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The 15 Best Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas for Every Theme

The 15 Best Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas for Every Theme
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Prior to indulging in whatever wizardry necessary to throw a successful bridal shower before you clink the first champagne flute or beam up that initial Instagram photo you must send out the invitations. Spreading the news about the bride-to-be’s special fête is the first step toward shower success. Do so eight weeks before the bridal shower. But first, decide on an invitation that reflects the theme and formality of your event. The bridal shower invitations will set the tone of what’s yet to come: Let them know that this shower will be an absolute blast; a celebration of love with an extra special dose of personalization. Here, we’ve rounded up 20 inexpensive bridal shower invitations to suit every style and mood.



Best Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas 2020


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Finding the Best Bridal Shower Invitations



The shower is for her nearest and dearest. You might start out with as many names as pins on your Pinterest board (which is a great planning tool, by the way). But pare down those names to include the bride’s attendants, close personal friends, and local family members of the bride and groom. Since this event’s intent is to “shower” the bride with gifts, remember to include the registry info; you can add a website address that includes this info, and more, to save space on the actual invitation.



How to Choose Bridal Shower Invitations



The costs associated with bridal showers can blow up quickly. If you want to save costs on the bridal shower invitations, find a digital design. Printing out your invitations can cost less than getting store-bought greeting cards. If the vibe is right, you can use Paperless Post invitations, which can be emailed so that you save money on printing and postage.




We love pastel hues or jewel tones for a bridal shower, but you can also choose colors according to the season. Still, that doesn’t mean that you have to be strict about it. For example, autumn invitations don’t have to be a melange of orange and brown; we’ve found awesome palettes for autumn that integrate pink, as well. If you want to get glam with any invitation, remember to add a metallic such as rose gold.




With a bridal shower you’re celebrating the bride and her style, so make sure both the shower theme and invitation reflect that. A classic brunch deserves some champagne motifs, a luau demands a good-looking pineapple and a tea needs pastels worthy of a French macaron. Determining the right style will create a template for the overall aesthetic.



Material & Other Features:

Many materials will add oomph to your invitations. Chief among them is gold foil that brings a touch of glamour and shine to your shower invitations. We’re also fond of invitations grouped into a bundle that includes thank-you notes, because the bride will want to mail those post haste.




1 of 19 Image Credits: Zazzle

Best Travel-Themed Invitation

Lovely Wow Studio Boarding Pass Pineapple & Beach Bridal Shower Invites


We are charmed by the sophistication of this design, which begins with a clever “boarding pass” framework that even includes a faux bar code. The colors and pineapple motif suggest a luau, but this invitation could also announce a beach party or a destination shower. The island-inspired colors against a dove gray background are perfection.

This invitation includes a template that can be personalized and a wide paper selection for printing.

2 of 19 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Fall-Inspired Invitation

Your Seasons Pumpkin Bridal Shower Invites for Autumn


If you’re planning a shower for the fall, choose this invitation for its fresh take on the season. We love that the background is a crisp white topped by a watercolor pumpkin illustration created with pink tones, stripes and polka dots. This is not your traditional cornucopia.

3 of 19 Image Credits: Etsy

Most Festive Invitation

Mimbach Design Printed Bridal Shower Fiesta Invitation


This is Mimbach Design’s best-selling bridal shower invitation. We can see why. The invites are designed with bold, yet tasteful colors. It features a fun fiesta theme that includes a pretty watercolor of cacti and succulents. After being personalized according to your needs, the invitation will be printed on heavy weight cardstock with a matte finish.

These invitations will be printed on heavy weight cardstock with a matte finish.

4 of 19 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Invitation for Champage Lovers

Sara Luke Creative Brunch & Bubbly Bridal Shower Invitation


A bridal shower based around champagne? Make that a double. We love the splashy script that announces “Brunch and bubbly” to tempt anyone who receives this invitation. The added touch of a floral watercolor and a painter’s brush stroke of metallic gold brings on the glamour.

