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Extreme Bachelor Party Adventures: Beyond the Strip Club

If you are one of the many bachelors who are looking for an alternative to the traditional drink-till-you-puke-on-the-stripper stag party, consider these options. 

For guys, there are a few fundamental bachelor party basics that are universally understood: Either the participants should be in great danger of becoming seriously injured, small animals should fear for their lives, everybody should end up wasted, or all of the above. These parameters come into effect sometime during high school, and apparently never expire.
Head for the great outdoors.

Choose your adventure: Camping, ice fishing, kayaking, bear wrestling…nothing says “macho men bonding” like returning to nature, even if the closest you’ve been to a lake recently is the rowing machine at the gym. So grab your closest metro-sexual buddies and leave the urban comforts of home behind in favor of the rugged charm of the wilderness. It will be an unforgettable experience, and at the very least your friends will never again take their Charmin for granted after using damp leaves in its place. Combine your adventure with booze, and you won’t even feel the effects of the elements.


Guns, camo and pure testosterone…what’s not to love here? There is really no better way to bid farewell to bachelorhood than playing war games with all of your buddies. And since guys everywhere have never collectively outgrown their desire to shoot stuff, there is probably a paintball facility near you.

Jump out of a perfectly good airplane or off of a perfectly good bridge.

The great thing about skydiving, bungee jumping, and other activities that require serious cojones is that somebody in the group is guaranteed to chicken out. This provides hours of entertainment for the rest of the participants at his expense, which is really what it’s all about. If the groom doesn’t go through with it, feel free to use that information as artillery during rehearsal dinner toasts. 

Get edu-mucated in a new field.

Bond with your buddies by learning something new together. I’m talking about fly-fishing or archery here, not ballroom dancing or French cooking. You have the rest of your life to pursue anti-macho endeavors like those with your sweetheart, and if you were to suggest something along those lines to your friends they might question your manliness even more than they already do behind your back. 

Get behind the wheel.

The essentials for this type of bachelor party event are: A steering wheel, a gas pedal, and amateur drivers willing to go way too fast for their own good. All-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, jet-skis, and go-karts are all excellent options here, so there is sure to be a potentially life-threatening vehicle in your area available for your enjoyment. Perhaps it’s best to save the brewskis until after your exploit if you choose something in this category.