make any suitcase stand out in the luggage carousel. Made of dimensional rubber, the tag is durable, to boot.

Made of rubber construction. Includes luggage tag and hangtag.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
They are exactly as shown. The tags are very colorful and made of a nice rubber material. I will use them as place cards on the table, but I'm sure my guests will enjoy using the luggage tag!

5 of 20 Image Credits: Amazon

Best Tea Party Favor

BTäT Set of 6 Floral Cups and Saucers


Virtually no theme beats the romantic decadence of a tea party. The cake pops, cannolis, macarons and fruit tarts are worthy of the Mad Hatter’s table. As a favor, we love these porcelain tea cups and saucers. They come in assorted colors of rose chintz and feature a 10-karat gold trim. Put each cup and saucer in a decorative gift box for the most elegant of favors.

Dishwasher safe, but not safe for microwave use.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is a great set. I love that each cup is different. I bought these for a tea party and sent everyone home with their own cup.

6 of 20 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Fashion Favor

Sock Bun Studios Pineapple and Seersucker Scrunchie Pack


Made of high-quality cotton, this three-pack of hair scrunchies are stylish favors for multiple bridal shower themes. Think: Hawaiian luau, garden party, tropical beach or preppy Southern belle. One scrunchie is solid yellow and will match a summery outfit. The other two are made of whimsical patterns; one features blue-and-white seersucker stripes and one features pineapples on a white background.

fabric glue, flat elastic, cotton

What Reviewers Are Saying:
These are way too adorable! I am totally in love.

7 of 20 Image Credits: Amazon

Most Exotic Favor

Waltz&F Camel Figurine Jewelry Trinket Box


When the bride-to-be got engaged, her “wish came true” — no genie necessary! But she can still travel to the Middle East via an Arabian Nights-themed bridal shower (just think of the decorations!). As for exotic favors, you could do no better than this bling-y camel trinket box adorned with high quality rhinestones and hand-painted enamel. The faux pearl on his saddle tops the hinged cover. Adorable.

The main body is made of zinc alloy with rhinestones.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It’s so beautiful. It’s a detailed, well-made and sparkly trinket box.

8 of 20 Image Credits: Etsy

Most Colorful Treat Favor

Choco House Chocolate Covered Apple Treats


Apples are healthy, even when doused in chocolate. Right? Several shower themes lend themselves to the gifting of these gorgeous chocolate-covered apples as a treat: Vintage circus, autumn leaves, farmhouse (with a colorful twist) or old-fashioned carnival. We love the meticulous way these candy apples are decorated, right down to the colorful trio of candy flowers. You can choose three different colors per one dozen apples. Dee-lish!

Made of apples, candy melts, fondant and sprinkles.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The owner was extremely helpful and quick to respond to my messages. The product arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. I will definitely order from this shop again!

9 of 20 Image Credits: Urban Outfitters

Best Beauty Favor

Smith's Rosebud Salve Tin Set


This Smith's Rosebud Salve tin set falls under the "guests will actually use this" category. The flavors include a pale pink strawberry lip balm, the classic Rosebud Salve and a minted rose balm.These balms have been cult favorites since 1892 due to their high quality and vintage-inspired tin. The set is $16 for three lip balms, but if you’re being economical, you can break up the set and include one per goody bag.

Made of high-quality essential oils, it can be dabbed on chapped lips, elbows, or knees.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I love these balms. I totally recommend these to always keep around. They’re very long lasting.

10 of 20 Image Credits: Etsy

Most Glamorous Treat Favor

Sweet By Natalie Floral Bridal Shower Cookies


Every lady appreciates a small indulgence now and again and these cookies fit the bill. There are scads of decorated cookies on Etsy, but these gorgeous cookies are tiny works of art that feature perfectly-designed florals, garlands and edible gold. They are bagged and tied with ribbon for gift giving. Bonus: The design lends itself to an array of bridal shower themes.

Full size cookies are between 3 to 4 inches.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
These are absolutely amazing! These cookies are not only the cutest cookies I have ever seen, but they are delicious too.

11 of 20 Image Credits: Amazon

Most Girly Favor

BABEYOND Sleeping Eye Mask for Women


What a fab favor for a movie-themed shower. Fans of the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s can sleep through the “mean reds” in luxury with this replica of the iconic eye mask that the film’s star, Audrey Hepburn, wore while playing Holly Golightly. This handmade eye mask is decorated with fringed eyelashes and a gold sequin trim at the edge. It’s a memento that will come in handy later on — like when the guests need some shut-eye before the wedding.

Made of satin silk and sequins. Comes with a pair of ear plugs. Best not to wash it with soap or detergent to avoid fading.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I love this! It's so adorable.

12 of 20 Image Credits: Amazon

Best Scented Favor

Claus Porto Gift Box Deco Collection of Soaps


A full-sized bar of shea oil-infused Claus Porto soap is $27, a splurge for sure. This collection includes nine hand-wrapped mini soaps for $75, so if you package them individually, guests can enjoy a luxury they may not have yet experienced. Hand-crafted in Portugal since 1887, these exquisite soaps feature packaging inspired by the Belle Époque period, making them a fabulous favor for a vintage-themed shower. That said, they’re a modern cult favorite and will be most appreciated regardless of the theme.