This invitation can be purchased as a printable file to print on your own or you can purchase printed cards from the seller for up to $345 for 300 invites.

5 of 19 Image Credits: Zazzle

Best Floral Invitation

Card Hunter Whimsical Watercolor Floral Invites


This invitation is charm personified. The upper portion is decked out in a blowsy watercolor of peonies, cosmos and hypercium berries. The design itself makes use of splashy scripts and serif fonts. It’s a clean, classic bridal shower invite that retains some romance without looking treacly sweet.

This invitation is printed in color on semi-gloss, 110-pound cardstock.

6 of 19 Image Credits: Zazzle

Best Luau-Themed Invitation

Paper Creative Design Tropical Pineapple Bridal Shower Invite


This is the pineapple with personality plus. We love that its spiky leaves are designed in metallic gold. Plus, it isn’t the traditional green but rather a collage of designs that include flowers in bright pastels. The finishing touches include “Aloha” written in a gorgeous script. This cheery invitation will reel them in.

This invitation includes printing on both sides on 120-pound cardstock with a soft, eggshell finish.

7 of 19 Image Credits: Zazzle

Best Parisian Invitation

La Bella Rue Vintage Paris France Bridal Shower Invite


We have a fondness for the “boarding pass” trend in bridal shower invitations. They naturally lend themselves to thoughts of far-flung adventures. This one has an elegant, antique feel to it, complete with a vintage yellow-and-rose color palette, swirling scrolls and ultra-festooned scripts. Naturally, it includes an opaque Eiffel Tower motif, which makes anything look stylish.

This invitation includes printing on both sides on 120-pound cardstock with a soft, eggshell finish.

8 of 19 Image Credits: Minted

Most Glamorous Invitation

Paper Sun Studio Floral Spray Invite


“Let’s shower the bride” this card announces — and how! Designed for the most elegant bride-to-be, it features a wedding gown design created with baroque swirls. This gorgeous motif is hand-pressed into luxe paper in gold foil for a delicate shimmer. This bridal shower invite will take a few breaths away, guaranteed.

This invitation can be printed in a variety of papers, from pearlescent to triple-thick 360-pound cardstock.

9 of 19 Image Credits: Minted

Most Quirky Invitation

Haley Warner Bridal Brunch Invite


Cuteness abounds on this card (and in the classiest way). Graphic designer Haley Warner has created a clever illustration to anchor this card: A bride-and-groom cake topper stands atop a stack of pancakes held in a champagne flute. It doesn’t get much cuter than that — but it actually does, because the font choices are impeccable.

This invitation can be printed in a variety of papers, from pearlescent to triple-thick 360-pound cardstock.

10 of 19 Image Credits: Minted

Most Chic Invitation

Smudge Design Parfumerie


This invitation clearly channels the Chanel No.5 bottle, with its lines as minimal as a laboratory vial yet luxurious nonetheless. A masterpiece of Art Deco glamour and restraint, this bottle has been designed as the centerpiece of this bridal shower invitation. And from its neck emerges a floral bouquet. Gorgeous. Its streamlined edges are accented by gold foil for some extra specialness.

This invitation can be printed in a variety of papers, from pearlescent to triple-thick 360-pound cardstock.

11 of 19 Image Credits: Paper Source

Best Modern Invitation

Colorblock Bridal Shower Invite


Does your bride-to-be sport modern style with flair? If so, this is the card for her. The design is crisp and clean with a headline font that is a funky, serif design in lowercase letters. We love the geometric pattern made of colorful shards; it reminds us of a kaleidoscope.

Printed on white 130-pound cardstock with a tactile vellum finish
Made of 100-percent post-consumer waste, FSC certified

12 of 19 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Cinema-Inspired Invitation

Fanity Fair Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Shower Invite


The image of Audrey Hepburn has been burnished by time in her celluloid role as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. That said, there are still surprising ways to use her iconic image via good design and this invitation illustrates how it’s done. Rather than monopolizing the design, this bridal shower invitation presents an opaque version of Holly Golightly peeking up from the bottom to reveal only the upper portion of her face. We love the subtlety (and the Tiffany blue tones, naturally).

