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Best Bridal Shower Decorations on a Budget

Best Bridal Shower Decorations on a Budget
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So you’ve got a bridal shower on your hands without the requisite funds? Then you, my dear, have been inducted into the hostess club. It’s a great place to be, but it requires style and budgetary savvy. Our best advice: Get a partner. There’s no need to foot the bill solo. Get another bridesmaid or family member of the bride to co-host. After that’s settled, celebrate the future Mrs. on the chic and cheap by choosing a theme that lends itself to good design. Among the ones we love: Lighthearted nautical (stylish stripes in jewel tones), Hawaiian (splashy flowers in saturated colors) or English high tea (floral motifs in pretty pastels). When making your budget, carefully choose each purchase. Find “decorations” that you already have and repurpose them. For example, decorate the bridal shower space with family photos of the bride. Who knew she played Lady Macbeth in community theater? You can bet it’s not her friends who’ve only recently arrived on the scene. In addition to functioning as decor, family photos engage the guests in conversation, so they’re a twofer.



Finding the Best Bridal Shower Decorations on a Budget



We stand firmly behind our advice to co-host. It’s a modern idea whose time has come. Take this idea a step further and choose your partner for the most synergistic result. For example, if you’re a licensed interior designer with an eye for style, then you can take the lead on the aesthetics while choosing a partner who’s a crackerjack at logistics. You want a partner who will split the bill with you as well as maximize your mutual strengths to get this shower done stylishly, on time and within budget.



How to Choose Bridal Shower Decorations on a Budget



For starters, you and your co-host should consult with the bride about the number of guests on the list. Ideally, you want to politely arrive at a number that is affordable for you and also ticks off the right social boxes for the bride. According to wedding etiquette, whoever you invite to the shower must get a wedding invitation, so this is something to keep firmly in mind.




Color and design are your friend. If you choose colors that work in harmony, they will carry the chic design to all of your decorations. A classic color palette for bridal showers it that for an English high tea. This translates to tones including robin egg blue, dusty rose, mint green and butter yellow. It’s a hard one to top, but in a more modern vein, we love the bright tones of a Hawaiian luau. Think hot pink, whisper pink, deep aqua and lemon yellow. It’s gorgeous.




Find motifs that look good when decorating the room. Any floral motif is a classic go-to for a shower, so there’s an array of splurge-versus-save items to create that look. For a more contemporary feel, we love the floral motifs of Rifle Paper Co., which are so vibrant and crisp, as well as the luxurious florals of Liberty of London prints. Creating a floral-themed shower is as easy as choosing your bloom.



Material & Other Features:

If you are lucky enough to have inherited your grandmother’s punch bowl and bone china service for 24, then by all means use that. But if you’re not (sniff, sniff, we’re not either), then find disposable dinnerware that stylishly incorporates gorgeous colors with good design. We love anything by Meri Meri and there are many stylish choices through Target’s Spritz party line and on Amazon



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Prettiest Cupcake Topper

Sugar Robot Edible Butterflies


Edible butterflies are the little black dress of cake decorating because they’re glamorous and versatile. You can make homemade cupcakes in your very own kitchen, slather them in buttercream frosting, top them with butterflies, and — voila! — skip a costly trip to the bakery. In shades of pretty pink and lilac, these 24 butterflies will make your centerpiece dessert look chic but never cheap.

Made of wafer paper (potato starch, vegetable oil, water) and food color
Brushed with organic vanilla
Use within four months of receiving.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
They look beautiful and are just what I wanted.

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Best Floral Sign

Rifle Paper Co. Botanicals Garlands


We have big love for this chic set from Rifle Paper Co. for its floral designs created with clean lines in gouache paint. Any design from Rifle Paper Co. will instantly add style to the look of a party. These garlands feature 80 alphabet and floral discs printed to create a variety of signs. A bridal shower hostess can string them together in any order to create the perfect, personalized message.

