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Top 5 Inexpensive DIY Engagement Cake Ideas

An engagement party is a wonderful way to celebrate your upcoming union, and get your friends and families together to share your happiness. When it comes to your party, the celebration is never complete without a cute engagement cake. Engagement cakes are easy to make yourself. 

Crochet Heart Wedding Cake Ideas

Why DIY?

Beautiful cakes can be quite expensive, and may not be made with the eco-friendly ingrediants you can buy a most grocery stores – like organic milk, cage-free eggs and fair trade chocolate. If you have a wedding budget to follow and cannot afford to spend extravagantly on an engagement cake, it would be best to make your own. Here are some of the inexpensive engagement cake ideas to inspire the DIY bride: 

Edible butterfly wedding cay diy decor

DIY Butterfly Cake Covered with Fondant

With some basic baking skills, you can make this beautiful butterfly cake. You can make this cake scaled down to 7, 5, and 3 inch tiers, which can serve up to 16 guests. Making your own cake allows you to make it bigger if you are expecting more guests. Cover it with fondant icing to give it a smooth and tasty-looking surface. To make the cake stand out, you can decorate its side with lovely frosting butterflies. The supplies for this cake cost under $50, which is great for budget-conscious brides and grooms.

Ombre rose wedding cake DIY tutorial

DIY Frosting Rose Engagement Cake

Make your engagement party extra special with this beautiful rose engagement cake. You can start with whatever flavor you want for your cake. However, you will need a lot of frosting to make all of the ornate roses. White or buttercream frosting is best to use for this one. Complete your cake with rose frosting details. To do it, start in the center; then around the center point, move your frosting applicator tip in a circle slowly until you form a rose shape. You don’t need to pressure yourself, just have fun! If you dislike it, you can always scrape it off and start over.

Marzipan wedding cake topper with bride and groom

DIY Cake with Couple Toppers

One of the best DIY inexpensive engagement cake ideas is a cake decorated with a couple topper. You can choose whatever shape of cake you want to make this one – round, rectangular, square, or layered. You just need to have lots of frosting or fondant to cover the sides of the cake. Then, add some cute decorations, like ribbons and flowers to make it more attractive. Using colored frosting, you can also write your names and other notes on top of the cake. Finish and top it with couple topper made from marzipan.

Sweet Fruit Wedding Cake DIY

DIY Naked Cake

If you want a very simple, elegant and inexpensive cake, then make a frostingless cake! You can serve a simple cake, like this one, on your engagement party. The best thing about it is the cheaper cost since it does not require frosting, powdered sugar, or costly fondant, but it is also healthier! You can make a single layer or tiered cake. Choose any flavor you want – chocolate, cheese, or fruit. Just top it with some fruit and add a dash of unsweetened whipped cream between each layer.

Fruit leather flowers on wedding cake in blue and yellow

DIY Fruit Leather Cake Flowers

Flowers are great embellishments for any wedding decorations, especially when it comes to cakes. If you love flowers and want a beautiful cake for your engagement, design it with these stunning, and easy-to-make edible fruit leather flowers. All you need are a combination of fruit leather (home-made or store-bought), some baking sheets, and a little skill in decorating and baking. Using frosting or fondant, cover the sides of your cake to have a smooth surface, then dress it with the colored fruit leather flowers that you made. You can also make it more stylish by adding some small round-shape fruit leather dots around the flowers.