This design is sent as an editable PDF, but the seller can also edit all text and send a print-ready file at no additional charge.

13 of 19 Image Credits: Amazon

Best Stationary Bundle

Doris Home Tri-fold Bridal Shower with Ribbon, Tags & Thank-you Notes


If pinching pennies is your aim, then go for this stationary bundle (especially if you have a large guest list). This suite of paper goods is designed with a classic floral motif. It includes 50 each of peach-colored tri-fold envelopes, invitations, seals, tags and thank-you notes, along with free ivory envelopes. The seller will send you a template for editing the text or you can send them your text and they will help you do that part free of charge.

Made with a laser-cut pocket folded envelope and ribbon

14 of 19 Image Credits: Minted

Best for the Boho Bride

Itsy Belle Studio Flower Crown Invitations


The “flower crown” design on this unusual square invitation simply brims with charm. The illustration features opaque colors that form a floral crown trimmed in blooms. The roses depicted are in a “cupped” form with their petals arranged in a curving, circular pattern. These are heirloom blooms, but the design is wholly modern.

This invitation can be printed in a variety of papers, from pearlescent to triple-thick 360-pound cardstock.

15 of 19 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Winter-Inspired Invitations

Sea Paper Designs Flannel Bridal Shower Invites


This invitation brings the Victorian tropes of taxidermy and tartan into the 21st century. For a postmodern take on hunting lodge motifs, the design features a rich tartan with metallic gold stripes. Matched with faux glitter antlers and a monogram, it’s perfect for a winter bridal shower. Bonus: You can add a full-sized photo to the back.

This card can be digitally produced for your own printing needs or printed by the seller.

16 of 19 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Nautical-Themed Invitation

Dear Henry Design Last Sail Before the Veil Bridal Shower Invite


Harness some preppy power for the shower with this delightful “Last Sail Before The Veil” invitation. Whether your “sail” is literal or metaphorical makes no difference. This nautical-theme invitation will infuse your affair with calm waters and salty air. We love the navy-and-white stripes blended with lilac-pink ink, as it culminates in a vintage-yet-modern vibe.

This purchase includes a digital file to print yourself
Professional printing is also available.

17 of 19 Image Credits: Minted

Best Summer-Inspired Invitations

Ann Gardner Sippin' Invites


For those who like a rustic aesthetic, beauty can be found in a mason jar. Graphic designer Ann Gardner has incorporated the mason jar into her “Summer Sippin’” invites that are tailor-made for a low-key affair. In line with the vibe, the design includes a heathered background. Topped with a striped straw, this mason jar creates a retro look that is top shelf.

This invitation can be printed in a variety of papers from pearlescent to triple-thick 360-pound cardstock.

18 of 19 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Spring-Inspired Invitations

Your Seasons Floral Bicycle Bridal Shower Invites


We love the handcrafted look of this invitation. It is adorned with a watercolor vignette featuring a vintage bicycle. The free-spirited tone has been set, making it perfect for a Bohemian bride. Bonus: The bicycle’s straw basket is filled with spring tulips, which can give you a jumpstart on your floral centerpiece ideas for the shower.

This purchase includes an editable 8.5-by-11-inch PDF with two 5-by-7-inch invitations per page along with an instruction guide for getting the invitation print-ready.

19 of 19 Image Credits: Etsy

Most Creative Invitation

Sweet Bee Tea Boutique Alice in Wonderland Bridal Shower Invite


“We’re all mad here,” the Chesire Cat said, famously, in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. It is from that tome’s tea party scene that this invitation takes inspiration. Guests are invited to attend a “Mad Tea Party” via this enchanting invitation that features the diamond pattern of a playing card, pastels-o-plenty and one nattily-attired rabbit. If you’re planning an over-the-top tea party for the bride-to-be, this is the card you need.

This listing includes a high resolution digital file for unlimited printing. No cards will be printed.