Blended with shea oil to hydrate, nourish and repair.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Claus Porto soaps are the most exquisite soaps around. I've used the product for years and always enjoyed the delicious fragrance wafting from them even before you open the wrapper. I especially love the Art Deco wrapping, as it adds a colorful touch to my bath.

13 of 20 Image Credits: World Market

Best Boozy Favor

Cactus Wine Glass Markers and Stopper Set


The spirit of the desert lies in a cactus-themed shower, as guests celebrate the beauty of succulents and Southwest style. If that’s your bridal shower theme, then this cactus drink accessory set is the perfect favor. Each one includes a prickly pear wine stopper and six assorted potted cacti markers. Even if cacti aren’t your jam, this favor would be great for a “stock-the-bar” shower.

Made of silicone. The set includes 1 stopper and 6 markers in assorted designs and colors. Hand wash only.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I bought this for a gift and would purchase again. It’s so fun and colorful. It’s a perfect gift!

14 of 20 Image Credits: World Market

Best Floral-Themed Favor

27 Petal Lotus Capiz Tealight Candleholder


People are picky about candle scents, so skip the candle and give them a candle holder. This 27-petal candle holder is hand-crafted by artisans in the Philippines in a laborious process that requires harvesting, soaking and softening the capiz shells. Then each shell is cut and bent to fit a hand-painted gold metal frame so that they create a lotus flower. Bonus: The lotus flower is a symbol of love and devotion in many South Asian countries, making it the perfect favor for a bridal shower.

Handcrafted of capiz shells and metal with hand-painted gold finish. Holds on tealight, sold separately.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I would buy more. It looks amazing, and I love the price, too.

15 of 20 Image Credits: Amazon

Best Spa-Themed Favor

Mani-Pedi Kit


A mani-pedi kit is a crowd-pleasing favor, particularly if the bridal shower is spa themed. This set of tools is perfect for an at-home pedicure. Each kit includes a miniature nail brush, two toe separators, a nail brush and a 6-way nail buffer. Just add some polishes in the color of your bridal shower theme.

Eight kits included. Each features a mini nail brush, two toe separators, a nail brush and a 6-way nail buffer.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The colors are great. They match some napkins we found on Amazon also, and the items inside were perfect.

16 of 20 Image Credits: World Market

Best Boho Favor

Small Glass Jaipur Storage Containers Set Of 2


Inspired by Moroccan tea glasses, these decorative storage containers feature intricate artwork to set them apart. As a favor, fill them with some sort of treat. Think: Tonal-colored M&Ms to match the shower theme. After receiving these, guests can use them to keep their dry goods in style.

Made of glass with plastic lid. Set of 2 in assorted designs. Available in additional sizes, sold separately.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I love these. They are gorgeous, and I would repurchase.

17 of 20 Image Credits: David's Bridal

Best Customizable Party Favor

Personalized Stemless Wine Glass


We’re not super keen on personalized gifts, but we like this glass because it will fit into anyone’s existing set of stemless wine glasses. (Who doesn’t need more wine glasses?) Like coffee mugs, personalized wine glasses are true mementos of fun experiences. Bonus: These are particularly nice favors for a wine-and-cheese themed shower or a “stock-the-bar” party.

Clear wine glass measures three inches in diameter and is 3 and 3/4 inches tall. Hand wash.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I was getting a great price for a great item! I got the glass with the gold personalization, and they came out perfect.

18 of 20 Image Credits: Godiva

Best Classic Favor

Godiva Assorted Chocolate Gold Favor with Pink Ribbon


Godiva has long been the last word on luxury chocolate, and guests will love these favor boxes no matter what your shower’s theme. Founded in 1926 in Brussels, Godiva is inspired by the legend of Lady Godiva (that glamorous nude gal on a horse). Each box includes one dark chocolate heart with a dark chocolate ganache filling and one praliné crescent made of a milk chocolate shell filled with hazelnut and praliné.

Made of milk and dark chocolate and hazelnuts.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Godiva has their packing and shipping down to a fine art. They couldn't have done better. Despite the warm weather, the chocolates arrived promptly and in perfect condition thanks to cold packs and a foam cooler.

19 of 20 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Planted Favor

Natural Succulents 56 Assorted 2-inch Pots


Miniature succulents are all the rage in favors right now. It makes sense: They’re practical, yet pretty, and easy to care for. To give the gift of greenery, choose these charmers from Natural Succulents. While these come in a simple pot, the photo shows the colorful wraps the seller offers for a separate price, which we highly recommend.

Includes the soil, succulent and pot
wraps are sold separately.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
These arrived in perfect condition! Everyone loved them. I highly recommend ordering the custom wraps with them.

20 of 20 Image Credits: Bed Bath & Beyond

Most Affordable Favor

Kate Aspen “The Perfect Blend” Burlap Bags


Did someone mention caffeine? It’s virtually everyone’s pick of poison, so purchase some gourmet beans and place them in these “The Perfect Blend” burlap bags that resemble authentic coffee bags. Like small bottles of olive oil, such edible gifts will get used, we assure you. We love this favor for a brunch-themed shower.

Each burlap favor bag features a drawstring closure and "The Perfect Blend" printed on one side.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I used these as party favors for my wedding. Everyone loved them. The quality was great, and the size was perfect, too. They weren’t too big or too small.