5 Incredible Places for a Destination Wedding in Central America

5 Incredible Places for a Destination Wedding in Central America

If you are planning a destination wedding, why not go hold your big day in one of these beautiful locations in Central America?



Pelican Eyes Resort


Pelican Eyes Resort, Nicaragua


The Pelican Eyes Resort is perfect for the beach-loving bride. With breathtaking ocean views and a glittering resort, your wedding will have your guests enraptured. Take advantage of their amazing spa for some pre-wedding relaxation and be sure to contact guest services to arrange special day trips and adventures for your party.




Jicaro Island Ecolodge


Jicaro Island Ecolodge, Granada Islands


If you want to really take your wedding up a notch, why not plan your big day on a private island? Having your wedding at the Jicaro Island Ecolodge doesn’t just mean a tropical wedding on a secluded island, it also will provide breathtaking views of the nearby Mombacho Volcano.




Hacienda San Lucas


Hacienda San Lucas, Honduras


For the fitness-loving couple, why not host your destination wedding at this gorgeous yoga resort nestled in the Copan Valley? This location is perfect for the couple who wants to make the celebration of their love one full of peace and calm. Not only do you get the opportunity to partake in beachside yoga, but you can also take advantage of other local adventures like horseback riding.




Utopia Village


Utopia Village, Honduras


This tropical resort doesn’t just provide a beautiful location for your wedding, it’s also full of fun adventures. From snorkeling in the coral cays of Cayos Cochinos Marine Park to visiting indigenous tribes and partaking in tasty lobster lunches, this location is perfect for the couple with a serious case of wanderlust.




Springs Resort & Spa


Springs Resort & Spa, Costa Rica


The gorgeous Springs Resort & Spa in Costa Rica is the perfect location for your destination wedding. With a gorgeous facility and breathtaking mountain views, you’ll be able to make your big day a day like no other.