Made of cardstock and string

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The botanical print is lovely, and I like the clean, simplicity of the font used.

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Most Festive Item

Glam Celebration Final Fiesta Banner


For a modern look, the cactus motif is where it’s at. We love the simple lines and bright green color of a cactus; it’s whimsical yet not too precious. And what better motif to let guests know that this will be a stylish, but laid-back, shower? This sign features the words “Final Fiesta” with full-on glitter for extra oomph.

The letters are made with gold premium card stock that sparkles with no-shed glitter.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I ordered this banner because it was a unique find for the cactus-themed bridal shower I’m throwing for my best friend. It’s a fairly decent size.

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Cutest Game

Pineapple Design Co. Bridal Emoji Pictionary


Bridal shower guessing games always add to the fun. So pour the guests some bubbly and have them get cracking on this game. It’s a word-guessing game with a twist: Everything is “written” in emojis, making it ultra modern. Bonus: It’s a digital download to save on printing costs.

Digital download

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This game was a hit at the bridal shower. People completed it while they ate. It was interactive for all. There were some good laughs and guesses.

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Best Guest Gift

Village UA Soap Bridal Shower Favors


Keep the shower classy — and clean — by using these homemade soaps as cost-effective favors. They are crafted in small batches in the Ukraine, then cut by hand to give each bar a unique look. The packaging is customizable, and the soaps come in a range of pastels. Then there are the delicious scents, which include cinnamon, mint, lemongrass, grapefruit, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, almond, apple and rose.

Made of palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil and essential oil

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The soaps are favors so they are small, but they come in many varieties not just one like most others. I would use this seller again in a heartbeat.

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Best Sweet Treat

Tara's All-Natural Handcrafted Gourmet Sea Salt Caramels


We love these kettle-cooked, small-batch caramels for two uses: Add them to a dessert bar at the bridal shower or put them in cute favor boxes as inexpensive thank you gifts. Since they are individually wrapped, they lend themselves to either use. These are made from an old-fashioned recipe from premium ingredients, including real butter, fresh cream and Madagascar vanilla.

Ingredients include corn syrup, sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream, invert sugar, butter, brown sugar, sugar, natural flavors, sea salt and soy lecithin.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
These are delicious. They have just the right touch of saltiness, and they are not overly sweet.

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Best Decoration Bundle

Mon Amour by Mon Classy Bridal Shower Decoration Kit


This kit’s glittering gold banner announces “Pop the bubbly. She’s getting a hubby.” For a mere $20, this kit offers stylish design and abundance. There are so many pieces! It includes a satin “Bride to Be” sash as well as a cascading bridal veil to dress up the honoree. Decorations include 10 balloons in rose gold, pearlized light pink and pearlized white plus foil balloons with engagement ring and champagne bottle motifs. Set the party mood with rose gold and gold confetti, six tissue pom-poms, four pinwheels and a curling ribbon.

Made of cardstock, mylar, paper tissue and ribbon

What Reviewers Are Saying:
All of the items were exactly as pictured, and it was super easy to set up. I definitely recommend this kit. It's so cute!

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Best Splash of Color

Meri Meri Flower Bouquet Garland


We adore the fresh colors and shiny gold foil of this floral garland. It is made of crepe paper tassel, paper leaf pennants and gold foil embellishments. It stretches to a full seven-feet long and features 50 flowers and leaves. It would be perfect for various bridal shower festivity themes, including a fiesta, a luau, a patio brunch or a beach party.

Made of paper, string and foil

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I was looking for something dainty and with this exact color scheme. The flowers are made of tissue so you have to fluff them out and have to be pretty gentle as to not tear them. The gold 'cones' are bright and match the high quality gold ribbon. I am so happy with this purchase!

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Most Elegant Table Decor

Linen Lark Nude Pink Gauze Runner


This hand-dyed cotton gauze table runner lends a bit of inexpensive elegance to an ordinary table, so it gets our vote as a budget-friendly shower item. Because of its natural and understated look, it could blend into a romantic or rustic theme for a bridal shower. Just top it with a floral centerpiece and candles for easy-peasy elegance.

