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DIY Bachelorette Party Welcome Bags

DIY Bachelorette Party Welcome Bags



The responsibility of being a bridesmaid, let alone the maid of honor can be a lot. From planning the details of the bridal shower to bachelorette party, it can end up becoming an expensive role to take on. It is such an honor to be a special part of your bestie’s big day, so don’t get discouraged when you think about the work that will go into helping make it perfect.



One of my favorite parts of the wedding season is the bachelorette party (I’m sure all of you can agree with me!). I also love arriving at the party’s destination and being welcomed with a bachelorette welcome bag. But between traveling, hotel and all the money spent on the fun it can get pricey to put together bags for each of the women attending – however, there are plenty of ways to save on the welcome bag you provide while still making it as cute as possible!





While canvas bag monogrammed with everyone’s initial are ultra cute, putting all the goodies into a pretty paper bag with colorful tissue is still equally special. Then you can add name tags to each bag to give them a personal touch.





Now for the goodies. A pair of Hanky Pankies and a BKR water bottle would beyond spoil each girl, however this gets expensive when you have over five girls on your trip! Instead, head to the dollar section of Target where you can find fun little touches such as notepads, drinking glasses, snacks and more. Add in Advil (a single packet is less than a dollar) and travel size sunscreen (around $2 each). If you feel like splurging, an Essie nail polish is a fun touch (you can find them for $6 each at TJ MAXX). You can find a good water bottle for each girl from around $10 – a little over the budget, but everyone will use theirs all weekend.





I’ve also found makeup counters at the mall are more than willing to hand out samples when you telling them it’s for a bachelorette party. You may need to splurge on products for yourself, but ask if it’s possible to get a bunch of samples along with them (I don’t recommend this if you have more than five girls). Along with beauty products, these MaskerAide masks are only about $6 each and are a fun activity to have all the girls do before going out.





Gum and snacks are a good touch too. You can find bulk gum and mini snacks at Sam’s or Costco to save a little! Last, I love these temporary tattoos from Esty, they are such a fun touch and only 50 cents each! If you want to splurge though, give each girl flash tattoos!



Overall, enjoy and don’t stress! Your bestie will be so thankful for whatever you do for her to celebrate this special time in her life!