Showers & Parties

Throw a Couple’s Shower for Your Friends

Here are a few tips for how to throw an amazing couple’s shower that the ladies and gents will equally enjoy!

Brides who are getting hitched in this era of non-conformism have the luxury of literally throwing any kind of couple’s shower they choose. Tradition has now become more of a theme during eve-of-wedding parties and less of an absolute. This shift has thrown the doors wide open for friends and family to gather in an all-inclusive, co-ed environment. The tricky part about throwing a successful Jack-and-Jill shower is to shatter the stigma surrounding the oft-times lace and ruffle shrouded bridal shower. 

Get the Boys Involved: Party Ideas to Get Things Cooking

In order for a co-ed wedding shower to be a huge hit, you must include the boys as equally as the girls. This rules out common wedding shower games like wedding bingo or an arts & crafts hour, but there are ways to incorporate game play that will entertain both. If you throw a backyard BBQ or a beachside wedding brunch, you could host a volleyball tournament or a badminton showdown. If you want to go out for your couple’s shower, consider buying a big block of tickets to a sporting event or renting a private room to watch the big game. The competitiveness combined with great food and drink is the perfect way to please the guys and the gals.

Wine Time: A Co-ed ‘Stock the Bar Party’ Winner

If you want to host the party yourself, then size matters. For a large shower crowd, an evening of wine tasting and rating is an interactive, yet less expensive party plan. Ask each couple to bring two bottles of wine to the party. The first bottle is to stock the bar, and the other is a bottle to share for the tasting. Make your own tasting and rating cards where guests can give a high score for the wine they like best. When the tally is completed, the couple who brought the winning wine receives a gift certificate to a restaurant or a fancy wine aerator. Anything that mixes wine and friends is sure to be a great night.

The Wedding Registry: How to Pick the Right Balance of His & Hers

One of the most fun aspects of the couple’s shower should be gift opening; however, if the registry leans toward the lady, you will quickly lose the men in the room. All-female bridal showers are usually heavy on the fancy lingerie, but most guests will side-step the lingerie menagerie in lieu of co-ed friendly ‘house-warming’ items.

So when you have a co-ed shower, be sure to register for gifts that the groom-to-be will want as much as the bride. This may mean that you register at an electronics or home improvement store as well as Bed, Bath & Beyond. You want the men in the room to enjoy the gift-opening process as much as the women, so make your registry balanced. Boys just don’t get why a Cuisinart is so life changing, so throw in a grill master or fishing pole for good measure.