5 Cities for Your Asia Destination Wedding

5 Cities for Your Asia Destination Wedding

Planning to get married in Asia, but still looking for a specific destination?  These 5 cities are sure to please any traveler.


We’ve got 5 cities for you, each with their own distinct personality and each offering couples a fantastic selection of wedding venues.  With any of these cities (as with most international destination weddings), you might find it simpler and less stressful to have a civil ceremony before you leave which will take care of your marriage license. Then you can have your wedding in Asia without having to spend some of that precious vacation time hunting down government offices and going to the local embassy.





This Japanese city is full of rich history and tiny, tucked-away gems.  Have your ceremony at a Shinto shrine or Zen Buddhist temple. If you don’t want to get married in one of these religious styles, there are often adjacent gardens or courtyards (so that you can still have these gorgeous buildings in the background).  Kyoto is a great choice for couples wanting a unique Asian wedding that feels quiet and intimate.



The home of the 2008 (and future 2022) Olympics, Beijing has all the conveniences you would expect in such a modern city.  But it would be a shame to travel all this way and miss some of the most amazing historical landmarks in the world.  Position your wedding close to the Great Wall of China or the Forbidden City. Although you won’t be able to necessarily have your wedding at the site, you can stop by afterwards for a memorable photo op.

Hong Kong


Hong Kong is such a special city with its beautiful harbor and towering skyline. No matter what venue you choose, make sure you find one with an incredible view because this city has plenty to spare. From rooftop ceremonies to tiny cafes facing the water, Hong Kong is the perfect location for a couple wanting an impactful and lively city for their big day.  Also not to be overlooked is the variety of venues just outside town which will allow you to see the twinkling lights from a distance.



Dreaming of a garden wedding? Then you should really take a look at Manila.  This wondrous part of the world isn’t just full of outdoor gardens. There are also many verandas, ballrooms, and indoor arboretums that will make you feel caught up in a fairy tale.  When planning your wedding, you might hear Metro Manila. This is a conglomeration of cities that Manila is a part of (which houses the majority of Filipino citizens).  Locals tend to have their wedding ceremonies in the local churches (as pictured above), but there are plenty of venues to go around in this region.

Kuala Lumpur


One of the grandest cities in Asia is totally ready to accommodate your dream luxury wedding. Kuala Lumpur is full of first-class hotels and stunning venues.  Your opulent wedding can be hosted at a historic mansion or in a swank ballroom loaded down with plush decor. For couples who dream of having a lavish event, whether the guest list is 2 or 200, Kuala Lumpur can make it a reality!