5 Cities for Your Thailand Destination Wedding

5 Cities for Your Thailand Destination Wedding

Thinking about Thailand for your destination wedding?  We don’t blame you. Here are 5 beautiful cities to consider.


This gorgeous country offers so many unique settings for your big event. If you do end up exchanging vows in Thailand, make sure you check updated requirements for marriage licenses and turning in your paperwork to the appropriate offices. If you don’t want to deal with jumping through all of those hoops, you can always have a legal ceremony in the U.S. and a symbolic event in Thailand.





Probably the most obvious choice for a romantic Thailand wedding is one of the most popular beach towns in Asia. Phuket is perfect for a sunset ceremony when you want your toes sinking into the sand as you get married.  As with all of the cities on this list, you can choose between Thai ceremonies and those that are more Western.


There are plenty of terrific resorts and hotels in Phuket, at a wide range of price points. Each of your guests will absolutely be able to find one that reflects their own preferences and budget!  After your wedding your guests can soak up all that Phuket has to offer, including exploring coastal caves via sea kayak and tours through Old Phuket Town.





If you are considering Lampang for your Thailand destination wedding, chances are it’s because of the elephants. Every year in the early spring this region is known for it Lanna-style wedding ceremony on elephants’ backs at the local conservation center.  Dramatic and deeply cultural, this ritual is definitely a rare and amazing experience!


Lampang is also one of the more rural cities on this list, so expect a more relaxed atmosphere. Also interesting is the amount of horse-drawn carriages still used as transportation within this city–expect a slower pace! Encourage your guests to visit the local parks and Burmese temples in Lampang during their stay.



Chiang Mai


With a more untamed and mountainous terrain, Chiang Mai (located in northern Thailand) is a great choice for couples wanting a more rustic ceremony. Most couples here choose to have their ceremony in a lawn or garden venue.


Spending the week with your guests?  Don’t miss Doi Inthanon National Park (named for Thailand’s tallest mountain, located here) filled with beautiful waterfalls, panoramic views, and extensive hiking trails.  Also make sure to visit the region’s many temples (some are even prettier at night).





In Thailand’s capital city you can expect a bustling atmosphere, urban conveniences, and fascinating culture. Here, you can get married pretty much anywhere, but those venues that highlight the cityscape, such as rooftop terraces, are among our favorites.


After your ceremony, you’ll really want to stay here for at least a few days to see everything. This city is home to some of the world’s best street food, so make sure to savor local delicacies. Also visit the floating markets along the city’s canals, filled with fresh produce and homemade wares.





If you want a wedding venue that combines the beach atmosphere of Phuket with the wide availability of vendors and venues you’d find in Bangkok, look no further than Pattaya. Located just south from Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand, this fairly westernized area might remind you of resort cities in the U.S.


Expect an abundance of fun nightlife, shopping, and the usual array of beach activities (parasailing, surfing, jet skies, etc.).  The extensive number of resorts offer everything from Buddhist blessing ceremonies to opulent Western ceremonies in a hotel ballroom.  Of course, with a view of the Gulf like this, check out one of the many coastal venues, such as a poolside veranda facing the water.