Made of 100 percent cotton with raw, unfinished edges
5 ft but available in other sizes

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is an absolutely beautiful fabric. I am so pleased with it. The quality is excellent, and the color is as shown.

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Best Photo Booth Sign

Bestie Printables Pink and Gold Bridal Shower Backdrop


This sign is all about the design. The splashy script is fun, glamorous and modern, and the watercolor floral bough adds the right touch of elegance. We like the fun line at the bottom that tells guests how many days it is until she says, “I do.” The horizontal orientation makes it a nice option for photographing groups of guests.

Digital file

What Reviewers Are Saying:
There was a fast turnaround on the digital file. The shop owner was super responsive with email inquiries and helped edit the file until I was happy with it. Also, she was super helpful in providing a list of vendors that would help print. We went with one of her recommendations, which was super amazing.

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Best Guest Activity

Lillian Rose Bridal Shower Cards


This pack of 24 well-wishes cards will allow guests to pass on good vibes to the bride. Designed in charming pink and gold with floral flourishes, each card has a space for wishes, marriage advice, predictions and a guest's signature. For $7 a pack, this is an easy budgetary choice. Place them on a decorative tray with a stylish cup filled with gel pens.

Made of cardstock with 24 5.5” x 4.25” cards per package

What Reviewers Are Saying:
These cards will be a hit at my niece’s bridal shower. These cards are just so pretty to put on the tables. I’m so glad I purchased them here.

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Best Props

Rabbit Party Supply Bridal Shower Photo Booth Supplies


In the vast sea of bridal shower photo props, many are as cheesy as a Cheez Whiz factory, but not these! Featuring classic motifs designed in pink, gold and red, these are props of a higher caliber. In particular, we love the red lipstick and the giant engagement ring. This is how you get ready for your Instagram close-up.

Made of cardstock with gold foil letters

What Reviewers Are Saying:
These are super cute! I’m looking forward to using these.

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Best Plates, Napkins and Decoration Bundle

Lavish Favors & Gifts Rose Gold Paper Dinnerware Bundle


By purchasing your tableware in a set, you can save a bundle. This disposable dinnerware set features rose gold stripes against a white background. It’s chic, girly and versatile. The package includes 137 pieces divided as follows: 24 dinner plates, 24 dessert plates, 24 paper cups, 40 napkins and 25 paper straws.

Made of cardstock

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The foil shimmer on these makes up for the fact that they're disposable. They give a nice touch to any event. The color is very elegant. It matches almost any décor

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Best Tablecloth

Party Delight Sequin Overlay in Rose Gold


Hear us out: Yes, sequins can be as tacky as a child’s beauty pageant, but when done properly, there’s nothing as eye-catching at a party. We stand firmly behind the idea of adding shimmer to the shower with this tablecloth. Choose the rose gold: There’s something about that pinkish tone that brings an air of elegance to a table.

Made of polyester and sequins

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This product is gorgeous! I was surprised by the elegant beauty. The smaller sequins make it look so much better than the regular-sized sequins that I normally see.

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Glitziest Dessert Decoration

PinkBlume Rose Gold Glitter Bride-To-Be Cupcake Toppers


If you’ve boarded the glitz-and-glitter train, then grab these cupcake toppers before you leave the station. As we’ve said before, glitter (or sequins) in a rose gold color are the latest picture of elegance. There’s just something about that tone on a shiny object that makes us swoon. The motifs on these cupcake toppers include a crown, a diamond and the word “bride,” as well as our favorite, a 3D dress made of white tulle — We love it!

Made of rose gold thick glitter cardstock, white yarn and food grade toothpick

What Reviewers Are Saying:
These cupcake toppers were amazing! They were the perfect centerpiece for my cousin’s bridal shower table. They are really just as beautiful in person.