5 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding in Kenya

5 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding in Kenya

Getting married in Kenya? From marriage license requirements to the best times to visit, here are some tips for planning your destination wedding.


From coastal towns, lakeside cities and scenic plains, Kenya has a lot to offer for your destination wedding. Before you get started, keep these essentials in mind for planning your big day.


Marriage Requirements


In Kenya, there’s a 21-day residency requirement for obtaining a marriage license, but in certain cases this can be waived. You also must provide documentation for:


  • Valid passports (original and copies)
  • Birth certificates (original and copies)
  • Passport size photos
  • Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage
  • Death certificate or divorce certificate from former marriage(s) if applicable


For more information, refer to the Kenya Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice.


Weather Conditions


There’s really no wrong time to go as the country boasts fairly good weather year round, but the peak of wedding season hits around December. The warmest time of year occurs January through February, a prime time to say ‘I do’ on the Indian Ocean as the weather is very clear.


You’ll likely want to avoid rainy season, which occurs from March to May. Kenya’s dry season begins again in June, and typically prices will spike in July and August because the wildebeest migration starts to draw in crowds from around the world.


Things to Do


From beach weddings to safari weddings, there are a lot of things to do in Kenya to fit any style. Adventure awaits like hiking Mt. Kenya, observing the annual great migration and scuba diving in the Indian Ocean. For more luxury, there are plenty of resorts to relax and soak up the sunshine.


Where to Stay


While amazing hotels aren’t hard to come by, you have plenty of other options to consider for your destination wedding, too. Many secluded beach villas offer peace and tranquilty, while the inland has ample options for a glamping safari experience. Like any international destination, research any federal safety and security advice before confirming your stay.


The Planning Timeline


Once you’ve set your wedding date, it’s ideal to give yourselves plenty of time to plan your Kenya destination wedding. A good time frame is nine months to one year in advance to book a venue, find vendors and be on the look out for group deals for your guests.