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Bridal Shower Thank You Notes

Get advice, tips, and inspiration for writing those bridal shower thank you cards.

While the focus on thank you notes for brides generally revolves around wedding gifts, bridal shower thank you cards are just as important. Yes, even though these women are presumably your closest friends and you did thank them in person, you should still drop a note to them in the mail.  We’re here to offer some simple answers to the most common questions, as well as show off a selection of 10 lovely examples to inspire your own selection.

Do my thank you cards need to match the shower invitation or decor?

Nope!  You can send any style thank you card you wish, regardless of what the invitation looked like or the color palette of the shower. Of course, if you adore a theme, you can absolutely go matchy-matchy. Bridal shower thank you cards are also a great opportunity for you to hint at your wedding’s decor or go with something that you weren’t able to incorporate into your wedding details. For example, if you really wanted to go woodland rustic, but ended up sticking to a preppy theme, this thank you card below with its sweet, soft design would be terrific.

Is it fine to just send a boxed thank you note without any personalization?

Yep!  There is really no need to break the bank on this detail. The most important part is the thoughtful message you include, not how chic the card is or whether or not your new monogram is included. You can find such a wide variety of thank you notes at all different price points that you’ll be able to find one you love that is affordable for you.

I’m throwing my friend a shower, and decided to purchase an invitation suite so that I could give her matching thank you notes.  Is there anything else I can do to lighten this task?

You’ll never realize how many details there are associated with a party until you host a bridal shower!  While hostesses are certainly not required to buy the guest of honor her thank you cards, it is a really thoughtful gesture. If you want to go above and beyond, provide the bride with a list of mailing addresses, pre-stamp the thank you envelopes, and keep track of the presents with a list to help remind the bride who gave her what.

We had a couple’s shower. Is there anything different about the thank you notes we should be aware of?

You should still send a card in a timely manner, but it should be from both of you, rather than just the bride.  You may also want a more gender-neutral design for the cards, such as one with a simple font (above) or stately layout (below).  You don’t have to find a card that specifically says it is from the two of you like the personalized example below, simply sign the card from the both of you (the way you would with a wedding gift thank you note).

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